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Absolute Domination! Shinkaligetter is the thirty-eighth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on February 25, 2022 on TV Tokyo.



One day, Abuto suddenly screams when he is using Smat. He hears that Smat and the drivers' Z Gears have an app called "Shinkaligetter" installed, which automatically records the stations they visit, and that they had almost achieved absolute domination while Abuto was away. All that remains are the stations on the Oigawa Railway in Shizuoka Prefecture, which also has the Abt System in a certain section. Along with Abuto, who is enthusiastic about setting up the last record with his own feet, Shin and Smat also enjoy the trip to the place.


When Abuto is using the Z Gear, he is surprised to find that the "check-in" have almost been completed. While Shin and the others are confused on what he is referring to, he explains that it is about an app installed on Smat, called Shinkaligetter. Its purpose is to check the user in at all JR stations they pass through. He assumes it was programmed in for fun, simply because of Tokonami's love for the conventional lines. Abuto had been trying to complete the check-ins previously, and had already acquired the Kanto stations, and more were acquired via the battles with Teoti. Due to all the Z Gears being connected by a network, the various locations the drivers ended up in were all counted. However, one line was left unvisited, which was the Oigawa Railway, which is required despite not being a JR line. Abuto is determined to go and check-in there personally, as soon as possible. Shima even encourages him to do so, stating that they'll let the drivers know if something happens concerning the Blackstones. Hanabi and Taiju decide to stay behind, so that Shin and Abuto can go alone and have time to talk with each other.

Shin and Abuto start their journey on the Yamanote line. Shin decides to use this time to ask Abuto exactly what Arabaki is. Abuto explains that the Teoti couldn't control him, and thus he was sealed away with the Blackstones. Shin concludes that Arabaki will resurrect if the Blackstones are destroyed, but Abuto assures that they'll prevent this from happening, to which Shin agrees.

Shin mentions how excited he is, as this is his first train trip with Abuto. Abuto warns him not to get too hyped, so not to tire himself out. Despite this, after disembarking at Tokyo, Abuto get quite excited to spot a KRC810N, which is a giant crane car used by JR East for track replacement and bridge construction.

Meanwhile, Valtom has located another Blackstone, and continues carrying out his plans to summon Arabaki.

Shin and Abuto arrive at Senzu Station, where they're to transfer to the Ikawa line. They look around first, and Shin points out a small train that interests him. which he assumes to be a narrow gauge. However, Abuto corrects him that it is actually the same gauge as other conventional lines, though it was originally built as a light railway, and thus the cars are made smaller in order to clear the narrow tunnels.

During the ride on the Ikawa line through the mountains, Abuto points out different unique sites to Shin. When they arrive at Abt-Ichishiro Station, he also highlights that this section of this line is the only section in Japan which still operates on the Abt system. As they ascend a slope, Shin is surprised that Abuto closes his eyes rather than looking. He explains that he doesn't want to look, but feel the power of the locomotive as it climbs the slope. Abuto goes on to say that without the rack rail, the train would never make it up. He's always wanted to accomplish things on his own. But he's realized that he needs everyone's power to overcome difficulties, which he says is thanks to Shin. Shin wants to thank Abuto, however, for being the reason he's been trying his hardest and helping him understand more about everyone. Because of the Shinkalion Z, which Abuto built, everything was connected. He adds that with Abuto, they'll be able to reach coexistence between Earthlings, Teoti, and Kitoralsus.

The other drivers, all going about their normal lives, are keeping track of Shin and Abuto's progress with their own Z Gears. Abuto comments that he wants to show Setsura the view they're looking at too.

Meanwhile, Kannagi and Astrea continue to live on the portion of the palace that Zagan had separated. Kannagi is more determined to make Earth belong to the Teoti alone. He shocks even Astrea by revealing that he plans to use a certain code, which she claims there's no turning back after using. Kannagi doesn't care, and plans to use this power to punish Abuto for betraying them.

Finally, as Shin and Abuto arrive at Ikawa Station, all the lines on Shinkaligetter are completed. As a result, Smat's eyes start to glow, and the screen shows something called "Travein" being unlocked. Neither Shin nor Abuto know what Travein is, and Smat doesn't either. Abuto suspects this was some sort of message from his father. It's then when Shin notices a photo taken at Ikawa Station's 50th anniversary, which Abuto's parents appear in.

Kannagi crashes down to earth, having activated the code in his eyes. This turns him into his monster form. Shin and Abuto are informed of a Giant Monstrous Being shortly after, in Fuji's Sea of Trees. A location which Abuto knows a Blackstone is located.

Although the Dark Shinkalion is under maintenance, E6 and E7 can be launched right away, and the E5 is sent to Shizuoka Station. Hanabi and Taiju rush to confront the Giant Monstrous Being, who proves to be quite powerful, and gives everyone even more of a shock when he demands Abuto come, proven by his voice to be Kannagi himself.

The other Shinkalions also arrive to back up the E6 and E7. Finally, Shin arrives in the E5 as well. Abuto instructs Shin from a distance, telling him to draw Kannagi's attention first, because his true power is unknown. Abuto continues providing strategy as he sees the effectiveness of different attack methods, allowing for Shin to get in a good hit.

As the battle is occurring, Valtom activates a code of his own, releasing several Deabols into each underground chamber where the Blackstones are located, this results in earthquakes at the locations of all Blackstones. All are rapidly destroyed. Arabaki is starting to rise. A fluid-like tentacle bursts out from the ground and wraps itself around the capture field, attempting to destroy it, and seemingly consuming Kannagi. The Shinkalions try to flee, just as the field is disintegrated.


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Main Staff

  • Script- Daisuke Ishibashi
  • Storyboard- Wataru Nakagawa, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Wataru Nakagawa
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Shunsuke Igarashi, Kohei Takahashi, Tomokatsu Nagasaku

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