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Assault! Yokokawa Branch Defense Battle!! is the seventh episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on May 21, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



Shinkalion mechanic Hosokawa rushes in while saying “I caught a yokai!” According to Hosokawa, what he caught is a "Bakedanuki" that turns into a human being, but in front of Shin and the others, it looks like nothing but a normal raccoon dog, and there is no evidence that it is a yokai. Meanwhile, only Shin says "Let’s befriend the Bakedanuki!" with his eyes shining.

At the same time, Wadatsumi, whose Giant Monstrous Beings have been defeated by the Shinkalions several times, is planning to attack the Yokokawa Branch with his own power.


As Valtom attemps to acquire a Keystone, Wadatsumi appears before him. Surprisingly, Wadatsumi isn't saying anything, prompting Valtom to become suspicious and attack. "Wadatsumi" vanishes once he does, a tanuki appearing in his place. It leaps onto Valtom, clawing him in the face and biting him before fleeing.

Later, Shin learns that the Shinkalions will be moved from Yokokawa to Ōmiya, as well as most of the staff. Shin is surprised by the decision, but Abuto explains that the Shinkalions were originally developed in Omiya. It's also a central point where the six Shinkansen lines meet, making it a better location for quickly dealing with Giant Monstrous Beings. Additionally, Abiko explains that they should be able to analyze the crystal fragments in Omiya. Abuto hopes this will finally lead to connecting the Giant Monstrous Beings, Z Codes, crystal formations, and his mysterious dreams.

The discussion of moving is interrupted when Hosokawa arrives, looking spooked. He wants to speak with Shin urgently. The reason is because he believes he found a yokai. This yokai turns out to be a tanuki. At least, it appears this way. But Hosokawa is skeptical. He explains how he found the tanuki late the night before. a man (who looked just like Wadatsumi) suddenly appeared, floating in the air. However, he soon vanished, the tanuki appearing in his place. After hearing the story, Shin is the only one to believe it. He thinks that the creature must really be a Bakedanuki, and declares that he'll become friends with it.

Afterwards, Hosokawa confesses to Abuto that he feels he's losing confidence. After all, while the Shinkalion are fighting dangerous enemies, he's getting freaked out by a tanuki. He asks if Abuto thinks it's really a ghost, but Abuto explains that there's someone working behind the scenes, controlling the Giant Monstrous Beings and going after the crystal formations. It's possible that they're purposely looking for something around headquarters. Therefore, it's right to be suspicious.

Meanwhile, Valtom is sulking to the real Wadatsumi about what happened to his face. Wadatsumi shows him no pity, using that as a chance to get a dig on him. Valtom asks how the animal took Wadatsumi's appearance. Wadatsumi's theory is because that was the same animal he used to destroy one of the keystones. The creature was rebelling. Valtom points out that he's losing anyway, but Wadatsumi says that he won't fail anymore, and he's personally going to the enemy power source. While Valtom has no intention of stopping him, he isn't interested in helping either, stating that he's not as obsessed with winning as his comrade is.

Looking at the scenery, Hosokawa laments how they won't get the see it when in Omiya. He asks if Abuto intends to go, to which he answers yes, though is focused on a drawing he was working on. Hosokawa goes to see what the drawing is, only to discover that it's the same man he saw floating in front of him.

Meanwhile, Shin is chatting with the tanuki, which he named "Gyōbu". Hosokawa rushes in, declaring that he knows Gyōbu is actually a Teoti. He wants Shin to get rid of it. Abuto seems to agree with Hosokawa, as the situation remains unclear. Shin believes that if Gyōbu is a Teoti, he should be able to speak telepathically. Shin expects to be able to understand. But nothing happens. At that point, the emergency alarm sounds. It doesn't seem as if Gyōbu is the cause, but something immediately upsets him.

The true cause was Wadatsumi, who arrives in the Yokokawa base. He's headed to the Shinkalion hangar, leading Shima to theorize that his plan is to destroy the Shinkalions. Despite ordering the launch of barriers, Wadatsumi easily breaks through, continuing on his way. Shima orders Abiko to buy them time, and asks Hosokawa to help him move the Shinkalions.

Shin, Abuto, and Gyōbu confront Wadatsumi. But Abuto quickly has another headache, seeing flashes of the same dream. Gyōbu attempts to attack, only to be grabbed by Wadatsumi. When Shin attempts to rescue the tanuki, Wadatsumi uses some power to stop him, paralyzing him in the air. Wadatsumi then reveals that his plan was to stop the Shinkalions. He asks if there's any way they can stop him, and Shima declares that there is. But they need a driver to do so. Though Wadatsumi is surprised to learn that Shin is the diver, he releases him, as well as Gyōbu.

Shin heads to the E5, and Gyōbu follows. It launches to the Underground Testing Yard. Meanwhile, Wadatsumi uses a code to transform his own body into a monster form, in which he resembles a tengu. In this form, Wadatsumi is extremely powerful, much more than a normal Giant Monstrous Being, and starts to thrash the E5 around. Abuto realizes their only hope is to use a Z Combination.

Wadatsumi taunts Shin as he has him cornered. Gyōbu continues to be aggressive towards the enemy. Looking at him from behind, Shin recognizes that his tail is the same as what he saw on one of the Giant Monstrous Beings he fought previously.

Abuto sends the E235 Yamanote to Shin, who Z combines with it. He fires a Z Gran Cross, as Abuto instructed. But even this power isn't enough to stop Wadatsumi. Smat becomes worried, as Shin is knocked out for a moment after being thrown back from the impact. But during that time, Gyōbu has taken the form of Extra-Scallion Daruma, and attacks Wadatsumi on its own. Shin has the chance to strike again, and uses the Yamanote Ex-Station Calibur. This time, while he still doesn't defeat Wadatsumi, he deals enough damage for Wadatsumi to be impressed. Leaving a warning not to stand in the way of the Teoti, Wadatsumi teleports himself out of the base.

After the battle, Shin excitedly explains to Abuto the truth about Gyōbu. Shin believes he has proof that Bakedanuki do definitely exist. However, that's only one mystery down out of 4,694. Abuto comments that the strength of Shin's belief must be the source of his power, which Shin proudly agrees to. Abuto is glad to know that Shin will be able to do his best in Omiya, thanks to that. This is because Abuto reveals after that he won't be going to Omiya. Shin thinks that's another lie, but Abuto is serious.


In the episode



Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

Image Name Time Note
Valtom 0:04
Gyōbu 0:13 (disguise as Wadatsumi)
Shin Arata 2:46 (voice)
Kasumi Abiko 2:52
Misaki Ōishi 2:52
Smat 2:52
Abuto Usui 2:52
Gorgon All Along 3:53 (flashback)
Wadatsumi 4:00 (flashback)
Atsuta Hosokawa 4:39
Scallion Daruma 8:06 (flashback)
Extra-Scallion Daruma 8:10 (flashback)
Goichi Shima 10:59
Saijō Sogō 11:05
Tokonami Usui 12:05 (vision)
Monsterized Wadatsumi 15:11


Main Staff

  • Script- Masanao Akahoshi
  • Storyboard- Wataru Nakagawa, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Wataru Nakagawa
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Beom Seok Hong, Shin'ichi Suzuki


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