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Assemble! Ōmiya Branch Restarted!! is the eighth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on May 28, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



The day when Shin and E5 Hayabusa move to Ōmiya Branch is approaching. However, Abuto will not accompany him and will remain at the Yokokawa Branch. When Shin and Smat, who are not convinced, ask why, Abuto tells them about his family.

On the other hand, E5, E6 and E7 all gather at the Ōmiya Branch. Along with Hanabi, Taiju and the staff of the Yokokawa Branch, new allies who have experienced the former battle are also introduced. A Giant Monstrous Being appears there, and the battle at the Ōmiya Branch begins.


Abuto has another dream, in which he saw a station that he doesn't recognize. Then, the mysterious train from his previous dreams appears and starts to pursue him again. While Abuto is trying to run away, the ground below him suddenly collapses, causing Abuto to fall down into another space. There, a mysterious Shinkalion that he's never seen before appears in front of him. As the mysterious Shinkalion's eyes glow, a silhouette of Abuto's father is shown.

The next day, Shin arrives in Yokokawa, Abuto's words about not coming to Ōmiya still on his mind. Meanwhile, Shima is visiting Abuto's mother, informing her about Abuto's decision as well. She's concerned that Abuto hasn't been telling her what's on his mind, but Shima suggests the reason he wants to stay might be for her sake. This is because his father is still missing. Hearing this, Shirayuki is taken by surprise.

Shin also pays Shirayuki's home a visit, while looking for Abuto. Learning that he's away, Shin goes off to search, trying to think of where Abuto would go. In his search, he wanders past the place where he first went in search of aliens in Yokokawa, and met Abuto. This makes him vent even more about why Abuto would just refuse to come to Ōmiya. Smat is upset as well, not wanting Abuto to leave him without so much as a goodbye. Shin replies that he'll just have to ask Abuto personally what he means. Of course, this is when Abuto himself appears, asking what Shin is up to. He guesses that would be searching for aliens, but Shin replies it was Abuto he was searching for. Abuto won't talk and suggests that Shin leave, who obviously refuses. He won't back down without getting an answer. Abuto says that he'll tell, but only if Shin catches him.

Just like what happened once before, Shin chases Abuto, and can't keep up. That is, until Abuto has another vision of his father and the black Shinkalion, causing him to get dizzy and stop. Shin is more concerned about what happened to Abuto at this point. Abuto explains what he saw, but believes that in order to fully understand the dreams, he'll need to find the undiscovered crystal formation in Yokokawa. Shin offers to help, but Abuto declines, stating that the matter is between himself and the person making him have the dreams. This person, he believes, is his father. Abuto explains that he also thinks the secret to his father's disappearance can be found nearby, and either way, he doesn't want to leave his mother behind. After all, his mother never cried again after his father's disappearance, and spent lots of time with Abuto. He cares about her too much to abandon her. Abuto does assure that the staff in Ōmiya is top tier (and Shima will be going too) and that it's not as if he stays, he'll forget about Shin or the Shinkalions. It's just that he has to deal with this problem first. Having heard the truth, Shin decides to support Abuto's decision.

As Abuto and Shin walk together, Abuto explains more about the mystery regarding his father. Specifically, after his father left, he suddenly saw blueprints in his head which allowed him to develop the Zailiners and Z Gear. The hints in his dreams were likely also left by his father. Shin concludes that Abuto could be psychic, leading him to admit that he was the alien Shin was looking for all along. He was referring to the picture Shin had, of a figure standing on the roof, but that was actually just a place Abuto liked to go to unwind. Abuto believes Shin must be disappointed that he won't be able to make friends with an alien after all, but Shin says that he met a weirdo who's even more interesting than an alien. Shin also takes the opportunity to ask Abuto about the meaning of his name, something he also finds unusual. The explanation is that he's named after the Abt system, which is used on the Usui pass of the Usui Line, to deal with the steepest slope in Japan. The system, named after the inventor Carl Roman Abt, was sometimes called the "Abuto System" in Japan. It's significant because the system made what should have been impossible possible. Thus, Abuto means making the impossible possible.

When it's time for the boys to part ways, Abuto says goodbye, but Shin corrects him. With friends, "goodbye" isn't the proper term. It's "may we meet again."

After heading home, Abuto is surprised to see his mother waiting for him outside. She suddenly takes him into a hug.

After arriving in Ōmiya, Shin has a surprise encounter with Akeno. Shin explains to her that he's looking for the platform to ride the New Shuttle. Akeno tells him that he didn't need to go outside, because it's connected to the station. Shin thanks her and rushes back, but she asks where he's going first. His destination is the Railway Museum.

At the museum, Shin and Smat head to their true destination. There, they encounter Hanabi and Taiju, as well as Abiko, Ōishi, and Sogō. The new members of Omiya branch get to meet the remaining staff who re-gathered there. This includes Minori Sanjo and Daiya Oyama of the command staff, as well as the doctor Midori Kurume and researcher Hibiki Mishima. Mishima is in fact the one studying the crystal sample, but she admits they haven't learned anything yet, and may need Shin's help.

Meanwhile, Ayu and her mother are in Tabata, where the sky has turned very foggy. While she doesn't have any idea why, she decides to take pictures.

Wadatsumi, hoping to challenge the Shinkalions again, has summoned a new Giant Monstrous Being. Having located it quickly, the staff at Ōmiya launches a Capture Field. As the Giant Monstrous Being was the source of the fog, it starts to fill up the capture field as well. Sogō is asked to come up with a code name, but isn't sure that he can when he can't see the enemy through the fog. He then decides to go with "Smoke Only". Daiya seems unimpressed.

All three drivers are launched at once, and transform to their Shinkalions in the capture field. However, they realize it will be a difficult battle when the enemy is hidden in fog. Shin suspects that it might be a fog-related yokai, an Onbonoyasu this time perhaps. Hearing this, Sogō asks to change the codename to "Onbonoyasu Perhaps". Daiya is definitely taken aback by this sort of naming.

To take down the enemy, Hanabi suggests he fire from a distance. It seems to have had no effect though, and a tentacle from the enemy swats his guns away. The same tentacle attack trips Taiju, knocking him down onto Hanabi. Shin plans to retaliate with Ex-Station Calibur, only to be grabbed by both arms. The enemy forces him to swing at his own allies. The three drivers are at a loss of what they can do, Shin wishing they had an electric fan to blow the fog away. He's told that they do, by Abuto, who just arrived at the base. Abuto's plan is for the E7 to take the E5 and E6 by each hand and spin them around. This successfully blows the fog away, giving the drivers a chance to attack. The Giant Monstrous Being is able to start creating more fog shortly after. Thus, Shin strikes it quickly with his Ex-Station Calibur.

After the battle, Abuto recalls what occurred after being hugged by his mother. She encouraged him to go to Ōmiya, telling him not to worry about her, because she's stronger than he thinks.

Just as one Giant Monstrous Being is defeated, another suddenly appears, created by Valtom. This one is near Dazaifu Station, which Abuto realize to be the station that he saw in his dream. A new Shinkalion, the 800 Tsubame, appears to fight this new foe.


In the episode



Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

Image Name Time Note
Abuto Usui 0:01 (dream)
Tokonami Usui 0:47 (dream)
2:53 (pictured)
Shin Arata 2:42
Shirayuki Usui 2:53 (pictured)
2:54 (voice)
Goichi Shima 2:57
Ayu Arata 3:59 (flashback)
Atsuta Hosokawa 4:02 (flashback)
Smat 4:15
Akeno Myōjō 11:54 (voice)
Hanabi Ōmagari 12:42
Taiju Togakushi 12:42
Kasumi Abiko 12:49
Misaki Ōishi 12:49
Saijō Sogō 12:52
Minori Sanjo 13:05
Daiya Oyama 13:05
Midori Kurume 13:05
Hibiki Mishima 13:05
Toki Arata 14:07
Onbonoyasu Perhaps 14:17
Wadatsumi 14:17
Valtom 21:15 (screened)
Griffon (soldier) 21:15 (screened)
Yamakasa Nakasu 21:43


Main Staff

  • Script- Masanao Akahoshi
  • Storyboard- Kentarō Fujita, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Yoshito Hata
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Ippeita Watanabe, Shigenori Taniguchi, Yumi Takanashi, Tatsuya Yada, Motoki Hayakawa, Kazutaka Kawamoto


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