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Awaken! Yamanote Ex-Station Calibur!! is the twentieth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on September 10, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



A social gathering will be held at the Ōmiya Branch for all the drivers. However, Smat is appearing strangely. Shocked by the fact that Abuto, whom he has been admiring, becomes an enemy, Smat seems to be unknowingly trying to seal the data related to Abuto. In order to turn Smat back to normal, Shin goes to Abuto’s home in Yokokawa.

Meanwhile, Wadatsumi, whose pride as a warrior has been hurt by repeated defeats, tries to settle with the Shinkalions at all costs.


Kannagi confronts Wadatsumi for his failures. In response, Wadatsumi declares that he won't fail again, and is heading off to finally defeat Shinkalion. Kannagi suggests that he go after the green Shinkalion, as that one is the leader.

Yamakasa, Nagara, Shimakaze and Ginga arrive at the Ōmiya Branch, while the drivers there were in the process of setting up for a welcoming party. Shin invites everyone to come to the Railway Museum with him. Nagara asks if he intends to tell stories about yokai, but Shin replies he's only going to talk about the railway, and that he'd been preparing with Smat. He asks Smat to vouch for him, but Smat can only reply weakly.

Concerned for Smat's unusual condition, Shin brings him to Hibiki to analyze. She finds that Smat is trying to forget about Abuto, by archiving data about him specifically. This is something he'd apparently been doing unconsciously. Yamakasa points out that the human brain has also been known to do things like that, after receiving a strong shock.

Because everyone had brought QR codes for Smat, he seems a little more excited and goes to eat. However, none of them have flavor to him. Hibiki explains that his illness-like symptoms are actually because of the system load from the archived files. To decompress them, Shin will need to get Abuto's data back. Shin decides to immediately take Smat back to Abuto's house.

After Shin leaves, the other drivers and Abiko staying behind, Hibiki notes that Shin's reduced compatibility rate might be because of Smat, not Shin. This is because the two interlock when the E5 transforms.

Shin and Smat meet with Shirayuki, and Shin asks to hear Abuto's story. Shirayuki shows them a family photo from Abuto's childhood. Shin recognizes the train in the background as being the same type as the one that he and others painted the other day. Shirayuki mentions that the train in the picture is one currently at the park, and explains about the event where the photo was taken. She suspects that Abuto's interests in driving and mechanics were triggered by that event. Shirayuki asks if Shin wants to look at more photos, but he asks to see Abuto's room instead.

Meanwhile, Abuto is being imprisoned by the Teoti. Sougyoku and Astrea come to confront him, having realized his true intent was to spy. Astrea threatens that he has to work as hard as he can for them if he wants to see his father again. She then removes her mask, revealing her true face to Abuto.

Shin tries scanning around Abuto's room with Smat, hoping it will trigger some memories. After almost recovering something, an error occurs. Smat explains that this happens any time he tries retrieving the data on Abuto. But when Shin leans in closer to Smat, an image appears on Smat's screen of Abuto in the same pose. Smat has no explanation as to how that happened, but decides to search for similar images. He gets a picture of Shin's face from when Shin first tried to grab him. Embarrassed by his expression, Shin asks Smat to delete the photo, but instead Smat continues snapping pictures of Shin, who attempts to grab at him. This reminds Smat of a time the same scenario occurred with Abuto doing the chasing. In order to try and remember more, Smat asks Shin to keep chasing him.

While this is occurring, Wadatsumi teleports himself into the Ōmiya Branch. Sogō immediately freaks out when this is detected, but Abiko and Ōishi try to deal with the situation calmly, by evacuating guests.

Shin's chasing proved effective, as Smat was able to restore memories of Abuto. Smat, relieved by this, explains that his stress after Abuto joined the Teoti was the cause of his memory issues.

Because the other Shinkalions haven't arrived yet, Hanabi and Taiju are sent out first to deal with Wadatsumi. Wadatsumi is concerned that the green Shinkalion isn't among those which came to challenge him.

As Shin and Smat rush back to Ōmiya, Smat thinks of how he's accumulated a lot of data with Shin. Shin thinks of how he and Smat together are the only ones who can bring back Abuto.

While Taiju and Hanabi are struggling against Wadatsumi, Nagara arrives with the N700S to help. Nagara himself is then rescued by Ginga in the 500. After Ginga is thrown back, Yamakasa appears in the 800. Yamakasa suggests that all the drivers attack at once now. Wadatsumi remains unconcerned, launching a powerful strike to take them all out. Although they survive the attack, it proves to be quite dangerous. However, Shin and Smat finally arrive then in the E5. Shin tells Abiko he's ready to do the Z Combination. Although Abiko is concerned due to his compatibility rate issues, she decides to trust him. This time, Shin is able to successfully combine with the E235 Yamanote. Wadatsumi is glad that the green Shinkalion finally appeared.

Shin and Smat, acknowledging that their feelings are one while in the E5, launch an angry attack on Wadatsumi. Shin's compatibility rate actually rises as this is occurring. Wadatsumi desperately tries to retaliate, even as he's hit with a Z Gran Cross. He feels his pride as a Teoti warrior is at stake. However, Shin and Smat remain just as determined to take Abuto back. They strike with the Yamanote Ex-Station Calibur.

The defeated Wadatsumi is petrified, but his body had returned to where the other Teoti are living. Seeing his condition, Astrea and Kannagi are ready to move forward in their plans with Abuto and and the Dark Shinkalion. Valtom, who was watching from a distance, appears to be frustrated.

Before the welcoming party has properly begun, Smat is enjoying his feast of QR codes. Shin stops him, as everyone is waiting for him so they can get started.

By the Tappizaki Lighthouse in Aomori, a mysterious girl is standing.


In the episode


  • The second verse of New Challenger plays as an insert song while Shin is about to initiate Yamanote Ex-Station Calibur. However, the lyrics of its last few lines are changed to those of the first course for unown reason.
  • Tsugaru Kaikyō Fuyugeshiki plays as an insert song during the epilogue.
    • This insert song, as well as the Evangelion BGM used on the next episode preview, were replaced in the streaming release of this episode.


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

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Main Staff

  • Script- Toshiaki Sato
  • Storyboard- Masato Sato, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Haru Shinomiya
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Ippeita Watanabe, Ryota Shimizu, Miyu Hattori, Shigenori Taniguchi, Yōsuke Fujino, Motoki Hayakawa, tofu, Beom Seok Hong, Tomokatsu Nagasaku


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