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BOYS AND MEN is a Japanese idol group established in 2010.

They are the performers of Evolution Theory, Gattan Gotton GO! and New Challenger.


Name Age Date joined Member colour
Masaru Mizuno(水野勝) 28 October 2010 Gold
Shunsuke Tanaka (田中俊介) 29 June 2010 Silver
Yukihisa Tamura(田村侑久) 28 April 2011 Aqua
Tatsunori Tsujimoto(辻本達規) 27 September 2010 Red
Yutaka Kobayashi(小林豊) 29 June 2010 Chartreuse
Takafumi Honda (本田剛文) 26 March 2011 Pink
Yuuhi (勇翔) 26 October 2010 White / Navy
Kento Hiramatsu(平松賢人) 24 June 2010 Yellow
Takumi Tsuchida(土田拓海) 27 June 2010 Purple
Masato Yoshihara(吉原雅斗) 24 March 2011 Dark Green

In The Anime


In Episode 48 of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion THE ANIMATION, Commander Shinpei Izumi invites them to join the year end party of Shinkansen Ultra Evolution Institute.


  • Shunsuke Tanaka, the member in silver, left the group on November 30, 2019, thus he never performs Gattan Gotton GO! nor New Challenger. The former marks the very first single the group released in his absence.
  • Takumi Tsuchida, the member in purple, had been taking break from all his activities since August 2020 due to his health condition, thus he didn’t participate in the performance of New Challenger. He eventually left the group on August 13, 2021.