Bachigami, also known as the First Enemies to the Shinkansen Ultra Evolution Institute, are the main antagonists in the pre-animated Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion series.



Pre-anime version

Anime version

In the Anime

Ten years ago, the Kitoralsus launched their first attack to the surface world by piloting the Bachigamies. This forced the S.U.E.I to devolop new weapons to defend the surface. Several years later, S.U.E.I have developed a new type of robot called “shinkalion”, but the Bachigamies have no longer shown up again. Since the Bachigamies are the first enemies that S.U.E.I ever met, they gave them the code name “First Enemy”.


The shape of Bachigami is based on Shakōki-dogū, a type of clay figure in a Japanese archaeological culture.


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