The Black Shinkalion is the Kitoralsus' weapon against the Shinkalion of SUEI, Matching most of their Shinkalions' strengths, piece by piece. Piloted by former Kitoralsus agent, now SUEI Driver, Seiryu, this formidible machine has been made into a deadly foe for all monstrous beings unfortunate to do combat against it.


Shinkansen Mode

See: The Black Shinkansen

Shinkalion mode

The Black shinkalion, when transformed, becomes a humanoid mech, which still keeps it's chest the same the nose of it's shinkansen mode and has access to all the weapons of the four main Omiya branch shinkalion and some of them come in pairs, such as the two Dark Turnstile Swords and the Dark Railway Crossing Guns. it also has two modes which can increase either movement, like the Dragon Mode, or attack power, like the Berserker Mode.

When first encountered, the Black Shinkalion was coated in Black Particles.


There is a rumor that the Black Shinkalion is actually rebuilt from the prototype Shinkalion E2 that went missing during a failed experiment several years ago. There is still no evidence of this rumor.


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