Black Shinkalion Ogre (ブラックシンカリオンオーガ) is the Shinkalion Mode of the Mysterious Shinkansen.

For information on its toy, see Shinkalion DXS103 Black Shinkalion Ogre (Toy)


The Black Shinkalion Ogre is the result of Kirin teaming up with Yakumo Kurashiki and his father, Izumo Kurashiki, built with data of all of the Shinkalion of SUEI, easily overpowering it's predecessors, including the E5 MkII. Unlike the original Black Shinkalion, the Ogre was built on human turf, and as suck, lacks black particles on the first encounter.


Shinkansen Mode

See: The Mysterious Shinkansen

Shinkalion mode

The Black Shinkalion Ogre, when transformed, becomes a humanoid mech, which still keeps it's chest the same the nose of it's shinkansen mode and has access to the twin Free Guage Kanabou, large spiked clubs capable of delivering an electric charge. It also has two modes which can increase either movement or attack power, Rising Mode and Kaisei Mode. The Ogre has a predominantly dark blue exterior with red inner workings, white shoulder stripes and numerous gold patches. The head was also covered with the Ogre mask, which was destroyed during the penultimate battle. The Ogre's design skeleton was based on the E5 MkII, and though it never used it, has an overcross function.


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