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Blast Through! VVVF Blaster!! is the third episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on TV Tokyo on April 23, 2021.



Shin and his friends board the E6 Series Komachi to Morioka Station, which Abuto had seen in a dream, to look for a "Z Code". Z Codes are hidden all over Japan, and finding them will clear the blocks for new Zailiners.

Why do hints to the locations of the Z Codes appear in Abuto's dreams? Why are Z Codes hidden all over the country? Shin, Abuto, and Smat wonder as they search near Morioka Station for a new Zailiner and Z Combination.


As Abuto is leaving work one day, he passes by a man whose face is covered by a hood. Recognizing this man as his father, Abuto calls out to him and starts to follow him, only to suddenly find himself in Morioka station. here, a mysterious train suddenly appears and begins to pursue him. This turns out to be a dream, and his sudden waking up alerts his mother, who is concerned for him. After telling her he's alright, and to get some sleep, his mother wishes him goodnight and closes the door.

The next day, Shin and Abuto take a trip on the E6 Shinkansen (with an E5 being pulled behind it), along with Abiko, who will be directly supervising them, Shima and Hosokawa. Shin is disappointed that Abuto is trying to sleep rather than taking in all the sites, and wakes him up. Abiko, who's annoyed that Shin's yelling is distracting her from the book she's reading, tells him to quiet down in order to not disturb other passengers. She says that drivers need to be better behaved.

As Shin doesn't know much about the Shinkansen, he asks Smat to explain why the E6 Komachi is called a Mini-Shinkansen. Abuto decides to explain for Smat, answering that the Mini-Shinkansen can ride on the converted lines of conventional trains. Shin is impressed with Abuto's knowledge, but Abuto acts like it's not a big deal and goes on to push the importance of conventional trains as well. Shin is reminded of the Zailiners, and asks why Shinkansen can combine with non-Shinkansen trains. Abuto explains their compatibility, discussing how the E5 Hayabusa is JR East's most cutting-edge Shinkansen. The Yamanote is the best conventional line in Tokyo, and serves as a loop line. Smat is quick to praise all of Abuto's knowledge.

Once they reach their destination, Morioka Station, Shin is surprised that Abuto disappeared to watch something. This turns out to be the separation of the E6 and E5. He likens it to the parting of friends.

Shin asks Abuto why he chose Morioka to search for the Z Codes. He explains that it was due to a dream. Borrowing Smat, Abuto shows Shin otherwise-invisible points nearby that might provide them with hints. They begin investigating, and Shin notices a train car nearby, actually the E259 N'EX. Abuto seems uninterested, and calls for Shin to leave to the next place. But as they travel and scan codes with Smat, no proper hints are found.

As Shin and Abuto take a rest on a bench, Smat points out that there are still many mysteries in regards to the Z Codes. Shin is surprised by this, but Abuto states that aside from their locations being unknown, they still don't even know who created them. Shin ponders this, until he realizes that the two somehow got separated from Abiko. Abuto declares that they'll have to keep looking without her, but Shin points out that it will be too difficult without the car. Just then, the woman Shin met at the restaurant, Akeno Myōjō appears. As they talk, she properly introduces herself this time, and reveals that she's a photographer. The conversation doesn't last long, as Abiko rushes in, tearful that she finally found them. Along with Abiko, they continue through a forest path. Abiko comments about how creepy it is, and is nearly separated from the two boys again. She rushes to keep up with them.

Finally, Smat reads an irregular code. This turns out to be the Z Code for the E259 N'EX. Despite this cause of celebration, Abuto and the others were secretly being watched by a man with pink skin and red hair. The man turns out to be Valtom, an ally of Wadatsumi, who previous attacked with Giant Monstrous Beings twice. Encountering Wadatsumi in the woods, Valtom chides him for his failures, and declares that he plans to try this time. Using the code on his head, he creates a dog-like Giant Monstrous Being. Quickly noticing something happened, as it was nearby, Abuto tells Shin to head to the Morioka Shinkansen maintenance center, where the E5 is currently being kept.

A capture field is launched while Shin's group heads to rejoin the other staff. This time, Sogō suggests "Giant Puppy" as a code name, but Shin argues that it should be named "Black Dog", based on a ghost from British folklore it resembles. rock Shin then launches in the E5 and transforms. Black Dog proves to be a difficult opponent right from the start, but suddenly, a new ally Shinkalion appears, the E6 Komachi this time. Armed with guns, the driver begins to fire at Black Dog, getting several hits in on it. In order to rescue Black Dog and raise the odds in its favor, Valtom causes rocks to form in the Capture Field, making it more difficult for the two Shinkalions to target the enemy. Shin suggests finding a higher position to attack from, but his plan is thwarted when Black Dog knocks him down as soon as he tries jumping up. Revealing he already knows Abuto, the driver of the E6, Hanabi Ōmagari, requests for him to bring in the new Zailiner. Ōishi uses the new Z Code they acquired to send the E259 N'EX out. The E6 performs a Z Combine with it, giving Hanabi two larger guns. He shoots apart the rocks right away. However, they immediately reform. Shin returns to his previous plan of jumping over the rocks. He believes that the possibility of his plan succeeding isn't zero. This time, Shin quickly drops one of his blades, using the free hand to grab Black Dog. The other blade is stuck in Black Dog's mouth. Despite Shin diving to the ground, Black Dog still seems unhurt, and continues to resist. While struggling to keep it in check, Shin asks Hanabi to use this chance to fire. He's naturally reluctant, as Shin would be hurt in the process. Abuto feels the same, and while analyzing the situation, remembers that Shin mentioned earlier that there's still a lot he doesn't know about the Shinkalions. This gives him an idea. He orders for the transmission of the E5, and tells Hanabi to use the N'EX VVVF Blaster, as they can't miss the chance they have. Just as the attack fires, the E5 seems to be teleported away. Valtom is furious by the results, which Wadatsumi is amused by.

After the battle, Hanabi comments about how crazy Shin was, given that he was nearly destroyed if not for Abuto's plan. Shin asks Abuto about Hanabi, who explains that he was a driver already, who has proper training. Hanabi introduces himself to Shin as a man who will be a legend someday.


In the episode



Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

Image Name Time Note
Abutoep3dream1.png Abuto Usui 0:02 (dream)
AbutodadFA.png Tokonami Usui 0:20 (dream)
Abutoandmom1.png Shirayuki Usui 1:11 (voice)
Smatphone ep3.png Smat 3:21
ShinandAbuto ep3 1.png Shin Arata 3:23 (voice)
KasumiAbiko ep3 1.png Kasumi Abiko 3:32
Shinkalion Z - 03 - Japanese (03m50s).png Goichi Shima 0:04 (dream, voice only)
Shinkalion Z - 03 - Japanese (03m50s).png Atsuta Hosokawa 3:41
ShinAbutoandAkeno ep3.png Akeno Myōjō 8:51
Valtom FA.png Valtom 10:33
ValtomandWadatsumi ep3 1.png Wadatsumi 10:44
Black Dog.jpeg Black Dog 11:34
OoishiandSogou ep3 1.png Misaki Ōishi 12:15 (voice)
OoishiandSogou ep3 1.png Saijō Sogō 12:18
HanabiOomagari FA.png Hanabi Ōmagari 14:49 (voice)


Main Staff

  • Script- Masanao Akahoshi
  • Storyboard- Kentarō Fujita, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Nanako Shimazaki
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Kiyotaka Iida, Miyako Nishida


Title screens

Title Cards

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Note: The timing of some images on this page is taken from this wiki's encodes of the Japanese dub of Shinkalion Z.







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