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Communicate! Shinkalion Z H5 Hayabusa is the twenty-eighth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on November 19, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



While Shin and Shimakaze are working hard on the special training for the "Super Z Combination", Sougyoku, who has returned to the northern land, has continued unreliable regular communication to space again. Not receiving any reply from anyone, Sougyoku wants to stop the regular communication. However, there is a girl listening to his radio in Hokkaido.

Her name is Maetel Tsukino. As the driver candidate for "Shinkalion Z H5 Hayabusa", she tries to have a dialogue with Sougyoku, prompted by a certain person.


Sougyoku sends off transmissions to his Kitoralsus allies in space, requesting aide against the Shinkalions. He has attempted this many times previously. Unbeknownst to him, his messages have been picked up on earth by a girl named Maetel, using her amateur radio devices.

Sulking while at his favorite restaurant, Sougyoku comments that he may never return there. The owner gives him something extra, hoping for him to cheer up.

As it turns out, per Izumi's request, Maetel had been trying to contact Sougyoku back in Tōno, to have a dialog. His goal is to contact the Teoti. Izumi overhears the song Maetel was listening to, "Tsugaru Strait Winter Scene." She says that it was the same song she had been listening to when this all began.

Maetel had been picking up transmissions from various places, including the construction site of Hokkaido Shinkansen expansion. She's excited by the thought of the Shinkansen running in her town. It was then when she first heard Sougyoku's voice, and the word "Shinkalion". She also learned that it was built by the Ultra Evolution Institute. Continuing to follow transmissions, she discovers that the H5 Shinkalion is being used in Hokkaido.

Learning that the H5 was likely located at Shin Hakodate-Hokuto Station, Maetel headed there one day. There, she overheard Izumi talking about tests for the H5.

In a new transmission, Maetel hears Sougyoku discuss his love for hot pot. He quickly changes the subject though, stating that this will be his last message and begging for anyone to answer. He asks that they tell him whether he should continue fighting or give up. Maetel considers answering, but hesitates and ends up not doing so. However, Sougyoku does get an answer, which turns out to be from Suzaku, who is currently driving the Black Shinkansen in space. Having learned from Seiryu what Sougyoku's been up to, she starts to scold him for the ridiculous plan of trying to use a god of destruction to end the world. Suzaku says that she wants to come back to earth just to beat him up. Still, she calmly tries to explain that she's contacting him because they're both Kitoralsus, and were born from the Earth. Therefore, if Sougyoku chooses to stay on Earth, he really needs to think over what he should be doing.

Sougyoku does consider Suzaku's words, and also thinks about what he likes about the earth. However, Astrea suddenly shows up, interrogating in a threatening manner if he's going to try and run away. She urges Sougyoku to go to Cape Tappi, where a Keystone is located. Maetel and Suzaku are still listening to this point, but Astrea crushes Sougyoku's transmitter device.

At the Hokkaido branch, Maetel meets Commander Sōya Ōnuma. Actually being quite shy around people, she attempts to hide as soon as he starts speaking to her. Even when Izumi have she contact him by phone, she still struggles to communicate. Izumi explains to Ōnuma for her how they met, and how Maetel showed amazing talent to be a driver in the simulator. When Izumi asks her if she liked the Shinkansen, she said she wanted to ride it but knew it would be a long time until it came to her town. In response, he offered her the chance to be a driver, so she could ride the Shinkansen now. Although Maetel was uncertain whether she should take the offer, knowing it meant she would have to fight, Izumi gave her time to make a decision.

Mourning over the fact that he has no place to return to, Sougyoku transforms into his monster form and destroys the Keystone. When this is detected by the Hokkaido Branch, Ōnuma orders the launch of a capture field, and tells Maetel to launch, believing she must have made her decision to be a driver if she came back. After looking at the H5, and with Izumi's encouragement, she officially decides to become its driver. The Suica Penguin, who is with Izumi in the General Command Office, is also watching as the events go on.

With the H5, Maetel arrives in the capture field. She's at immediately overwhelmed by Sougyoku's attacks. But when Izumi instructs her to counterattack, she doesn't, and continues just taking Sougyoku's attacks. Her lack of attacks is intentional, as her goal isn't to fight, but to communicate. Maetel tells Sougyoku that she's been listening to his communications for a year, and learned about the Shinkalion as a result. She thanks him as the reason she became interested in Shinkalion. Although Sougyoku almost wants to listen to her, he can't, thinking of Astrea. He states that he has to defeat her, but his reason has nothing to do with wanting to destroy the earth. He wants to make his own way. Disappointed with the results, Maetel resigns herself to fighting him. After activating her weapons, she fires rapidly at Sougyoku. This forces him to retreat.

Meanwhile, Shin and his friends have been watching the battle. Taiju thinks that Maetel might have been the same girl he met briefly.

In Yugospia, Valtom is seen heading somewhere, stating that he has only one choice.


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Main Staff

  • Script- Kenichi Yamashita
  • Storyboard- Akira Tsuchiya, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Yūzō Sasaki
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Natsuki Watanabe, Kanako Ono, Tomokatsu Nagasaku


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