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The Dark Shinkalion (ダークシンカリオン) is the Shinkalion Mode of The Dark Shinkansen. It first appears in Abuto's dream in Episode 08 and first physically debuts in Episode 14.



The Dark Shinkalion was created by the Teoti member Zagan as the result of Astrea threatening him into building a Shinkalion for their race, lest she kill his wife and son. Much to its creator's surprise, the son, Abuto, ended up taking the position as the unit's driver in a desperate move to search for him years later.

Weapons and abilities

The Dark Shinkalion is armed with the Boom Barrier Spear, a golden trident shaped like the boom barriers on railway crossings, and the Ceiling Shield a shield formed by the rear roof section of its second car, making it very well suited for close combat. Additionally, the Dark Wing on its back in addition to the thrusters standard on the Shinkalion Z units allow it to fly, performing very similarly to the Z 800 and Doctor Yellow. The Dark Shinkalion's speed and power are far above most of the other Z Units, even when the rest were Z Combined. Unlike the Z E5, the Dark Shinkalion is capable of firing a Gran Cross attack in its default Shinkalion Mode without having to combine first.


Shinkansen Mode

See The Dark Shinkansen

Shinkalion mode

The Dark Shinkalion, when transformed, becomes a humanoid mech, which still keeps its chest the same as the nose of its Shinkansen Mode. In addition to being predominantly black, it has metallic gold and silver mechanical components and dark magenta linings, which When transforming, mode changing and activating the Dark Gran Cross would glow in pink with white glyph-like patterns. It also has a similar profile to the Z 800 and Doctor Yellow, with the major portion of rear car shells forming wings attached to a backpack on its back rather than retaining on the sides of its legs. However, unlike the two, whose backpack are formed from parts of their front car and rear car respectively, the backpack of the Dark Shinkalion is formed by a turret mounted on the roof of its second car.


  • Unlike the previous Black Shinkalions, whose color were more of a dark hue of blue, the Dark Shinkalion is actually jet black in color.
  • In its brief glimpses in Episode 08 as well as its transformation sequence, its Ceiling Shield is depicted to be directly held by its left hand. However, in its actual appearance in the anime, the shield is attached to the side of the left wrist instead.
  • The Dark Shinkalion is the only second-generation Shinkalion not to be labeled as a Z unit.