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The Dark Shinkalion (ダークシンカリオン) is the Shinkalion Mode of The Dark Shinkansen. It first appears in Abuto's dream in Episode 08 and first physically debuts in Episode 14.



Shinkansen Mode

See The Dark Shinkansen

Shinkalion mode

The Dark Shinkalion, when transformed, becomes a humanoid mech, which still keeps it's chest the same the nose of it's shinkansen mode.


  • Unlike the original Black Shinkalions, whose color were more of a dark shade of blue, the Dark Shinkalion is actually black in color.
  • In its brief glimpses in Episode 08 as well as its transformation sequence, its Ceiling Shield is depicted to be directly held by its left hand. However, in its actual appearance in the anime, the shield is attached to the side of the left wrist instead.