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Dark Shinkalion Devil Mode (ダークシンカリオン デビルモード) is one of the alternative modes of the Dark Shinkalion. It is first mentioned in Episode 19 by Tokonami Usui and first appears in Episode 30.




  • In its official render promo as well as the brief glimpses in both Episode 19 and 23, its Ceiling Shield is depicted to be placed at the back of its left wrist. However, in its actual appearance in the anime, the shield is placed at the left side of the left wrist instead.
  • The Dark Shinkalion Devil Mode is equal to the Black Shinkalion Berserker mode despite using 5 cars instead of 2 added with all weapons from the Black Dragon minus the extra car.
  • Despite that in the anime, the Dark Shinkalion no longer uses the Boom Barrier Spear when in Devil Mode, the said weapon can technically still be equipped, albeit as a left-handed weapon instead as opposed to a right-handed one due to the Devil Cannon being the main handheld weapon for Devil Mode.