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Decisive Battle at Ganryūjima! Shin VS Ginga!? is the eighteenth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on August 27, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



In order to meet Ginga Arashiyama, the driver of Shinkalion Z 500 Kodama that made a vivid debut, Shin and his friends visit Shinkansen Ultra Evolution Institute Kyoto Branch. Ginga is an “idol in the making” in an entertainment agency as a research student, and is a unique boy with a glittering atmosphere!

Shin isn’t feeling well because his Compatibility Rate has dropped for some reason. Seeing him, Ginga claims to be the "center" of Team Shinkalion, which surprises Shin and his friends.


Ginga is quickly able to beat Valtom's Giant Monstrous Being. Hanabi is quite unimpressed, feeling like he had to be Ginga's opening act. Taiju doesn't disagree, but admits that they were all struggling. Shin is still left wondering why his compatibility rate suddenly dropped.

Abiko appears while the boys talk, inviting them to meet the Acting Commander of the Kyoto Branch. This person is none-other than Akagi Honjo. Honjo attempts to look cool as he apologizes for the emergency support request, using lots of big words. He doesn't manage to impress anyone. However, he does at least inform the drivers that Nagara, Shimakaze and Yamakasa are all waiting to meet them. Shimakaze asks Shin about what happened with Abuto. Before Shin can answer, Yamakasa adds that he feels there must be a reason why he teamed up with the Teoti. Shin agrees that this has to be the case, declaring that he believes in Abuto. Ginga then appears to join the group, acting just as flashy as he was before. Honjo explains that he's a trainee idol. Hearing this, Abiko plans to follow his career in the future.

Ginga attempts to comfort Shin about Abuto, by telling him that there are 7 drivers now, and that he'll pull everyone along as the center. Hanabi disagrees with the idea that Ginga is their center, Nagara adding that Shin already is the leader. With that matter not quite being resolved, Ginga has to leave abruptly for a lesson. Sougyoku, who was spying on the drivers, decides to use this fighting among them to his advantage.

As Shin is sitting alone afterwards, Shimakaze approaches him. Reminded of the time Shin and Abuto worked together to bring the Ultra Evolution Conductivity Cable for the Hida, he recognizes the mutual trust between the pair. Shimakaze adds that if Shin believes in Abuto, he has to believe as well.

Nagara plans an eating spree all around the area. Still trying to show off, Honjo volunteers to take care of paying for all the food. But as the six drivers and Abiko prove to have much bigger appetites than he imagined, the expense starts to hit him. Ginga joins up with the others as Osaka Station, where he's practicing dance image training. He explains that he came because of his love for the melody of trains. Ginga slips into a kansai accent, which Honjo explains tends to happen when he talks about railways. Ginga goes on to gush over the departure melodies at all different stations. Hearing how Tsuruhashi's station has "All You Can Eat Yodel" as its melody, due to all the yakuniku restaurants, Nagara decides they'll have to head there next instead. He just asks Ginga to recommend a good restaurant first.

Seeing the prices at the restaurant, Honjo is relieved that they're reasonable, but is still worried about the number of people. The drivers all come up with a list of meat dishes they want to order. Honjo thinks Abiko is coming to his defense when she tells them they're ordering too much meat, until he realizes she just intends to order lots of vegetables too to go with it.

After eating, Shin asks Ginga what image he was going for with the Osaka Station departure melody. Ginga says it was the Rainbow Train, running through the Milky Way, preparing for departure towards the infinite depths of space. Smat is quite impressed with Ginga's imagination for the railway, commenting that he can see the Iron Will he has. Yamakasa and Hanabi admit that his combat skill was really good as well. Ginga replies that now Team Shinkalion will be different, because he won't endanger anyone if he's the center. This, Hanabi isn't willing to agree with. Though Ginga argues that the center must shine the brightest to protect the peace of Japan, Shin replies that he wants all the drivers to be strong together, not just him alone. Seeing that neither Shin nor Ginga will back down on their stance, Nagara decides they have a duel to decide who the center will be. He declares that it should take place on Ganryu Island, as this was the location of a famous battle. Yamakasa is skeptical of the idea of a fight between Shinkalion, and Abiko states that it would require the approval of the acting commander. Hanabi asks Honjo immediately, who approves, so caught up in figuring out how he'll pay the bills that he never registered what was actually being asked of him.

Shin and Ginga arrive on the island with their Shinkalions, while the others watch from a distance. But the sound of camera shots indicates that they're not alone. Akeno was nearby taking photos. Yamakasa and the other drivers rush to distract her, so she doesn't accidentally see the fighting Shinkalions. But another uninvited guest arrives soon after, Sougyoku in monster form. Shin and Ginga agree to postpone their duel in order to fight them. And when Honjo becomes aware that an enemy has appeared, he's angry that they took the Shinkalions without permission. Hanabi reminds Honjo that he was the one who approved this, however.

Ginga moves in to make the first attack, but a black cloud starts to cover the area around him, making it impossible for him to see but leaving him an easy target for Sougyoku at the same time. Shin plans to charge in and attempt to rescue him, but Shimakaze warns him not to, suggesting they try to calmly think of something. After hearing Ginga mourn his inability to shine, Shin finally thinks of something. He can use the Exstationcalibur. Shin fires it at the ground, creating paths of light. Ginga is then able to attack Sougyoku unhindered.

Shin compliments Ginga for his victory, but Ginga wants to thank Shin instead this time for saving him. He acknowledges that Shin has the power to make others shine, and so do the other drivers. Ginga accepts that Shin is the true center of the team. Although the problem is solved, Honjo is still stuck writing a letter of apology afterwards.

Later, Kannagi discusses with Astraea the prospect of meeting someone named Zagan. He says that the Dark Shinkalion is incomplete. Astraea argues that they don't need to rush, because the Dark Shinkalion will be awakened, presumably by Abuto. They end up going anyway, with Abuto coming along. After finally seeing Zagan, Abuto realizes that this important Teoti and his father are the same person.


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Main Staff

  • Script- Daisuke Ishibashi
  • Storyboard- Kentarō Fujita, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Kentarō Fujita
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Eri Kojima, Akira Takeuchi, Shin'ichi Suzuki


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