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First Battle! Shinkalion Z N700S Nozomi is the eleventh episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on June 18, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



Shin and his friends come to Nagoya, which Abuto saw in a dream. Around the same time, at the Ultra Evolution Institute Nagoya Branch, two brothers, Shimakaze Anjō and Nagara Anjō, are undergoing the final examination to decide the driver of the "Shinkalion Z N700S Nozomi".

As the result comes out, both of them pass the examination. However, the older brother Shimakaze declines and hands over the position of driver to his younger brother Nagara. Nagara doesn't like it because it seems that Shimakaze shrinks. Meanwhile, Giant Monstrous Beings invade the Nagoya Port...?


Noticing that Abuto appears to be nervous, Shin questions him. The reason turns out to be that he's excited over riding the N700S. Taiju and Hanabi don't understand how it's any different from the previous Tokaido Shinkansen they rode, but Abuto gleefully explains all the minor differences on this new model, including the "S" in its name, which stands for "supreme". He's so busy explaining that he nearly misses the train. Shin reminds Abuto that they need to head to Nagoya in search of a Z Code, which brings back memories of another of his dreams, in which he saw the mysterious train swooshing around the Nagoya Castle.

Meanwhile, brothers Nagara and Shimakaze Anjō are undergoing a final test to see which is the most compatible driver for the Shinkalion Z N700S. The one performing the test is none other than one of the previous Nagoya Branch drivers, Ryūji Kiyosu, who's now the provisional acting director of the branch. At the end of the test, Shimakaze has a compatible rate of 91.5%, while Nagara's 92.3%. Nagara is excited to learn he's beaten his older brother in something for the first time. Although Ryūji admits that either of them could drive the Shinkalion with those results, Shimakaze states that Nagara should be the driver, given that his rate is higher. This surprises him.

When the drivers arrive at the SCMaglev and Railway Park, Shin is excited to see so many Shinkansen on display. Shin shows his knowledge of the models he sees, but Abuto points out that he's forgetting two models in the successions. The N700 series, which followed the 700 series, as well as its succesor N700A. Shin is taking notes and not looking at his surroundings, and a distracted Shimakaze accidentally bumps into him. Shimakaze drops a key on a keychain with a N700A ornament he was carrying as a result. As the two are apologizing, Nagara appears, and the brothers have continuously been fighting over who will be the driver, both pushing the other to do it. Naturally, Shin overhears their conversation, leading to a formal introduction. When the Z Code comes up in the conversation, Abiko states that the clue they have to finding it is Nagoya Castle. Being familiar with the location, Nagara volunteers to show them the way.

Aside from discussing the Z Code, Abuto mentions Ryūji's history as an ex-driver. Ryūji admits that while he started training since he'd heard of the Teoti, his compatible rate has declined too much. In searching for a new driver, he chose the Anjō brothers to test, due to them both being at the top of the class at his karate dojo. Nagara proudly explains that because both of them passed, they'll fight together like the Mori Brothers or Shimazu Brothers. Unfamiliar with the names, Hanabi thinks he's talking about bands, but Nagara explains that they're warriors from the Sengoku era. Abuto crushes Nagara's delusion by explaining that the Shinkalions can only have one driver each. Ryūji asks how Shimakaze took the results, and Nagara explains that he ran off and stated that he didn't want to be the driver. Shin is surprised to hear this, revealing that he picked up Shimakaze's N700A keychain.

At about the same time, Shimakaze realizes his keychain and bike key is missing. He's distracted from this when he sees a kid excitedly running towards the N700 series Shinkansen on display for a closer look, mistaking it for a N700S. Shimakaze politely explains to him that it's actually the N700 series, and the N700S isn't displayed due to being the newest train. The boy comes to the conclusion that if he's looking at the old train, that means the newer one is better. Shimakaze seems a bit uncomfortable by this. Still, he says goodbye to the boy, who leaves with his father. Right after that, Nagara shows him that he has the key, the chain having been an important gift from their father. He explains that Shin was the one who picked it up earlier. Shimakaze reaches to take it back, but Nagara pulls the key away, demanding an answer about why Shimakaze suddenly doesn't want to be a driver. His reply is because there can only be one driver, and Nagara's compatibility rate was higher. Nagara replies that while he finally surpassed his brother, he felt he wasn't actually trying his hardest. He calls Shimakaze out for always pretending to be worse than he is when they're together, and declares that he can only have the key back if the two can compete seriously. Shimakaze decides he'll just walk home without his bike.

Meanwhile, Abuto is showing Ryūji designs for Zailiner HC85 Hida. It will go with the N700S. However, the problem remains of who will be the driver.

Frustrated, Nagara explains to Shin and the other drivers why he took up karate. He wanted to be as strong as his brother, so that he could beat him one day. He even learned a different style which is full contact and incorporates martial arts. After finally winning a championship, he challenged Shimakaze. However, Shimakaze refused, on the grounds that their styles were too different. He feels like Shimakaze is always trying to run every time he gets close to catching up.

Suddenly, a herd of Giant Monstrous Beings are sighted. Ryūji reveals that these ones appeared once before, and were called Thousand Fang. The drivers are ready for launch, so Ryūji gives them permission. Nagara is the exception, because he's still a candidate.

Once Shin and the others are transformed and ready for battle, Ryūji reveals the enemy's known weak point to them, the core in its chest. E5 and E7 are ordered to focus on the smaller enemies, while the E6 will Z Combine and take down the core of the larger one. Although Hanabi does Z Combine, things are not going according to plan, with the enemy jumping on top of the E6.

Outside the capture field, Sougyoku is watching, smirking to himself.

Although Hanabi is able to shake off the Giant Monstrous Being, Nagara is still tense while watching. He pleads Ryūji to let him launch, arguing that his karate skills would be useful. Ryūji consents, so Nagara heads out in the N700S.

Nagara quickly takes out one of the enemies with his kicks and punches. The next attempts a surprise attack, which he's able to block, but is still thrown off by. Nagara is suddenly contacted by Shimakaze, who tells him to calm down. He instructs Nagara to let the enemy think they have the upper hand, then use that chance to attack the critical point. He's able to take down two more enemies after this. Nagara is quick to charge at the last opponent, but Shimakaze tells him not to rush in headlong. It's too late, as he's whipped backwards by the tail. However, Hanabi is glad, because this gave him the opening he needs to strike with the N'EX VVVF Blaster. This finally ends the battle. Ryūji commends Nagara for his performance in his first battle, but Nagara admits that he had some good guidance. Of course, he's referring to Shimakaze, whom he asks to admit he came back because he wants to be the driver after all.

Outside, Sougyoku is please to learn how much Shinkalion has evolved. He warns that the true horror is coming next.


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Main Staff

  • Script- Kenichi Yamashita
  • Storyboard- Akira Tsuchiya, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Toshiyuki Sone
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Eri Kojima, Akira Takeuchi, Beom Seok Hong


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