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Glitter☆ Shinkalion Z 500 Kodama is the seventeenth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on August 20, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



Shin's fighting on "Shinkalion Z E5 Hayabusa" has been revealed to his sister Ayu and his mother Toki. In order to make them understand what he is doing, Shin invites the two to the “vehicle painting event” at the Railway Heritage Park in Yokokawa. Hanabi’s and Taiju’s families as well as the staff of Ōmiya Branch also come to the Railway Heritage Park.

Meanwhile, Hosokawa is assigned a special mission from Shima. It is an important mission regarding the Z Combination of Kyoto Branch’s “Shinkalion Z 500 Kodama”...?


Shin continues to think about Abuto. Smat states that in a way, he feels happy to Abuto, who finally got to drive a Shinkalion like he'd always wanted to. Shin doesn't take this well, but is distracted when his mother, Toki, who overheard him talking appears. Wanting to keep the secret of what he's been up to, Shin tries to change the subject. But Toki reveals that she knows he's been riding in a robot. Shima had revealed the truth to her. But both she and Ayu are unhappy that Shin would hide something so important from his family all this time. However, Toki says that she's proud of what he's been doing, having also heard from Shima how hard he's been working. Ayu, on the other hand, wonders why it has to be Shin doing all this.

A message comes in then from Hanabi, inviting Shin to an event at the Railway Heritage Park to help out. Shin agrees to come, and asks Toki and Ayu to join him.

Meanwhile, Shima surprises Hosokawa by giving him an important job, based on a request which came in from the Kyoto Branch. He accepts, but then Shima asks him for one more favor.

Shin and his family arrive at the event, which turns out to be a vehicle painting event run by Sogō. They meet up with everyone, and Taiju and Hanabi brought their families along as well. Shin also shows Toki and Ayu around. Toki notes that someone who loves trains would find the place irresistible. She asks Shin what he thinks of trains. Shin admits he finds them interesting now that he's become a Shinkalion driver. He thinks that his newfound train knowledge is likely due to Abuto's influence. Shin is also reminded after saying this that he was standing by the same spot where Abuto had been waiting for him once before. Toki can tell right away that Shin is worried about something and asks him to tell her. Shin starts to explain that he had been working with a certain friend for a long time, but is unable to finish his thought. Toki asks him if they had a fight, which Shin says isn't exactly the case. To this, she replies that as long as Shin still thinks of the person as a friend, then he has to believe in them. This seems to inspire hope.

Hosokawa nervously thinks about his assignment, as he stops in Oginoya for a meal. He then hears someone scream and a camera goes flying to him, which he catches. The person who tripped and dropped the camera he recognizes as the women they met when he was there with Abuto. That is, Akeno Myōjō. Akeno thanks Hosokawa for saving her camera and compliments his reflexes. He says that it was just luck, though. As thanks, Akeno gives him a keychain of a rock-like mascot character. As the two talk, Hosokawa explaining his worries about the new task, he also mentions that there's a friend who lost confidence at his workplace. He was asked to encourage that friend. Akeno suggests that the only thing Hosokawa can do is not worry, or he'll never be able to get anything started. This advice gives him the motivation he needs.

Kannagi appears in front of the Teoti. While Valtom seems to want to flatter him, Kannagi cuts right to the point and asks if he intends to use Arabaki. Kannagi believes that Arabaki would be beyond their control. Valtom replies that they've already destroyed two of the Keystones, and that Arabaki's power is essential to their plan. Abuto, who is also there, asks what Arabaki is. Kannagi answers that it's a god of destruction, Sougyoku adds that Arabaki has enough energy to destroy the planet, and that it was sealed in the earth by warriors of the Teoti years ago, using the Keystones. If all the Keystones are destroyed, Arabaki will be revived. Realizing that the reset of the world the Teoti are planning could mean the demise of all humans, Abuto is concerned by this. Kannagi replies by reminding Abuto of his mission. This is to defeat the Shinkalion. Still annoyed by Kannagi dismissing the idea to use Arabaki, Valtom continues to try and convince him, even as he walks out.

At the park, Sogō presents the EF63 locomotive which will be repainted. This is a model which has sentimental value to Sogō, and he's quite particular about painting it in the proper color, Grape #2. As work begins on the train, Shin sees that Abuto's mother, Shirayuki is also there. She asks if Abuto is in Ōmiya, given that she didn't see him. Shin finds himself unable to answer any of her questions about Abuto. Shirayuki explains to Shin how Abuto always used to come to these events, and would get so absorbed in it he wouldn't even stop for a lunch break. Imagining this does nothing to help Shin's state of mind.

After the painting is complete, Shin remains depressed. Hosokawa confronts him, asking what's on his mind. Shin replies that he was wondering what Abuto would say if he saw the train. Hosokawa lifts Shin onto his shoulders to give him a better view, saying that's the scene Abuto would see. Hosokawa adds that while he's not good with words, he knows that Abuto will be back to see it one day.

Later, Shin regroups with just Taiju and Hanabi, telling him that he's going to believe in Abuto no matter what. He plans to have a dialog with Abuto, but needs all of them to do it together. Hanabi and Taiju agree with this, as they also wanted to talk with Abuto more. Ayu, who was watching from a distance, wishes them luck.

Wadatsumi, meanwhile, reiterates to Valtom that Arabaki is beyond their control. valtom reveals that he knows this and it's exactly what will give them the chance they need. He intends to take the Teoti throne. Wadatsumi is uninterested in those things, just wanting to remain a loyal Teoti warrior. Valtom believes that in that case, Wadatsumi will just end up being used and discarded. He has no intention of letting that happen to himself. Likely unbeknownst to them, Abuto was spying on their conversation.

At Mt. Hiei in Kyoto, a Giant Monstrous Being appears, which Valtom summoned. The three drivers go out to deal with it. Seeing Valtom, Shin demands he answer where Abuto is. Valtom says that Abuto won't rejoin them, as he's fully on the Teoti side. Valtom teleports away after, leaving the Giant Monstrous Being to attack. Shin attempts to do a Z Combine with Zailiner E235 Yamanote, but for some reason his compatibility rate isn't high enough. The Giant Monstrous Being continues its attack, but the driver of the 500 Kodama, Ginga Arashiyama, suddenly appears.


In the episode


  • In real life, the Usui Pass Railway Heritage Park's EF63 1 locomotive painting event was held in November 7, 2020, rather than August 2021 as shown in this episode.


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

Image Name Time Note
Ginga Arashiyama 21:07


Main Staff

  • Script- Daisuke Ishibashi
  • Storyboard- Akira Tsuchiya
  • Episode Director- Hye Jin Seo
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Satoru Shiraishi, Yumiko Kinoshita, Etsushi Mori, Yoshiko Nakajima, Beom Seok Hong, Yasukatsu Tanaka


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