Gran Cross

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Gran Cross (グランクロス) is the deathblow of Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa.


The Gran Cross is a large energy beam fired from a cannon barrel that is normally hidden in the E5's chest, behind the shinkansen nose. Charged by pushing the Shinka Gear's lever forward, the attack requires both the driver and Shashot to be in sync for maximum performance. The shot is fired by pulling the lever back, which sends a beam of green energy surging towards the enemy. The 500 and Doctor Yellow's Cross Combination functions are meant to maximize the attack's power output, resulting in the Super Gran Cross and the Ultra Gran Cross respectively.

When linked with other Shinkalions, the Gran Cross beam is red when linked with the E6, Blue with the E7, and Yellow with the 800.


Gran Class logo.jpeg
  • It is named after Gran Class (グランクラス), the special luxury car in JR East.
  • It is translated as “Golden Energy Cannon” in the Cantonese dub and “Light Speed Energy Cannon” in the Taiwanese dub.
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