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Great Aerial Battle! The Chaotic Z Combination!! is the tenth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on June 11, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



The compatibility between Shin and Yamakasa is just like water and oil, and it seems unlikely for them to get along.

Shin, who is wondering how to make Yamakasa listen to him, proposes a strategy with Hanabi, Taiju, Abuto and Smat. It's a crazy strategy of trying various arrange recipes for "okyūto", which Shin doesn’t like to eat...?


Shin seems a bit unhappy, learning that everyone will be staying at Yamakasa's house for a while longer. However, it's a convenient location, being close to the Z Code and Dazaifu. It's likely a Giant Monstrous Being will appear, so the drivers have to be ready. Yamakasa's father comes out to greet the group, with Yamakasa alongside him, looking discontent as well. Naturally, there's still quite a bit of friction between Shin and Yamakasa.

Shin's friends also take notice of Shin's attitude, and confront him about it once they're settled inside. Abuto points out that if Shin can't even make friends with Yamakasa, he'll never succeed in his dream of befriending an alien. As Shin is about to object to this, Yamakasa's mother brings in drinks for everyone. Hanabi takes this opportunity to ask where Yamakasa went, and his mother says he's being interviewed about being a falconer. She says that they can watch, as he's only outside.

It turns out, Akeno is outside with Yamakasa, taking photography of his practice with Albert. Hanabi is surprised to learn that she's already an acquaintance of Abuto, but he and Taiju introduce themselves.

Akeno comments on how well Albert listens to his owners commands, which Yamakasa corrects. He's not Alber's owner, but his partner. They have a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding. Watching Albert fly, Shin sees the image of the 800 in his place for a moment before shaking away the thought.

As the weather shows signs of turning stormy, Akeno says that she's leaving, because she doesn't like thunder and lightning. This reminds Shin of Sugawara no Michizane, which he decides to ask Yamakasa if he knows about. Yamakasa answers that he was the Shinto God of Learning, who was enshrined at Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine. Shin goes on to explain his history to a curious Akeno. The legend tells of how he died after being exiled from Kyoto, and a lightning bolt struck soon after, killing those who plotted to exile him. His curse is said to be contained in the thunderstorms of Dazaifu. After hearing the story, Akeno changes the subject, expressing her surprise that Shin and Yamakasa are friends. Yamakasa immediately objects to Shin being his friend, because his unscientific personally isn't something he can accept. Abuto comes to Shin's defense, stating that it's natural they'll all be different, because they gathered from all different places to form a team. Still, Yamakasa is uninterested.

To help Shin's case, Taiju and the others try to get him to eat okyūto. This would be a way to show Yamakasa that he wants to be on equal footing. They serve him okyūto with various different toppings and seasonings for a better taste, but Shin is still too disgusted to try it no matter what. Yamakasa, who was walking through the halls of his house that evening, overhears a part of the discussion, about how they need to unite as drivers and have the same rhythm.

In the middle of the night, Abuto wakes Shin up, telling him there's a yokai outside. Although this was just another lie, Abuto actually wanted Shin to get up to see how Yamakasa trains even at night. According to what Abuto heard from Akeno, he always trains at dawn, even if it rains. Abuto tries to make Shin exactly aware of Yamakasa's circumstances, saying that all the drivers have their own circumstances, and are all connected through Shinkalion.

The next day, Shin is ready to try okyūto again. This time, the topping is mayonnaise. He's able to eat it this time, and is surprised to find he actually enjoys it. Shin tells Yamakasa that he finally ate okyuto and asks if he'll listen to his stories now. Yamakasa still objects to hearing anything unscientific, though. Not unless it's something he can personally see. Abiko comes in then, suggesting they use this time to go look for crystal formations. Shin suggests to Yamakasa that they could be one of the mysteries of the world. They head out to Mount Hōman to begin the search.

Meanwhile, Valtom is out in the same mountain, planning to acquire the keystone.

While exploring, Shin believes he spots an Ittan-momen, but it turns out to just be an old cloth. Yamakasa changes the subject by asking about what the crystal formations are, exactly. Abuto explains that they don't really know, only the the enemies want to destroy them in order to restore the surface of the earth to how they say it "should be". After suddenly hearing loud noises, the group realizes that five Giant Monstrous Beings have already been summoned nearby.

Once a Capture Field is launched, the four drivers are sent in. To divide forces, Abuto orders the E5 and E7 to handle the enemies in the lower area, and the E6 and 800 to go after the winged ones. This seems to be working well. As Shin watches the 800 fly, this time he sees Albert in its place.

After the 800 is grabbed by a flying Giant Monstrous Being, it's pulled outside of the Capture Field and shrouded in clouds. Shin is determined to help him, but the E5's jump is incapable of making it out of the field. Thinking of Yamakasa's words about he and Albert's understanding of each other as one mind and body, Shin is inspired. He could make it if he Z Combines with the Sonic. Abuto approves of the plan and sends over the Z Code. After Shin successfully Z Combines, Taiju and Hanabi assure him that they can handle things on the ground.

Just as Shin makes it out of the capture field, Yamakasa is able to shake the Giant Monstrous Being off of him. He's shocked to see the E5 in the sky with him, but is impressed. Shin sends him the parts to form his bow gun, but is having trouble flying at the same time. Yamakasa instructs him to put the leg boosters forward, which allows him to stop moving. Then, he can keep balance with the back thrusters. Still, Smat is concerned about the difficulties of doing an aerial battle, especially with poor visibility and less mobility than the enemy. Yamakasa suggests that they just attack with higher mobility. He approaches Shin, telling him he just saw an Ittan-momen. Rather, it was actually Shin. His movements gave off the illusion of one, due to an afterimage generated from E5's light. Yamakasa suggests that Shin weaponize this.

Shin's quick movements serve to disorient the Giant Monstrous Being, leaving an opportunity for the two drivers to make a combined attack. While Shin sends Yamakasa power from the overhead lines, Yamakasa fires the Sonic Pantograph Bow Gun, finally defeating the enemy.

Learning that the green Shinkalion can fly as well, Valtom is annoyed.

Later, Yamakasa admits that Shin is passionate for the mysteries of the world, and he has to accept that. He also thinks it's fine if Shin doesn't like okyūto, because everyone is different. Shin agrees that Yamakasa doesn't have to be interested in mysteries either, they just have to trust each other as teammates. Yamakasa wants to shake hands with Shin, who opts for a fist bump instead.


In the episode

  • Shinkalion Z E5 Sonic makes its debut in this episode.
    • This makes it the first time in the series where a Shinkalion Z unit combines with a Zailiner that isn't paired with the unit itself.



Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

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Main Staff

  • Script- Daisuke Ishibashi
  • Storyboard- Takeshi Mori, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Hye Jin Seo
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Yoshiko Nakajima, Satoru Shiraishi, Yumiko Kinoshita, Etsushi Mori


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