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Kannagi VS Dark Shinkalion Absolute is the thirty-ninth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on March 4, 2022 on TV Tokyo.



Shin and his friends lose their words after Kannagi got swallowed into the underground by a mysterious fluid that suddenly appeared. Around the same time, the Blackstones have been destroyed all at once due to Valtom's scheme, and mysterious fluids have appeared throughout the country.

Has Arabaki, the god of destruction sealed by the Blackstones, been revived? How is the safety of the swallowed Kannagi? In response to the sudden changes, each Shinkalion Z unit rushes to various places of the country.


Having gotten away safely, Shin asks if Arabaki was what just attacked. Abuto believes this to be the case, although this wasn't quite how he imagined Arabaki.

All around Japan, the fluid is appearing and causing destruction. Shimakaze points out the locations where it's appearing are those where the Blackstones were destroyed. Abuto mentions that the Blackstones were referred to as "Keystones" by the Teoti. He's realized this is because they were the keys that kept Arabaki locked away. With this crisis before them, the other drivers turn to Shin for leadership. Shin decides that they'll all have to split up in order to protect everyone. In the meantime, Hibiki plans to head to Mount Fuji with a research team to ascertain the damage and set up an evacuation perimeter. Wanting to help as well, Abuto asks whether the Dark Shinkalion is ready. Fortunately, Shima confirms that it is, and he'll dispatch it to Mount Fuji.

Abuto also wonders about the fate of Kannagi. At the same time, Astrea heads to the scene, wanting to find Kannagi herself.

Each Shinkalion combines with their respective Zailiner or power-up mode. As E5 Yamanote arrives at Yokokawa, he is spotted by the group of street racers from the first episode, who had been watching the fluid in amazement.

The drivers begin their attacks on the fluid, which simply get absorbed by it. When Shin attacks, it even retaliates back with spikes. As he tries to run from it, he notices the three street racers, who are also right in the fluid's path. As Shin needs to act quickly to stop it, Smat tells him to use the Z Gran Cross. This does stop the fluid's attack, and it seems to retreat after. The other drivers find that it's retreating from their locations as well.

Soon after, Astrea makes it to the location where she believes Kannagi is. Still in his monster form, Kannagi is trapped inside the fluid, with Valtom mocking him from outside.

Abuto requests for data from the command room about the predicted path of Arabaki. Based on an analysis, Ōishi finds that there are small vibrations near each Blackstone location, and that they're moving to a central location. That location is Mount Fuji. Abuto realizes then that Arabaki's main body must be beneath Mount Fuji. The power which had been dispersed is trying to gather there. Abuto calls for the other drivers to return to Mount Fuji immediately.

While Valtom is pleased that Arabaki has nearly become whole, Kannagi calls him a traitor. Valtom expresses surprise that Kannagi was even still alive, but decides to offer him a choice. Either be consumed by Arabaki, or bow to him, survive, and fight the Shinkalions. Kannagi replies that as king of the Teoti, he'd sooner die than bow to Valtom. In response, Valtom decides to send Tolerantia through Kannagi's body. But this was exactly what Kannagi hoped would happen. As a royal, the power belonged to him to begin with, and he's able to steal it back from Valtom, who is returned to his normal form. Kannagi then bursts free from the fluid and flees, just as Astrea arrives.

As Kannagi breaks out from the volcano, Ōishi believes him to be a Giant Monstrous Being at first, and Hibiki orders her group to evacuate. But Abuto, in Dark Shinkalion Absolute, arrives to stand up to Kannagi. Before he can begin fighting, Abuto receives a message from Astrea. She believes that Kanangi's feelings of rage allowed the Tolerantia to consume him, and pleads Abuto to save her younger brother. Shin is surprised to find that Kannagi and Astrea are siblings. But he's reminded of himself and his own sister Ayu, who always worries about him. This makes him believe that Teoti families feel the same things as human ones. Shin and Abuto both agree to save Kannagi.

Even with Shin and Abuto fighting together, the enraged Kannagi, who sees Abuto as a traitor, proves to be a difficult opponent. He ends up pushing Abuto above the clouds, fighting him in the air. Trying to get through to Kannagi, Abuto tells him that the reason he wanted to help the Teoti is because Kannagi thought only of his people, and was admired by them. He tries to tell him that people still believe in him, including Astrea. Still, this doesn't get through to him, and the two charge at each other. Abuto successfully strikes Kannagi down in this clash, and carries him to the ground. Kannagi begins to come to his senses, and reaches his hand to Abuto. But then, his eyes suddenly turn black, as the code Kannagi uses releases its curse. Camalus and Bahram arrives at the scene, the latter explains that what Kannagi uses is an ancient forbidden code known as "Desperation of the Vanquished". Kannagi once again takes the offensive.


In the episode



  • During the shot where the E7 quickly braked to a stop, the Azusa Chainsaws are briefly shown deactivated, then activated again for a split second, before deactivating again.
  • When Abuto lands on the ground while putting down Kannagi, his Ceiling Shield remains on his left arm, but in the next shot after the forbidden code starts affecting Kannagi, the shield disappears.


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

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Main Staff

  • Script- Kenichi Yamashita
  • Storyboard- Tomohiro Furukawa
  • Episode Director- Sadao Ōshima
  • Assistant Episode Director- Wataru Nakagawa
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Ippeita Watanabe, Yuka Aono, Tomokatsu Nagasaku

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