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Kitoralsus is an endangered ancient humanoid species with advanced civilization. There are only eight members of it left currently.

They are the main antagonist in Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion THE ANIMATION.


Ancient Kitoralsus civilization on the surface

Millions of years ago, Kitoralsus used to reside on the Earth’s surface. After a meteorite hit the Earth and perished most of the surface’s lifeforms, part of the species, including the Valhallan, immigrated to the space while the rest moved to The Underground World.

Kitoralsus in the Underground World

Ten thousand years ago, the underground dwellers was put into another survival crisis due to stopped evolving, and only eight of them, known as the Agents, made it alive through nowadays. In the year 2005, one of the species members, Kirin, headed back to the surface, where now have been taken charge by human being, to search for possibility of his clansmen to immigrate back there.

The first attack of the Kitoralsus

Three years later, the Kitoralsus officially declared war to the human being by sending a dozen of First Enemies to destroy a seaside village, but were forced to retreat soon due to the First Enemies couldn’t stand the surface environment. Kirin lost contact to the underground since then, and was presumed dead. Two years later, a human with the alias “Iza”came to the underground world and suggested them three ways to prevent endangering: to “fight”, to “immigrate”, and to “change”. The three old generation Agents choose the second way, and set up for the space soon after, while the rest four stayed back in command of Iza, plotting for yet another invasion to the human world.

Known Members


Older Generation Agents



Known Technology