Plarail DX Shinkalion Series (プラレール デラックス シンカリオンシリーズ) is a toyline related to Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion THE ANIMATION. It was first released in Japan in 2018.



Product Name Unit (Anime) Release Date Price (Japan, tax inclusive)
Plarail DXS01 Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa 12/28/2017 ¥4,860
Plarail DXS02 Shinkalion E6 Komachi Shinkalion E6 Komachi 12/28/2017 ¥4,860
Store the Shinkalion! Big Base Box The Shinkalion Sheds 12/28/2017 ¥3,780
Plarail DXS Shinkalion E5 & E6 Super Link Set Shinkalion E5 + E6 12/28/2017 ¥9,000
Plarail DXS03 Shinkalion E7 Kagayaki Shinkalion E7 Kagayaki 2/1/2018 ¥4,860
Shinkalion Ultra Evolution Master-Controller Shinka Gear Shinka Gear 3/1/2018 ¥5,940
Plarail DXS04 Shinkalion E3 Tsubasa Shinkalion E3 Tsubasa 3/8/2018 ¥4,860
Shake to Talk Shashoooot! Shashot 3/29/2018 ¥2,808
Ultra Evolution Electric Freight and Weapon Container Set Weapon Train (Ultra Evolution Electric Freight and Weapon Containers) 3/29/2018 ¥2,700
Sound Ultra Evolution Base Rail Set Underground Hanger, Capture Field 3/29/2018 ¥3,780
Plarail DXS05 Shinkalion N700A Nozomi Shinkalion N700A Nozomi 4/12/2018 ¥4,860
Plarail DXS06 Shinkalion H5 Hayabusa Shinkalion H5 Hayabusa 4/29/2018 ¥4,860
Plarail DXS07 Shinkalion 800 Tsubame Shinkalion 800 Tsubame 7/5/2018 ¥4,860
Shinkalion Ultra Evolution Master-Controller Black Shinka Gear Black Shinka Gear 7/5/2018 ¥5,940
Plarail DXS08 Black Shinkalion Black Shinkalion 6/17/2018 ¥6,480
Plarail DXS09 Shinkalion 500 Kodama Shinkalion 500 Kodama 8/2/2018 ¥7,560
Shinca Mega Complete Set Shinca Cards 9/6/2018 ¥3,240
Plarail DXS10 Shinkalion Trinity 3-Piece Combination Set Shinkalion N700 Mizuho, Shinkalion 700 Hikari Rail Star, Shinkalion 700 Nozomi 9/6/2018 ¥9,180
Plarail DXS11 Shinkalion Doctor Yellow Shinkalion Doctor Yellow 9/29/2018 ¥9,180
Plarail DXS12 Shinkalion E3 Tsubasa Iron Wing Shinkalion E3 Tsubasa Iron Wing 12/27/2018 ¥4,860
Plarail DXS13 Black Shinkalion Kurenai Black Shinkalion Kurenai 2/2/2019 ¥4,860
Plarail DXS101 Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa MkII Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa MkII 4/16/2019 ¥6,480
Plarail DXS102 Shinkalion 923 Dr. Yellow Shinkalion 923 Doctor Yellow 6/8/2019 ¥4,860
Plarail DXS103 Black Shinkalion Ogre Black Shinkalion Ogre 8/1/2019 ¥6,480
Plarail DXS104 Shinkalion ALFA-X Shinkalion ALFA-X 11/21/2019 ¥9,180
Reproduced Shinkalion 500 TYPE EVA & Super Complete BOX Special Set Shinkalion 500 TYPE EVA Dec/2019 ¥19,800
Plarail DXS Popular Character Collab Shinkalion TBA March 2020 ¥7,560






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