Plarail Z Combine (プラレール ゼット合体) is a toyline related to Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It was first released in Japan in April 2021.


The Z series Shinkalion models essentially upgrade the play patterns of the originals. The main focus of the line is interchangeable parts with the Zailiners, non-shinkansen train units that separate into alternate limbs. To accomodate this new play pattern, the Z Shinkalions now resort to partsforming to allow interchangeable limbs. Due to this partsforming feature, the Z Shinkalions are far more articulated than the Plarail and Plarail DX Shinkalions, featuring many more joints in places that are omitted in the originals. The Z Shinkalions are still compatible with the plarail track, but lack powered units like it's predecessor. In train mode, the Z Shinkalions have shorter cars and each car now has a realistic number of 8 wheels each.


Product Name Unit (Anime) Release Date Price (Japan, tax inclusive)
Plarail Shinkalion Z E5 Hayabusa Shinkalion Z E5 Hayabusa 4/10/2021 ¥5,280
Plarail Zailiner E235 Yamanote Zailiner E235 Yamanote 4/10/2021 ¥1,980
Plarail Shinkalion Z E5 Yamanote Set Shinkalion Z E5 Yamanote 4/10/2021 ¥6,930
Plarail Shinkalion Z E6 Komachi Shinkalion Z E6 Komachi 4/10/2021 ¥5,280
Plarail Zailiner E259 N’EX Zailiner E259 N’EX 4/10/2021 ¥1,980
Plarail Shinkalion Z E6 N’EX Set Shinkalion Z E6 N’EX 4/10/2021 ¥6,930
Plarail Shinkalion Z E7 Kagayaki Shinkalion Z E7 Kagayaki 4/24/2021 ¥5,280
Plarail Zailiner E353 Azusa Zailiner E353 Azusa 4/24/2021 ¥1,980
Plarail Shinkalion Z E7 Azusa Set Shinkalion Z E7 Azusa 4/24/2021 ¥6,930
Plarail Zailiner Set Zailiner E235 Yamanote, Zailiner E259 N’EX, Zailiner E353 Azusa 4/24/2021 ¥5,940
Plarail Shinkalion Z 800 Tsubame Shinkalion Z 800 Tsubame 6/05/2021 ¥5,280
Plarail Zailiner 883 Sonic Zailiner 883 Sonic 6/05/2021 ¥1,980
Plarail Shinkalion Z 800 Sonic Set Shinkalion Z 800 Sonic 6/05/2021 ¥6,930
Store the Shinkalions! Big Base Box Z 6/05/2021 ¥3,850
Ultra Evolution Mobile Z Gear Z Gear 6/26/2021 ¥7,480






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