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Protect the Forest! Shinkalion Z E7 Kagayaki is the fifth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on TV Tokyo on May 07, 2021.



Shin and his friends come to Mt. Kiso in Nagano prefecture. According to Abuto, in this uninhabited wild mountain lives the third Shinkalion driver candidate, Taiju Togakushi. However, Taiju is not interested in being a driver, and has turned down the invitation.

Originally lived in Tokyo, Taiju moved to Mt. Kiso for some reason. When Shin and his friends eventually find him at the end of the mountain climbing trip, Taiju has began an apprenticeship in mountain work with his grandfather.


In the command room, the Ultra Evolution Institute Yokokawa Branch Staff is inspecting a piece of the crystal from the underground cave in Morioka. The mystery of why the Giant Monstrous Being wanted to destroy it still remains, and this could provide answers, if it can be analyzed. Although Abuto is with the group, Shima tells him to go home and rest, as they'll be heading to Nagano early the next morning. Abuto agrees, although he seems to have his doubts as to whether the person they're seeking is ready.

Abuto and Shin head to Nagano, accompanied by Abiko (who appears to be lost again). The person they're meeting turns out to be a Shinkalion driver candidate. A flashback reveals when Abuto and Shima first spoke with the driver candidate in question, Taiju Togakushi, and his parents. He was asked to be a driver due to his high compatibility rate in the simulator. Although his parents are shocked, Taiju's father, Kirikabu asks him what he'd like to do. Taiju replies that he's too clumsy. Hearing this story, Shin wonders if there's anything they can do now. As Smat starts explaining, the group hears sounds in the forest, which turn out to be coming from a wild boar. The boar begins to chase them, with only Shin being excited, as it reminds him of a youkai boar called Izasaou. Taiju comes to their rescue, fighting off the boar with his bare hands until it flees. Taiju tries to explain to Abuto and the others that they entered a private forest without permission. Still, Abuto asks him right away if he'll be a driver again.

Afterwards, Taiju takes the others to his grandfather, Masakari who is moving logs. Masakari realizes who they are, and says they should go back home where it's comfortable and talk, rather than wandering in the forest. As they head back, Abuto notes that Taiju moved here to help his grandfather with work. Taiju states that he's really just an apprentice.

Shin is surprised to come across train tracks in the woods. Taiju explains that they're remnants of a former line that ran through there. It had been used for carrying logs, and was known as the Kiso Forest Railway. The line was shut down around 1975, but Taiju points out the numerous pieces of track which were left behind. Shin is amused by how much fun Abuto seems to be having seeing all of this.

Abiko calls headquarters, to let them know they'll be back the next day. She's surprised that Taiju's family still uses a rotary-dial telephone.

When it's time to eat, Masakari states that he's making shishinabe, which uses boar meat as an ingredient.. Abuto says that it must be the boar that they encountered earlier. Shin is stunned by this, and Abuto plays along before revealing that this was a joke. As soon as Smat starts talking, Masakari is impressed by the idea of a talking smart phone. As Smat explains how he's more than a smart phone, Shin grabs him and uses him to bring up a map. He was looking at the neighboring village of Kinasa. This turns out to be tied to the legend of the demon of Ichiyasan. He's interested in investigating the mystery, and explains the legend, using himself, Abuto and Abiko as the characters. Abiko is unhappy about having to play the demon. Shin asks Abuto if maybe this legend will lead to any hints about the Z Codes, but he disagrees. Their arguing reminds Shin of another legend, but Abuto tells him to be quiet and finish eating.

While Masakari is bathing after dinner, Taiju blows at the fire from outside. Shin is experimenting with woodcutting, and not doing a good job, so Taiju shows him how it's done. Shin is able to replicate this and cut a log.

In a different part of the forest, Wadatsumi creates a new Giant Monstrous Being using the trees.

Later that night, Abuto sees Taiju sitting outside, spraying some sort of cologne that he also used after facing the boar. Abuto questions it, and Taiju states that it's hinoki-scented. He explains about an Edo-era parable related to the hinoki trees, and how he feels like it's worthwhile to take care of the trees that people planted such a long time ago. Although impressed by Taiju's passion, Abuto asks him once again to help by becoming a driver. Taiju repeats that he's too clumsy, but Abuto argues that his compatibility rate is very high, and actually, he's the clumsy one. Then, he gets a call from headquarters. Abuto plans to leave, along with Shin, but Taiju asks if they can bring him along too. Because Masakari drives the boys, there's no room in the car for Abiko, who has to stay behind.

Ōishi launches a Capture Field around the Giant Monstrous Being, and asks Sogō for a code name. He says he has two ideas, Gingira Demon Metal and Chattering Demon Metal. Misaki suggests they just stick with Demon Metal.

Although Shin, Abuto and Taiju still have approximately three hours until arriving, Hanabi appears and is ready to launch. He's pleased to face off against a metal opponent with his rock. Thus, Hanabi enters the capture field with the E6, but is quickly overwhelmed by Demon Metal, who damages the E6's right arm.

Outside the capture field, Valtom approaches Wadatsumi. Though initially complimenting him, he's really just there to chide him, reminding Wadatsumi that the one enemy he's hurt isn't alone.

Meanwhile, Taiju launches in the E7 Kagayaki, which transforms to a Shinkalion, along with Shin's E5 Hayabusa. After quickly introducing Hanabi to the new driver, the fighting begins. Taiju begins to fight using a similar method to his log cutting, which Shin mimics. They succeed in destroying Demon Metal's weapons, but it then suddenly evolve itself and becomes even more overwhelmingly powerful, so they're forced to bring in the E235 Yamanote. Shin Z Combines with it and uses its Shield to hold back Demon Metal. Taiju asks for a turn as well, as he's furious over the threat Demon Metal poses to the forest. With brute force, he starts to push Demon Metal away, just as he did to the boar. While this is going on, Abuto asks Shin what a demon's weakness is. He answers the belly button, so Taiju punches there, and Shin then makes a finishing blow. Naturally, Valtom, who wanted to see Wadatsumi fail, is just amused by this.

After the battle, Taiju returns the Z Gear and leaves.


In the episode


  • Only two key animators worked on this episode.


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub.

Image Name Time Note
Saijō Sogō 0:02 (voice)
Goichi Shima 0:04
Abuto Usui 0:04
Misaki Ōishi 0:04
Kasumi Abiko 0:04
Shin Arata 2:23 (voice)
Smat 2:31
Kirikabu Togakushi 2:47 (flashback)
Kozue Togakushi 2:47 (flashback)
Taiju Togakushi 2:47 (flashback)
Masakari Togakushi 5:00
Wadatsumi 9:54
Demon Metal 10:22
Hanabi Ōmagari 12:12 (voice)
Valtom 15:16 (voice)


Main Staff

  • Script- Akira Tanizaki
  • Storyboard- Shunji Maki, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Kentarō Fujita
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Akiko Nakano


Title screens

Title Cards

Title Sequences


Note: The timing of some images on this page is taken from this wiki's encodes of the Japanese dub of Shinkalion Z.







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