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Qualification of Leader! The Angry Z Gran Cross is the fifteenth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on July 30, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



Shin's inspiration gives out a clue as to where "Blackstone", the mysterious crystal that Teoti are aiming at, is. He realizes that the places where Giant Monstrous Beings had appeared were all along old highways.

Knowing this, Genbu shows Shin and his friends various spots related to the highways in Tokyo. It seems that Genbu wants to tell Shin something about the former "Manseibashi Station"...?


After their failure to defeat Dark Shinkalion, Shin and the others are training in the simulator. Although they defeat the simulated enemy, no one is convinced that will help with the real situation. Shin also feels guilt over letting Genbu get hurt, though Genbu tells him not to worry about that. Instead, he encourages Shin to carry out his duty as team leader and think about how they should be fighting. Shin suggests that maybe they would have won had they all Z Combined from the start.

As everyone is talking, Hibiki appears in the room with an update on the crystal they found, which her team dubbed as "Blackstone." They were discovered to be closely related to the Earth's surface and tectonic plates. When they were destroyed in Morioka and Nagano, aquifers and hot springs near the area suddenly went dry. Thus, Hibiki believes that the continued destruction of the Blackstones will impact the environment. Pondering this new, frightening information, Hanabi and Taiju wish that Abuto were around, given how his dreams were connected to finding all these locations. Abiko asks Shin where Abuto is, to which he can't answer. He admits he hasn't been able to contact Abuto since he left. While the others are trying to be positive about the situation, Shin is clearly depressed. The ominous mood is suddenly broken for a moment when Daiya walks in with a box of Ōmiya's local drink, "Boncider". However, Shin seems to feel a little more energized after drinking a bottle. He asks Hibiki if all they need to do is prevent the destruction of the remaining Blackstones, and if she can find the locations of the others. Unfortunately, Hibiki hasn't noticed any correlation to the locations they were found in so far, other that that they were located in mountainous areas. Hanabi mentions that they were all close to railways. This leads Shin to wonder if there's significance to the land between the rails. Genbu mentions that the rail routes were built over old highways, which Smat explains originated in the Edo Period, and were known as the Five Highways. Indeed, the group realizes that the places Blackstones are found were all connected by these highways.

Finally having a lead, Genbu, in his full disguise, brings the drivers and Abiko to Nihonbashi, the start point of the Five Highways. He then takes them on a tour to places such as Shimbashi Station, a former transportation museum, and remnants of the Manseibashi Station. Shin thinks about how Abuto would have loved to see all this train history, as a railfan. Hanabi realizes that Genbu's actual motive for taking them out was because he wanted to see all these places too, also being a railfan. He doesn't deny this. Shin, however, mentions that originally none of them knew much about the railway before becoming drivers. But now, it's important that they do come to understand all of this. They need to keep getting stronger, as well as more knowledgeable, if they ever want to beat the Dark Shinkalion. Seeing Shin's resolve, Genbu asks him to come see one more location.

The location this time was a bridge which the group had crossed earlier. Genbu explains that there was a former Manseibashi subway station beneath where they stand. Shin interrupts Genbu's history lesson, asking exactly what Genbu wanted to show him. In response, Genbu begins a TV-show like presentation of the station.

Meanwhile, Abuto talks with Sougyoku, who asks him how he likes the Dark Shinkalion. Sougyoku also tells Abuto he'll have to sortie again soon. Valtom and Wadatsumi, who are watching from a distance, both seem to have a low opinion of Abuto and the use of a Shinkalion to battle the other Shinkalions.

During Genbu's tour, he reveals the ventilation shafts which remain from the Manseibashi Station. Shin and the others still have no clue what Genbu is trying to explain. After looking around, Shin realizes that based on Smat's map, the Manseibashi Subway was in front of Kanda River. Smat adds that the current subway crosses beneath the river. The group contemplates how the tunnel was dug beneath the river in the first place, and Smat says that they had to stop the Kanda River at the time it was built and make a temporary road. The construction took both preparation and time. This leads Shin to realize that the Manseibashi Station was only built temporarily until the tunnel could be made. While this was the answer Genbu was looking for, he adds that the other thing Shin needs to know is that the bigger the goal, the more preparation and unity in the work leading to it contributes. Shinkalions have to work as a team, and Shin has to lead that team. Hearing this, Shin apologizes for focusing on himself and not fighting alongside Hanabi and Taiju.

When the Dark Shinkansen appears again, on a course for Ōmiya, the drivers rush back. This time, the Zailiners are deployed along with the Shinkalions right away. All three drivers combine, and the fighting begins. However, Shin realizes something shocking, as the Dark Shinkalion suddenly performs several movements exactly identical to what Abuto once did in the past. Shin decides to ask directly if Abuto is the one inside. He admits to this, which leaves Shin, Smat and the others shocked. Shin asks Abuto why he would be in the Dark Shinkansen, which he corrects to be the Dark Shinkalion, but doesn't answer Shin's question. Instead, he transforms to Centaur Mode and continues attacking the three Shinkalions. While still in shock, Shin thinks of what Genbu said about strength as a means of having dialog. He realizes that if he wants to have dialog with Abuto, he has to win this fight. Telling himself that Abuto would never be an ally of the Toeti, Shin fires a Z Gran Cross. It never reaches its target, as Abuto flees too quickly. After the fight, Shin screams in frustration.



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Main Staff

  • Script- Daisuke Ishibashi
  • Storyboard- Masakatsu Iijima, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Yūzō Sasaki
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Natsuki Watanabe


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