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Resurrection!! Arabaki the God of Destruction is the fortieth and penultimate episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on March 11, 2022 on TV Tokyo.



Due to the fate of using the forbidden Teoti code, Kannagi enters a berserk state where he continues to fight until death. Abuto confronts him again, but Kannagi’s power overwhelms Dark Shinkalion Absolute.

In the meantime, the mysterious fluids that appeared all over the country are gathering below Mt. Fuji one after another. Finally, all the fluids have become one, and the god of destruction, Arabaki, has regained its true form...!


Because Kannagi can't stop fighting until he dies, as a result of the forbidden code, he lashes out at Abuto. Bahram and Camalus come to his rescue by holding Kannagi still. Devastated by the state Kannagi is in, they ask Abuto to stop him. After Abuto fires an Absolute Gran Cross, Kannagi thinks about the people on his planet who support him, as well as Astrea. The code breaks, and Kannagi turns back to normal, having survived the attack. Ashamed by his actions, he asks Bahram to slay him. Astrea then appears, asking for them to punish her instead. Kannagi refuses, however arguing that he was blinded by the power of the Dark Shinkalion and lost sight of what was important. Regardless, Bahram and Camalus refuses to kill him. Bahram argues that Desperation of the Vanquished doesn't suit the future of the Teoti.

Afterwards, Astrea thanks Abuto, declaring that he truly was the Teoti's savior. But the atmosphere suddenly turns less peaceful when Valtom returns, bringing Arabaki along with him, finally in its true form. Unfortunately for Valtom, who planned on conquering the world, Arabaki devours him almost immediately. Valtom appears to meet his demise in the lava.

As Arabaki moves, everything in its path is destroyed. It appears to be headed to Mount Fuji. Abuto asks Kannagi whether the monster they just witnessed actually was Arabaki. While he isn't certain, Kannagi believes that it definitely possesses enough power to destroy the entire world.

The other Shinkalions gather where Shin and Abuto are. Finally witnessing Arabaki and the destruction it causes, the drivers are just as disturbed as everyone else. Abiko warns the drivers not to make physical contact with Arabaki, and to focus on long-range attacks. To fight him, Shin and Shimakaze Super Z Combine the E5 and Doctor Yellow once more.

Despite everyone's best efforts, the Shinkalions are unable to deal any damage to Arabaki. After Arabaki successfully reaches the top of Mount Fuji, it just stops there inside the crater.

With the situation becoming more confusing, Abuto decides he's going to space to find his dad. Because Tokonami was the one who placed the Z Codes near the Keystones, Abuto suspects he might know what they should do. Kannagi reveals that Tokonami is still alive. However, he won't be for much longer.

As reports of the incident spread on the news, evacuations are called for. As this is going on, Futaba goes to see Izumi. She reports to him that the Dark Shinkalion is proceeding on its planned course through space, but will soon be out of communication range. Izumi asks her to assume operations at the General Command Office, as the Ultra Evolution Institute has been delegated by the government to handle the situation.

While Arabaki remains still, its root-like organs continue extending into the ground. It's believed to be drawing energy from the center of the earth.

Hibiki analyzes a sample taken from Arabaki. Based on the tests, nothing seems capable of destroying it. Hanabi asks Shin if he knows of any mysteries of the world that tell how to beat a god of destruction. He isn't able to think of a way humans can do so. Ginga points out that the Blackstones were the only things effective against Arabaki, because they managed to seal it. Hibiki states that she doesn't even know how that works, due to the Blackstones being composed of unknown elements. Nagara picks up the Blackstone sample which was behind glass to look at, causing a stir. Smat attempts to take it back from him, but ends up dropping it due to the weight, which leads to it to land next to the sample of Arabaki. The sample quickly starts to retreat.

Tokonami, who continues floating through space in the portion of the palace, resigns himself to the end, apologizing to his family for not being able to return. To his surprise, Abuto bursts in with the Dark Shinkalion. As the palace explodes, the two flee. Tokonami is glad to see that Abuto is alright, and back to normal.

The sample of Arabaki ends up solidifying as a result of exposure to the Blackstone. Hibiki finds that it easily cracks when struck by a tool. Although the Blackstone is indeed proven to be able to stop Arabaki, how to use it still remains a mystery. There isn't time to analyze the material, nor any effective method to do so. Genbu then surprises everyone by eating the sample. He says that it's just salt.

Meanwhile, part of Arabaki's "root" breaks out from the seabed of Suruga Bay, but immediately solidifies and falls apart upon touching the seawater. This triggers the main body of Arabaki to fire a heat ray toward Suruga Bay. Power grids in a 200km radius of Mount Fuji stop functioning as a result. As this chaos is occurring, Abuto attempts to contact the Ōmiya Branch from space. Unfortunately, he's still out of the communications range. Tokonami assures him that everyone at the Ultra Evolution Institute will be alright. Still, Abuto is distressed, thinking about how the earth might be destroyed when he finally gets the chance to live with his whole family again. Suddenly, Abuto receives a transmission from Sougyoku.

The drivers are anxious to launch again, but Sogō orders them to remain on standby. The truth is that because of the amount of energy stored in Arabaki, massive damage could be caused to the earth's surface if one mistake is made. It's too dangerous to send all of them there. Abuto is then finally able to contact Ōmiya Branch. Shin reports to him that they found Arabaki's weakness, but still lack a plan. Abuto is pleased, and replies that Shinkalion Z still has one last trick they can use, which is the Double Z Combination.


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Main Staff

  • Script- Toshiaki Sato
  • Storyboard- Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Kentarō Fujita
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Kanako Ono, Shin'ichi Suzuki, Tomokatsu Nagasaku

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