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Return of Seiryu is the twenty-fourth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on October 22, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



Shin wants to grow as a driver of Shinkalion Z, seeking strength to communicate with Abuto. To him, Genbu introduces a person named Seiryu of Kitoralsus. Seiryu is said to have protected the earth by riding Shinkalion in the former battles. Shin and his friends expect him to train them directly, but Seiryu's training is completely different from what Shin and his friends imagined...?


Setsura reveals to Kannagi and Astrea that Yugospia is under attack by something called Deabol. He had come to request Kannagi's help. In response, Kannagi orders Abuto to get in the Dark Shinkalion and head there.

Meanwhile, Shin and the other drivers finally meet Seiryu, who will be training them. The only thing they seem to know about him is that he was a Kitoralsus like Genbu. Seiryu starts to explain to him how he learned the importance of dialog and bonds because of Shinkalion, and thus the drivers were able to defend the planet in the past. After that conflict came to an end, Seiryu decided to tour the railways of the world. He starts to gush about all the different trains he got to ride.

Abuto soon sees one of the Deabols, and is surprised to learn that there are monsters in space. He seems to want to question Kannagi's orders, but this is impossible with his voice still taken. Astrea decides to return his voice, because of the emergency situation. Once his voice returns, Abuto demands an explanation to what these monsters are. Astrea says that they wander through space and attack from time to time. Kannagi adds that they should be no match for Abuto's power, however. Watching how the Teoti warriors are being crushed in battle against the Deabols, Abuto reluctantly launches in Dark Shinkalion to come to their aid. Even as he starts to fight, he's torn over why he's even bothering to help the Teoti. But he does manage to stop the Deabol, impressing Setsura in the process.

Seiryu reveals that the new generation drivers will be taking a Railway Aptitude Test. They're actually rather confident before starting the test.

After Abuto returns, Setsura and several other Teoti kids swarm around him, praising him for his efforts. They drag Abuto along to the town where they live to meet others. It's a normal-looking town where people are living normal lives. Abuto is surprised to learn that the people there consider him a savior. When Kannagi arrives, Setsura asks if this means they can finally return to their homeland. Abuto wonders what he's referring to, but Kannagi explains that their homeland is the earth. He invites Abuto, who is naturally confused by this, to come walk with him in private.

When Seiryu reveals the scores of the aptitude test, he's quite unhappy. Taiju scored 13, Shin scored 2, and Hanabi scored zero. Taiju only scored as high as he did because there were some questions about the Forest Railway. Hanabi and Shin complain that the questions were aimed at railway maniacs. Of course, Genbu can answer right away the sample question Shin reads. He suggests though that Seiryu reduce the level. Seiryu does so, starting by asking Shin what a driver says when starting the train. Shin answers confidently that it's "Shuppatsu Shinkou (Departure proceed)." But he can't explain what the term actually means. Seiryu explains that Shuppatsu Shinkou is composed of two words that mean basically the same thing ("depart" and "proceed"). He asks the drivers why they would need to be repetitive in that case. Shin suggests that it's to get the riders pumped. Seiryu, angry, explains that "departure proceed" actually means that the departure traffic signal lighting on a green light, which is what gives clearance to proceed. With that answer out of the way, Seiryu warns that they have much more training ahead.

Kannagi takes Abuto to see his father, the Teoti king. Because the king is in bad condition and unable to get up, Kannagi is ruling as a regent. Kannagi also explains that the Teoti are in danger of extinction. Abuto demands that Kannagi explain if this is why they're attacking the earth. Before he can answer, the king finally speaks, asking Kannagi if Abuto is their light of hope. Kannagi then explains to Abuto that the Teoti existed before humans, and had an advanced civilization on the earth. However, they were in danger of being wiped out due to a mysterious lifeform called Arabaki. They were eventually able to seal the Arabaki with the Keystones, but by then Arabaki's rampage had changed the climate dramatically. Thus, the surviving Teoti were forced to flee to Yugospia and wait until they could inhabit the earth again. But by then, humans had inhabited the entire earth. The king begs Abuto to help them return to their homeland.

After Abuto and Kannagi leave, Kannagi asks if Abuto is surprised, which he obviously is. Abuto pleads Kannagi to let him talk to his father, which he says can happen eventually. Setsura shows up then, inviting Abuto to a welcoming party for him. Abuto is also able to see night come to Yugospia, and helps the Teoti children get to bed. However, he's unable to sleep himself and wanders off, where he meets Kannagi again. Kannagi tells Abuto this time that the Teoti children now never knew earth. That's why he wants to let them stand on their homeland. The Dark Shinkalion is their light of hope, the only thing that can allow this to become a reality. Abuto reflects on all that he's seen on Yugospia, but is still torn on whether to help the Teoti. Kannagi decides that he'll allow Abuto to meet Zagan.

Seiryu, meanwhile, brings out his Black Shinkalion Kurenai to have a sparring match against Shin and the others. He starts by dropping his weapons and soundly defeating the three of them with physical attacks. Seiryu scolds them for getting too used to combat, allowing them to only see what's directly in front of them rather than thinking about what the opponent might do. He asks that they use their imagination more. As soon as Shin thinks about this, he wonders if Abuto had been trying to tell him something in their previous fight. Seiryu then asks Shin why he became a Shinkalion driver. He already knows the answer, that it was because he had a high compatibility rate and he was in a situation where he had to. Shin replies that this was true once, but not anymore. After learning a lot about the railways, now he's a driver because he loves them. He makes a sudden attack on Seiryu, who is still able to dodge. Seiryu kicks him down, declaring that he also loves railways, but there's something he loves even more. That is, Shinkalion. His love for Shinkalion is what's allowed him to overcome everything so far, and he would never betray Shinkalion. He says that this is the responsibility of every Shinkalion driver.

Abuto finally is able to meet his father. He confesses that he wants to protect him, as well as his mom, but is questioning if he should actually be here rather than earth, being a Teoti. Abuto hopes that his father can give him proper advice.


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  • This episode marks the overall 100th episode of the series.


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Main Staff

  • Script- Daisuke Ishibashi
  • Storyboard- Masato Sato, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Hye Jin Seo
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Akira Takeuchi, Kumiko Shishido, Yasukatsu Tanaka, Beom Seok Hong, Kenji Ota


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