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Ryūji Kiyosu (清洲リュウジ) is a recurring character in Shinkalion. He first appears in Episode 13 of Season 1 and Episode 11 of Season 2. He is voiced by Ryota Osaka and by Ami Naitō as a young child.


Ryūji is part of his own family of five. He is three years older than his brother Tatsumi Kiyosu and six years older than his sister Miyu Kiyosu.


Ryūji Kiyosu is a fourteen-year-old boy. He wears a long sleeve shirt and long pants. He was the driver of Shinkalion N700A Nozomi and Shinkalion Doctor Yellow.


A 14-year-old teenager from Nagoya who willingly signs up with Shinkansen Ultra Evolution Institute Nagoya Branch to be a fully trained Shinkalion Driver, and is by far, effectively the eldest of all under-aged Drivers to be recruited into the institute.

Ryūji is the son of Chikuma Kiyosu, who like Hokuto Hayasugi, is also a core developer of the Shinkalions; making Ryūji of similar background as Hayato. But unlike Hayato, Ryūji was a highly disciplined karate martial artist who had the potential to champion competitions, but dropped out of continuing the art to tend his family due to the death of his father, and hospitalized ill mother. In order to aid his late father's passion for Shinkalions, he voluntarily signs up to be trained as a professional Driver.


In the series

Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion THE ANIMATION

Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z


He shares the same voice actor with his father Chikuma Kiyosu.




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