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SHIKOKU ROCK FESTIVAL is the twenty-fifth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on October 29, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



Shin is excited to learn that new underground chambers have been found in Ōboke, Tokushima Prefecture and Tōno, Iwate Prefecture, two places that are deeply related to yokai. Immediately after that, a Giant Monstrous Being that looks like a crying baby with an elder's face appears near Ōboke.

Meanwhile, Hanabi's father, Tanebi, is preparing for the next day's fireworks display in Saijō City, Ehime Prefecture. Although the Shinkansen Ultra Evolution Institute is forced to respond, there is no track in Shikoku for Shinkalion Z to run on. Is there any way to send the E6 Komachi to Ōboke...?


After Hosokawa reveals that he was once in a band, Shin excitedly tries to get Hanabi's attention, due to his shared interest in music. Hanabi doesn't care, being too caught up in frustration over his inability to do anything cool as of late. He feels he's being left behind as Shin gets better and better. Abiko points out that he and Taiju are supposed to provide support, but Hanabi argues that support just isn't enough. Taiju agrees with this.

Later, Hibiki calls everyone to a meeting to discuss Doctor Yellow's findings. Two new underground chambers have been detected. One is in Tōno, in Iwate Prefecture. The other is in Ōboke, in Tokushima Prefecture. Shin becomes excited, as both these places are known for having yokai. He volunteers to go, but Sogō informs him that he'll have to be on standby, because the E5 will be under inspection for two weeks. However, Hanabi volunteers to go to Ōboke. He reveals that his father is going to be putting on a fireworks display there.

Sougyoku approaches Valtom near Ōboke Station. He asks about Valtom's attempts to revive Arabaki, suggesting that Arabaki would be impossible for them to control. Valtom denies this, and wants to get it done when he has the chance, given that Kannagi is too focused on Abuto and the Dark Shinkalion. Sougyoku offers to help.

Valtom creates a Giant Monstrous Being, which appears in Shikoku. This requires the Iyo-Saijō Branch, the only SUEI branch without a Shinkalion, to activate.

The Giant Monstrous Being which was summoned has a baby-like appearance. It also struggles to walk like a baby would, and when it falls it starts to screech, with an extremely loud cry. Shin wonders if it's a Konaki-Jijii (a kind of yokai that is often depicted as a baby with an elder’s face). Hinode Seto, the commander of Iyo-Saijō Branch, has the same idea, giving it the codename Ōboke Elder. Ōboke Elder stops screaming and goes to sleep, but its snores have the same loudness as its cries. The frequencies emitted cause damage to the Capture Field.

Abuto remains conflicted about his circumstances as he thinks back to the previous battle. Kannagi approaches him then, asking that he take the Dark Shinkalion to earth. This time, not to battle, but to scold Valtom for acting on his own. Setsura, who overhears this conversation, gets an idea.

Hanabi and Abiko, meanwhile, travel on tugboat with a barge carrying the E6 in tow. Shimakaze and Nagara were also on board, as their father is the captain. Shimakaze explains to Hanabi that this is the method often used when a Shinkansen is shipped from a factory. Hanabi soon contacts his father by phone, asking him not to cancel the fireworks show no matter what.

Meanwhile, Hosokawa is working on a project which involves a guitar.

As Abuto heads to earth, he finds that Setsura secretly followed him. Setsura asks Abuto to show him the earth's nighttime.

When Hanabi and Abiko arrive, they're greeted with party poppers by the Iyo-Saijō Branch staff. Seto promptly explains that the E6 won't be able to travel on the tracks while here. Thus, it will have to go through an overhaul that switches the wheelset from standard gauge to narrow gauge. But he assures it will be no problem.

Setsura is excited right away by earth, noting that he can't see the edge of the sky. Abuto explains that there's no such thing on earth. He tries to explain how night and day works on earth, but realizes the concept is a bit too complicated. Seeing that Setsura is hungry, he gets bentos for the two of them. Setsura is also amazed by the unfamiliar earth foods, but enjoys it.

Once the E6 is ready, Hanabi launches. He notices right away how badly damaged the capture field is, meaning that he doesn't have a lot of time. Ōboke Elder is still asleep, which annoys Valtom who yells at it to wake up. It starts crying again right away, which can be heard where Tanebi and his crew are working to set up the fireworks. Tanebi tells the others to ignore it and keep working.

Hanabi asks Shin how to stop a Konaki-Jijii from crying, whom replies to give it a round piece of candy. Of course Hanabi doesn't have any, so resorts to firing rounds at it instead. This does nothing to hurt it, but did cause it to stop crying. But then, what appears to be mechanical fish-like speakers are summoned into the capture field and start making the same loud cries, causing even more damage to the capture field. Ōboke Elder uses this chance to attack Hanabi repetitively. But his determination not to lose, and to allow the fireworks show to go on, causes his compatibility rate to start rising. Just as he blasts Ōboke Elder away, speakers suddenly appear around the E6. Hosokawa was the one to provide them, and also gives a guitar to the E6. Impressed, Hanabi uses it to perform a show, his sound waves being strong enough to stop the Giant Monstrous Being for good.

Abuto delivers Kannagi's message to Valtom. Valtom says that he understands and then teleports away. Setsura catches up to him after, just in time for the fireworks to begin. Everyone is able to watch the show from their respective locations, Shin wondering if Abuto sees it too. Setsura tells Abuto how much he enjoyed their day out on Earth.


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Main Staff

  • Script- Toshiaki Sato
  • Storyboard- Kentarō Fujita, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Kentarō Fujita
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Satoru Shiraishi, Tetsuya Sato, Yukiko Busa, Yumiko Kinoshita, Etsushi Mori


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