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Scoop! Ayu's Special Front Line! is the thirty-first episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on December 17, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



Christmas is coming soon. The Arata family is preparing for an elaborate Christmas party centered on Shin, as his father, who has finished his work overseas, returns for the first time in a while.

Meanwhile, Ayu, who happens to meet Akeno again, invites Akeno to tea for advice on her dream of becoming a journalist. However, on the contrary, Akeno asks her about the secret of Shinkalion Z...?


As it approaches Christmas, Smat isn't able to be cheerful, as he worries about Abuto. He asks Shin what they should do, but Shin is distracted by the bizarre Christmas tree he's decorating. Its full of items depicing the supernatural. Shin is also in a good mood because his father is coming home for Christmas. He had been away on an archaeological excavation in Mexico previously. As they're talking, Ayu and Toki return home from shopping, and Ayu is taken aback by the tree. Shin admits that something seems to be missing from the tree, so his mother hands him the charm of Kokopelli which his father brought him the last time he was home.

Later, as Ayu is making updates to her blog, she comes across a car. The car belongs to Akeno, who has been secretly watching Shin, and attempting to hit him in order to deal with the threat of the Shinkalions, but is stopped by the sudden approach of Ayu. She's excited to see Akeno, as she had admired her since the first time they met. Akeno recognizes Ayu as Shin's sister, and explains that she knows Shin because they met again several times. Ayu asks if Akeno will answer a few questions for her.

Meanwhile, Abuto visits his father. Tokonami, still seemingly devastated over what Abuto has had to do, embraces him and apologizes. However, he's shocked that Abuto declares his decision now is to utilize the Devil Mode to protect the Teoti.

Ayu, who tells Akeno about her long-time dream of becoming a journalist, shows of her blog of every article she's done so far. Akeno notices one right away about the Shinkansen in the basement of the Railway Heritage Park in Yokokawa. Nervously, Ayu tries scrolling past that one, stating that she's suspended the follow-up report on that one. Akeno, seemingly accepting this, pulls out a photo of E5 Hayabusa fighting against Scallion Daruma for Ayu to look at. Ayu accidentally calls it a Shinkalion outloud, confirming the fact that she knows the truth. Ayu regrets having said anything, but Akeno continues the discussion, stating that she's been interested in the robot and that all journalists should know the feeling of a desire to find the truth.

Hosokawa is still torn up over the revalation that Akeno was actually a Teoti. Looking at the keychain that Akeno gave him before, he thinks of throwing it out, but is unable to bring himself to do that.

In hopes that Akeno will keep everything a secret, Ayu explains that the name of the green Shinkalion is the E5, and that Shin is its driver. She also mentions how Shin had been worried for a while over a friend named Abuto. Also, Shin had been discussing how his compatibility rating had gone up. Akeno ponders over what she means by "compatibility rating", but then puts that idea aside, proposing to Ayu that the two go into the Ultra Evolution Institute undercover. Ayu is skeptical, so Akeno adds that she finds it sad how Shin and the others are fighting behind the scenes, and no one knows. She says that it takes a hero to introduce a hero. Ayu still remains unsure.

Shin goes out shopping later, along with Hanabi and Taiju. He and Ayu wanted to get a present for their father. Ayu explains that she came because she wants to make sure Shin won't just buy "mysteries of the world" stuff.

After finding a present, Ayu asks Shin if she can take Smat somewhere, claiming that she found a shop that had a lot of delicious QR codes. Naturally, Smat is enthusiatic about this and wants to come. Shin wants to come as well, but Ayu asks him to check out, and says that they'll meet by the entrance later. As she leaves, Ayu gets a text from her father, concerning his arrival. He also mentions that he read her blog, and that he's happy to support her path to becoming a sincere journalist. Ayu reflects on this, seeming to doubt her own sincerity.

Continuing along with her plan, Ayu brings Akeno to the Ultra Evolution Institute, utilizing Smat to get inside. As they walk around, the entire place appears to be vacant. However, as soon as they arrive at the Underground Testing Yard, Ayu gives Smat a signal, and the staff members suddenly show up behind her. Ayu reveals that she has learned that Akeno was a Teoti. She apologizes then, saying that she won't be a part of something evil even for a scoop she wants badly. Hosokawa then approaches Akeno, asking her why they have to fight, and if there's some way they could coexist. She refuses to listen to his pleas, and transorms back to Astrea. She launches an attack, but Genbu takes the blow, declaring that he'll be her opponent. Astrea, in response, summons three Giant Monstrous Beings to attack and teleports herself away. Sogō orders for an emergency evacuation. Genbu, however, decides to stay back and fight, transforming to his monster form to do so.

In order to help Genbu, Shin, Taiju and Hanabi prepare to launch in their Shinkalions. This plan is promptly stopped by a sudden blackout. Because it could take up to four hours to restore the power, waiting isn't an option. Furious at Akeno for how stupid she's made him feel, Hosokawa decides that he can get it fixed much quicker by borrowing electricity from the Rolling Stock Center nearby. All the mechanics are ready to help.

Genbu is struggling, but as soon as the power is restored, Shin and the others launch, all Z-Combining right away. The Giant Monstrous Beings, which were apparently some sort of illusion, vanish as soon as they're hit by the Shinkalions. Hosokawa is angry to find that Akeno was still just toying with them.

As Ayu and Shin wait at the airport to meet their father, Ayu apologizes to Shin for all the trouble. However, she admits that what Akeno said struck a chord with her, about how people should know about all Shin and the other drivers do. Shin replies that he's not driving the Shinkalion because he wants to be a hero, but won't tell Ayu the real reason why. Although she tries to pry an answer out of him, both are distracted when their father arrives.

That evening, Hosokawa decides to finally throw the keychain from Akeno into the water. Ōishi, who saw this, scolds him for littering. He's surprised by her sudden appearance, but she says she comes there from time to time, because she likes the sea breeze, and how calming it can be. She compliments Hosokawa for all he did, and as he looks at her, he becomes captivated by her beauty. As they're talking, a train pulls into the station.


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Main Staff

  • Script- Daisuke Ishibashi
  • Storyboard- Takahiro Ikezoe, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Hye Jin Seo
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Shunsuke Igarashi, Beom Seok Hong, Tomokatsu Nagasaku


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