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Secret Technique! Dual Grampus System is the twelfth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on June 25, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



The N700S Nozomi graced a spectacular first battle. Nagara, who was helped by Shimakaze, takes the position of the driver and challenges Shimakaze again for a karate match. With Ryūji as the witness, the two brothers start a conversation with their fists.

On the other hand, Abuto gets a further hint on where the Z Code is hidden in his dream. However, the hint shows a mysterious place that "is in Tokyo, in Nagoya, and also in Kyoto."


In another dream, Abuto sees signs indicating various locations in Japan. Then, a man appears, shrouded in fog. Just as he realizes the man is his father, the dark Shinkansen passes by, and his father being nowhere to be seen after.

When Abuto wakes up, Shin expresses concern over his talking in his sleep. He asks Abuto to tell him what happened, given that one can remember dreams most clearly right after waking up. Abuto does so, stating that he's not actually sure if the man he saw was really his father. Shin, however, assures Abuto that they'll meet again, given the fact that his dreams have helped lead them to Z Codes before.

That morning, Nagara visits Shimakaze during his training. He returns the keychain from the previous day, saying that it was thanks to his brother that he was able to win. Shimakaze remembers back to the first day he saw the N700A, the latest type of Shinkansen back then, and was immediately charmed by it. That day, their father revealed that he was headed out to sea, but gave Shimakaze the keychain to hold and instructions to look after Nagara until he returned. With those memories in mind, Shimakaze laments in present day how the Shinkansen has now reached the era of the N700S.

Nagara asks Shimakaze again if he's really okay with letting him have the N700S. He challenges his brother to a karate match to decide who should drive it. As Shimakaze tries to object, Ryūji and the other drivers enter the room. Nagara decides that they should all be spectators of the fight, which Shin and the others agree to, and Ryūji volunteers himself as referee. In this case, Shimakaze consents. The two have a close match, but Shimakaze ends up winning. Nagara admits that Shimakaze is the strongest, but Shimakaze argues that Nagara is actually better at striking and weighting each technique. His problem is that he rushes into things, just like in the previous fight against the Thousand Fangs. Shimakaze, despite having won this match, still announces that he has no intention of driving the N700S. He wants for Nagara to take his own path and not keep chasing after him. The reason he didn't want to compete with Nagara in karate was because it was one time Nagara took a different path. Nagara, on the other hand, believes he made it as far as he did because of how hard he'd been trying to keep up with Shimakaze. But, he agrees to drive the N700S, while Shimakaze agrees to keep looking out for his reckless driving.

Having witnessed the brothers come to an understanding, Shin is touched. Abuto is glad that now they can move onto their objective, looking for the Z Code. Having forgotten all about this, Shin is flustered.

The search for the Z Code, however, is off to a poor start. Smat is unable to pick up on any signals, despite Abuto's belief that they should be searching at Nagoya Castle. Abuto mentions the different station names he saw in his dream, but this doesn't help to clarify anything, as they're random names located all over the place. However, the Anjō brothers have a guess, which is Meiji-mura.

Meanwhile, Sougyoku is watching from a distance. He tells an unidentified person that things are going as planned.

At Meiji-mura, a theme park that Nagara knew about due to having visited on a class trip, the drivers are surprised to see such a mixture of buildings all in one place. The site also contains the multiple location signs Abuto saw in his dream. Abuto runs off to investigate on his own and comes across a number of photos, including one of a family. He suddenly finds himself within another dream, where he's in front of Yokokawa's Spectacle Bridge, or at least a smaller version. The dark Shinkansen passes by atop the bridge. Going to get a closer look, Abuto sees the man who resembles his father entering the train. Upon waking up from the dream, his friends are worried about him. Abuto apologizes for running off, but says that he now knows the location of the Z Code.

Abuto takes the others to a similar bridge in the theme park. He allows Shin to use Smat to collect the Zailiner. This time it's the HC85 Hida.

As Abuto is explaining to Shin that he found the location again because of his dream, a Giant Monstrous Being appears. The drivers are told to return to Nagoya Branch, as it was already captured. Shin, Hanabi and Taiju head to the capture field, where Huge Turtle, another previously encountered Giant Monstrous Being is waiting. They have five minutes and two seconds to defeat it. The three drivers begin to strike it with continuous attacks, which seems to take Huge Turtle down. However, Maximum Dragon appears, and Huge Turtle recovers. The E5 and E7 are unable to deal any damage to Maximum Dragon, and Huge Turtle hits the E6 at the same time the other two were struck down.

Fortunately, Nagara rushes in with the N700S, having been given instructions from Ryūji about Maximum Dragon's weak point. Nagara hits Huge Turtle from the air, throwing it down at Maximum Dragon. And as it turns out, Nagara isn't alone. Shimakaze is also riding in the cockpit. Ryūji realized after hearing Shin's words about a Shinkansen having both a driver and a conductor that he could add a new system that would allow the brothers to control the N700S together, which is known as the "Dual Grampus System". With both in the Shinkalion at once, the compatible rate rose even higher, and a new weapon called the Rail Spike Claw could be activated as a result. Nagara attacks with the Rail Spike Claw, leading to Huge Turtle's core being exposed. Hanabi begins attacking it from a distance. Shin goes for Maximum Dragon's core, while Taiju holds it down, but it's too solid for him to hit. Nagara asks Shimakaze for advice on destroying it, but this time, Shimakaze believes there's no actual strategy. The best thing to do is just tear through it. Although Taiju is quickly thrown back. Nagara is able to block the incoming attack from Maximum Dragon, and then cut through with the Rail Spike Claw.

After the battle, Nagara is quite pleased with the results. He asks Shimakaze to fight together with him again some day. However, Shimakaze says that Nagara could do it alone with his compatibility, and so he'll focus on being the support.

Meanwhile, Shin finds Abuto standing alone outside. Abuto reveals that he's now confident the man in his dreams is his dad.

Apparently, all that went on was still a part of Sougyoku's plan, who continues watching on with amusement.


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Main Staff

  • Script- Kenichi Yamashita
  • Storyboard- Kentarō Fujita, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Kentarō Fujita
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Akiko Nakano


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