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Seiryu (セイリュウ) is one of the main antagonists and later protagonists in Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion THE ANIMATION. He is voiced by Kei Shindo. He first appears in Episode 07 of Season 1 and Episode 23 of Season 2.




Seiryu is a kind-hearted, determined, and strong-willed Kitoralsus member. He had a hard time comprehending the things humans do and say, and can't quite understand their modern way of living due to being so different from that of his species’. After part of his species members left for exploring the outer space, he and the remained clansmen, known as the Agents, took the instruction from Iza, the former head of the Shinkalion Develop Team, to invade the surface to take back their home from the humans. Because it was for their survival, Seiryu would do anything to keep his race alive. Thus, he and the other Agents used Black Particles to bring objects or animal under their control, and use them to confront humans, but that's when the Shinkalions started to intervene in their plans. Eventually though, much like Genbu, he began viewing the Shinkalion team as friends and equals, taking on Hayato's shinkansen and railway obsessions as well. Like Genbu, Seiryu developed an immediate obsession with cake, one that emigrated to all forms of sweets throughout his interactions with the human race.


  • Genbu, Suzaku, and Byakko (teammates & family): Genbu, Suzaku and Byakko aren't just teammates, but also the family to Seiryu. When Byakko was petrified, Seiryu was in a state of anger and sorrow for losing a fellow teammate, but he was even more furious when he found out that Genbu died too.
  • Iza (master)
  • Hayato Hayasugi (friend)

In the series

Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion THE ANIMATION


  • He shares the same voice actor with Miyu Kiyosu.
  • He is the second Season 1 driver to retain his driver position in Season 2, the first being Shinji Ikari.


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