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Set Off! Hanabi's Rock and Roll!! is the fourth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on TV Tokyo on April 30, 2021.



Hanabi Omagari, the driver of the Shinkalion Z E6 Komachi, is a passionate boy who loves rock and roll. His parents run a factory that makes fireworks, a specialty of Omagari in Akita Prefecture.

Hanabi says that he's serious about his dream of becoming a pyrotechnist, as well as his favorite career in music and as a Shinkalion driver. However, Hanabi's father, Tanebi, refuses to acknowledge Hanabi's way of life, as he is juggling several things he wants to do.


Just as Shin and Hanabi are being acquainted, Hanabi's father, Tanebi appears, and is not happy to see Hanabi went out. Without even giving Hanabi a chance to properly explain, he starts heading back home. Hanabi frantically follows after to argue.

As an E6 Shinkansen crosses through Ōmagari Station, Hanabi plays guitar back at home. Meanwhile, Shin, Abuto, and Abiko head to Hanabi's house by car. Shin inquires over Hanabi's talk of becoming a legend in Ōmagari, and if it had anything to do with the town's fireworks. Abuto thinks this is the case, stating that Hanabi's father runs a famous fireworks factory. Shin likens Hanabi's fighting style to the launching of fireworks. Abuto agrees that the long-distance support attack style of the E6 is suited for Hanabi, his battles giving off the same sensation as if he's performing live. Smat adds that all of this make Hanabi an essential driver.

Tanebi's thoughts are quite the opposite. He scolds Hanabi, stating that someone who's constantly jumping around between all different things isn't suited for the family business of being a pyrotechnic. Although Hanabi tries to argue, asserting that he is taking things seriously, his father is unwilling to change his mind. He insists that Hanabi choose either music or pyrotechnics, but not both, and focus solely on the one he wants to make into a career. Still, Hanabi states that he can't, because fireworks, rock, and the Shinkalion are all things which are a part of him.

Having arrived at their destination, Abiko chats with Hanabi's mother, Tomoshibi Ōmagari. She apologizes for her husband, saying that it's difficult for him to cool down when he heats up, something Hanabi inherited from him.

Tanebi remembers back to when Hanabi was a child, and was starting to learn how to make fireworks. Although he was using a plastic toy, he already showed skill for it, impressing Tanebi's colleagues. One of them asks Hanabi what he wants to be when he grows up, and he happily replies that he's going to be a pyrotechnic. Proud as he was that day, he also thinks back to another less happy occasion, where Hanabi begged him to spend time with him during summer vacation, but Tanebi refused, arguing that it was the busiest time of the year for his work. Telling Hanabi to deal with it and be patient only made him cry.

Visiting Hanabi's room, Shin is impressed by the enormous music collection. Hanabi explains to him how his dad's fireworks and music always went together for him since he was a child. Watching his fireworks was the first time he experienced rock. Thus, he wants to use rock to make Ōmagari's fireworks even more exciting. His dream is for his musical fireworks performance to pierce through space. Shin is impressed by this, but thinks of it as a way to reach aliens. Finding him amusing, Hanabi asks Shin if his dream is to be a comedian. Smat tells him that it's actually to be friends with an alien. Hanabi actually likes the idea, calling it "rock". All of this out of the way, Arata asks about why Hanabi also wants to be a Shinkalion driver. Hanabi answers that the Shinkalions is also rock. Shin is confused by what he means by "rock". Hanabi admits he doesn't know either, some things can't be explained, but if something gets him that fired up, then it's rock. He suspects Shin understands the feeling, as a fellow Shinkalion driver.

Meanwhile, Tomoshibi discusses with Abiko why Hanabi wears polyester t-shirts rather than cotton. It's because of dealing with electric charges from working with gunpowder. This is something Hanabi has been doing since he was a child, because of what he learned from his father.

Afterwards, Tanebi asks Hanabi to get ready if he's going to help at the next show. They quickly start fighting again, Hanabi declaring that his father is too thick-headed to ever reason with. He compares his father's head to an ordinary stone, not even a rock. Still, Hanabi asserts that what he's doing isn't half-baked, he just wants to try as many things as possible in order to decide what he really wants. It's still his dream to launch a super rock fireworks show over the skies of Ōmagari. Before Tanebi can reply, Tomoshibi reveals that Abiko is calling the drivers back for an emergency.

The next Giant Monstrous Being is a snake-woman, launched around the same area as Black Dog was. Sogō ponders over whether there's a reason the enemy is fixated on that area, but Ōishi rushes him to think of a code name, suggesting Queen Snake.

The drivers are instructed by Abiko to go to Morioka. Before this, however, Shin has something to ask Abuto.

The Giant Monstrous Being is caught in a capture field, and the two drivers launch as planned. Tanebi decides to watch the battle per Shin's suggestion, to see what the drivers actually have to do. Still, he doubts watching will change anything. At least until Shin also told him that Hanabi first experienced rock watching his dad's fireworks, and gets the same feeling from the Shinkalion. Shin believes the possibility that he might feel something too by watching the Shinklaion exists.

As the battle is about the begin, Shin notices similarities in the enemy to a Gorgon from the Greek mythology, which had the ability to turn people into stone from fear. Although this enemy doesn't seem to have such ability, the battle is off to a bad start, as the Shinkalions are sinking into the muddy ground. Hanabi is still able to attack without moving, but the snake monster picks him up and throws him away, following up by whipping at Shin with her tail. Watching this, Tomoshibi is worried, but Tanebi is confident that they can do something.

The Zailiners are both launched by Ōishi, and Shin and Hanabi each Z Combine with their respective trains. Despite this, the enemy still has another surprise in store. Her attack turns the walls of the capture field into stone, which makes Shin certain that she is a Gorgon all along. Upon hearing Shin saying so, Sogō decides to change the code name to Gorgon All Along, which Ōishi reluctantly agrees to.

Since the ground is also turned into stone, Shin notes that the Shinkalions can move properly now. He starts to attack the Gorgon All Along, but her blasts continue, causing the capture field to fall apart. This was all a part of Valtom's plan. The two Shinkalions and the monster fall down to the ground below, causing it to collapse and reveal a huge underground cave. Although the drivers are unharmed, Gorgon All Along is free to move in the cave, and heads towards a giant black crystal formation with strange markings on it, half-buried in a rock wall. Seemingly, she was attempting to acquire something from it. The crystal formation eventually exploded. After Gorgon All Along moves, Hanabi quickly finishes it with his N'EX VVVF Blaster.

Though Gorgon All Alone is defeated, Abuto is concerned about the mysterious crystal formation, and Valtom states that he acquired the first one of what he was searching for, before leaving.

As Tanebi's fireworks show comes to an end, Hanabi arrives too late. He starts to apologize, but his father stops him, saying that apologizing is unneeded if he really did try his hardest. Hanabi is relieved that his father is finally starting to understand how he feels, and offers to help clean up. Walking home with Abuto, Shin comments about how much a help Hanabi is to them. Abuto reveals that there's also another driver candidate in Nagano.


In the episode



Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

Image Name Time Note
ShinandHanabi ep4 1.png Hanabi Ōmagari 0:05
ShinandHanabi ep4 1.png Shin Arata 0:05
ShinandAbuto ep4 1.png Abuto Usui 0:07
TanebiOomagari FA.png Tanebi Ōmagari 0:22
KasumiandAbuto ep4 1.png Kasumi Abiko 3:00 (voice)
ShinandSmat ep4 1.png Smat 3:16
TomoshibiOomagari FA.png Tomoshibi Ōmagari 4:51 (voice)
Tanebiflashback1.png Tanebi’s Assistants 5:28 (flashback)
Yokokawacommandroom ep4 1.png Gorgon All Along 10:27
Yokokawacommandroom ep4 1.png Misaki Ōishi 10:27
Yokokawacommandroom ep4 1.png Saijō Sogō 10:27
ShimaAbikoandHosokawa ep4.png Goichi Shima 14:38
ShimaAbikoandHosokawa ep4.png Atsuta Hosokawa 14:38
Valtom ep4 1.png Valtom 18:11


Main Staff

  • Script- Masanao Akahoshi
  • Storyboard- Masakatsu Iijima, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Fumio Ito
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Kumiko Shishido, Akira Takeuchi, Ippeita Watanabe


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