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Shine! Osaka Kanjyo Signal Knife is the nineteenth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on September 3, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



Zailiner 323 Osaka Kanjyo, which Hosokawa has been developing, is nearly completed. Shin and his friends start looking for the Z Code in Kyoto, but without Abuto's dream as the clue, they can't figure out where to go. Ginga decides to invite the exhausted Shin and his friends to his live performance.

Meanwhile, Abuto finally reunites with his father, Tokonami, and finds out that he is the developer of the Dark Shinkalion. What's more, Tokonami seems to have an important secret...?


Zailiner 323 is nearly complete. The problem is, the Z Code still needs to be found, so that it can be used with the 500 Kodama. And without Abuto's help, it might be more difficult to find than the others.

Meanwhile, Kannagi and Astrea confront Zagan, actually Tokonami, over when the Dark Shinkalion, which is vital for their plan, will be awakened. Tokonami states that he's rushing to clarify what conditions and elements are necessary, but Kannagi responds that they don't have the time for that. Tokonami replies that he needs "Torridantia" to complete it. That is, hatred and sadness. The drivers emotions of rage must fuse with the Dark Shinkalion's nerve center. However, he states that the current driver has shown no signs of that happening yet. Astrea threatens that he'd best give them results, implying something could happen to the person important to Tokonami on earth otherwise.

To search for the Z Code, Shin and the other drivers go to the top of the Kyoto Tower. There, they can get a full view of Kyoto that Smat can scan. Smat picks up multiple signals, of which Shimakaze notices many are located in one place. A closer inspection indicates that the place is the Kyoto Railway Museum.

Elsewhere, Abuto reveals to Tokonami that he was the driver of the Dark Shinkalion.

Having arrived at the Kyoto Railway Museum, the drivers search around for the Z Code. Ginga, who knows a lot about the museum, shows them the Umekoji Roundhouse. Smat believes that Z Code might be around there, but an investigation proves this to be false. The group decides to search the rest of the museum.

Tokonami, having no idea that Abuto was the driver, is shaken by the revelation. Abuto explains that he wanted to see him, and followed his trail. But Tokonami sounds surprised by this, implying that he never left a trail. Abuto demands that his father explain why he left and abandoned his family. Tokonami apologizes, and tells Abuto he's relieved that Dark Shinkalion hasn't stolen his heart.

With the Z Code still not found, Shin and the others are becoming tired. Ginga states that he has to leave, because he has a live event coming up. But he invites everyone to watch. Of course, Abiko is intrigued.

Tokonami admits that he had been sending Abuto knowledge and visions through his dreams, such as about the Zailiners and Z Codes. He apologizes for doing this without explaining. Abuto thanks him though, because of how much that knowledge has helped the Ultra Evolution Institute, such has helping them finish Ultra Evolution Conductivity Cable. Tokonami then explains to Abuto the reason he could transmit thoughts. That is, because he's a Teoti. He transforms to his true form.

Ginga's "live event" turns out to be an outdoor mini-live concert. As Ginga starts performing on the stage, Abiko explains that the first thing an idol has to do before gaining popularity is to get experience at small venues. She also finds Ginga's parents among the audience, cheering for their son. The drivers decide that they should cheer up as well.

Abuto continues receiving revelations from his father. The next is that only Teoti can control the Dark Shinkalion. The reason why Abuto is able to drive it is that he has Teoti blood. Tokonami also warns Abuto not to use the Dark Shinkalion's Devil Mode. Otherwise, his heart will be stolen and he can never go back. This is what the other Teoti want to happen. Abuto replies that he hasn't let them deceive him, and his goal is still to protect earth and everyone on it.

After the live, Ginga asks the others what they thought. They all enjoyed it a lot. Ginga talks about how he plans on getting even better, and will someday shine so bright that the light can be seen from far away. Hearing what he said about a light gives Shin an idea about the Z Code's location, which turns out to be a monument right beneath Kyoto Tower that wasn't visible from the tower itself.

It's right then when a Giant Monstrous Being is reported near Saga-Arashiyama Station. The N700S and 800 are still under maintenance, but the remaining Shinkalions are prepped for launch. Shin, Hanabi, Taiju and Ginga go to face it. Seeing this Giant Monstrous Being, Shin believes it's like a Chirizuka Kaiō. This is a yokai made from accumulated clutter that takes the form of an ogre. Hanabi starts to shoot at it, and seems to have blown up the clutter, but the interior creature remains. Wadatsumi immediately brings more scraps for it to reform. The Giant Monstrous Being quickly retaliates, and takes the upper hand. Shin decides to Z Combine, but Abiko informs him that his compatibility rate still isn't high enough. Hosokawa tells Shin not to get impatient, and that he wants everyone to Z Combine when they're in top condition only. He and the rest of the maintenance crew work hard to see the Zailiners running at 100 percent.

The other drivers do Z Combine, while Ginga uses the Osaka Kanjyo for the first time. The Osaka Kanjyo Signal Knife is able to destroy the Giant Monstrous Being completely.

Later, Shima sends Hosokawa to Nagoya. There, work is being done on Doctor Yellow.

Abuto tells his father that he intends to steal Dark Shinkalion from the Teoti. Tokonami assures that if Abuto is the driver, he'll lead it in the right direction. He encourages Abuto to use the Dark Shinkalion to protect the earth, and his mother. Abuto asks what his father plans to do. Looking startled by something, he warns Abuto to beware of Kannagi. Before he can explain why, Tokonami loses his voice. This was caused by Astrea. She tells Abuto that his mission is to defeat the Shinkalions, and orders him back to earth.


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Main Staff

  • Script- Daisuke Ishibashi
  • Storyboard- Masakatsu Iijima, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Toshiyuki Sone
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Akiko Nakano, Tomokatsu Nagasaku, Kanako Ono, Akira Takeuchi, Beom Seok Hong, Kumiko Shishido


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