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|[[Akagi Honjo]] and [[Shinpei Izumi]]
|[[Akagi Honjo]] and [[Shinpei Izumi]]
|October 26, 2019
|October 26, 2019
|[[File: E5 MkII special PV.png|thumb|100px]]
|Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa MkII Special PV
|[[Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa MkII]]
|November 2, 2019
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[[Category:Web Series]]
[[Category:Web Series]]
[[Category:Promotional videos]]
[[Category:Promotional videos]]

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Shinkalion Anime Bonus PV Series (新幹線変形ロボ シンカリオン おまけPVシリーズ) is a series of promotional videos created to promote the movie. It is released on both Takara Tomy and Shinkalion’s official YouTube channel every Saturday at 7 o’clock since July 6, 2019.


Screenshot Title Feature Character/Unit Release Date
Bonus PV Hayato
Anime Bonus PV -Hayato- Hayato Hayasugi July 6, 2019
Bonus PV Akita
Anime Bonus PV -Akita- Akita Oga July 13, 2019
Bonus PV Tsuranuki
Anime Bonus PV -Tsuranuki- Tsuranuki Daimonyama July 20, 2019
Bonus PV Shinobu
Anime Bonus PV -Shinobu- Shinobu Tsukiyama July 27, 2019
Ogre special PV
Black Shinkalion Ogre Special PV Black Shinkalion Ogre August 3, 2019
Bonus PV Azusa
Anime Bonus PV -Azusa- Azusa Ueda August 10, 2019
Bonus PV Ryuji
Anime Bonus PV -Ryūji- Ryūji Kiyosu August 17, 2019
Bonus PV Takatora
Anime Bonus PV -Takatora- Takatora Kirishima August 24, 2019
Bonus PV GinJō
Anime Bonus PV -Gin•Jō- Gin and Jō Itsusubashi August 31, 2019
923 special PV
Shinkalion 923 Doctor Yellow Special PV Shinkalion 923 Doctor Yellow September 7, 2019
Bonus PV Tatsumi
Anime Bonus PV -Tatsumi and the Kiyosu Family- Tatsumi Kiyosu, Chikuma Kiyosu, Ryūji Kiyosu, Kaede Kiyosu and Miyu Kiyosu September 14, 2019
Bonus PV Miku
Anime Bonus PV -Miku- Miku Hatsune September 21, 2019
Bonus PV Rei
Anime Bonus PV -Rei- Rei Ozora September 28, 2019
Bonus Pv Shashot
Anime Bonus PV -Shashot- Shashot October 5, 2019
Bonus PV Seiryu
Anime Bonus PV -Seiryu- Seiryu October 12, 2019
Bonus PV Futaba
Anime Bonus PV -Futaba- Futaba Mihara October 19, 2019
Bonus PV Futaba
Anime Bonus PV -Honjo • Izumi- Akagi Honjo and Shinpei Izumi October 26, 2019
E5 MkII special PV
Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa MkII Special PV Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa MkII November 2, 2019



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