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Shinkalion N700A Nozomi is the first Shinkalion of the Shinkansen Ultra Evolution Institute Nagoya Branch, piloted by driver Ryūji Kiyosu and later on by his little brother, Tatsumi.It first appears in Episode 12.


During its earlier uses, Ryūji often fought with it by himself, but was often forced into teamwork. After he was transferred as the driver of the Doctor Yellow, The N700A remains on standby, until Tatsumi took the mantle as its driver, which originally sparked an argument between the two.


Shinkansen Mode

The N700A features a curved nose. It's livery is white with two blue stripes throughout the side.

Shinkalion mode

The N700A, when transformed, becomes a humanoid mech, which still keeps its chest the same the nose of its shinkansen mode and excels in attack power and close combat. During its tenure with Ryūji, the N700A can deploy energy blades known as the Aero Double Smash from its wrists to finish off opponents and it also possesses a Duel Mode, where it generates a forcefield to increase its attack power. Its trump card is its special Advanced Mode, where an extra car separates and links up as armor. After Tatsumi assumed control, Ryūji's skillset was rarely used, and it instead uses the Railway Tie Nunchaku, often used in conjunction with the Doctor Yellow's Laser Sword.'