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Shinkalion Z E7 Kagayaki is the third of the Shinkalion Z units, driven by Taiju Togakushi.


Designed by SUEI Yokokawa Branch engineer Tokonami Usui, the Z E7 was constructed after the original fell into disuse following Valdor's defeat. The unit was then given a driver candidate, though it took him some prodding by the Z E5's own driver to get him to take the helm. The Z E7 was later transferred to Ōmiya in order to better respond to future Teoti attacks.

Weapons and abilities

The Z E7 is equipped with the standard thrusters as the other Z units, but also feature an additional set in the back of its shoulders for extra power. Like the original, the unit specializes in raw power, and although relatively slow compared to the Z E5 has a respectable running pace. The Z E7 also wields the High Voltage Axes, twin hatchets used to hack and slash at the enemy, which matches with its driver's experience in forestry.



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