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Shinkalion Z H5 Hayabusa is the eighth of the SUEI's Shinkalion Z units, driven by Maetel Tsukino.


The Z H5 was built during the Teoti conflict, construction starting after the original fell into disuse after the end of the fight with the Kitoralsus. However, it would not be deployed until the midpoint of the SUEI's current crisis to deal with Monsterized Sougyoku, as Maetel, who was previously recruited as driver, initially hesitated to enter combat due to personal reasons.

Weapons and abilities

While the original was capable of numerous feats in melee combat, the Z H5 instead uses ranged weapons in battle, using the Signal Lantern Gatling to bombard the enemy with rounds. Nevertheless, the Z H5 is much mobile comparing to other units specializing in using firearms such as the Z E6, thanks to its unique feature of generating the Snowshoe Shields and ice manifestations of The Rail of Light below its feet to aid in maneuvering around the battlefield, while the Hokkaido-Produced Goggles allow it to spot a target in low-visibility environments.




  • Much like the Z N700S, Z 500 and the Z Doctor Yellow, the Z H5's design heavily differs from it's respective original counterpart, though a number of key visual elements are shared between the two.


Promotional media

In Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z