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Showdown, Shin and Abuto is the thirty-sixth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on February 4, 2022 on TV Tokyo.



While the drivers and the people of Teoti are watching, E5 Hayabusa and Dark Shinkalion Devil Mode fight against each other fiercely. In order to make Abuto accept his thoughts, Shin chooses the way of risking his own life to fight.

Meanwhile, Zailiner E235 Yamanote has been launched to space from Earth. However, the Zailiner couldn’t be activated at Yugospia. Would it be possible to Z Combine...!?


As the institute members in Sakurajima Testline preparing to launch E235 from earth, Shin begins his final showdown with Abuto. Abuto is angry to see that Shin has returned, and aggressively attacks the E5. Smat is concerned about the damage the machine is taking, but Shin declares that he'll take every attack Abuto throws at them. He explains that they need Abuto, but still, Shin realizes that he shouldn't have just been speaking for himself the whole time, neglecting the fact that Abuto has been fighting for all of the Teoti people. Dealing with all of Abuto's rage is the only way to possibly get through to him at this point.

Things seem to be looking up with Shin's Zailiner approaching, but Abuto says that Shin will never be able to engage it. This isn't an empty threat, as Tokonami confirms, due to Yugospia having no Ultra Evolution Current. Still, Tokonami has an idea of how to correct that. It would require converting the main power of Yugospia. Abuto demands an explanation as to why his father would support the Earthlings. Tokonami explains that even if Abuto is fighting for a just cause, the Teoti people don't want this battle. He asks Abuto to remember what purpose Shinkalions exist for. He reminds Abuto that Shinkalion have the power to connect Earthlings, Teoti, and many others.

Tokonami requests that the citizens of Teoti cooperate with his plan, even though as a result, Yugospia will be without power for several days. The citizens consider this proposal. Setsura calls out to Shin and Abuto, admitting that while he doesn't really know much, he does know that he loves them both and doesn't want them fighting anymore.

Abuto becomes conflicted himself, until Kannagi assures him that the Teoti people want him to win, and have entrusted their future to him. In a berserk rage, Abuto prepares to fire a huge attack, but Shin remains resolute to take the blow. Bahram and Camalus shield Shin in their monsterized forms, much to Abuto's shock. But the two insist to Abuto that true Teoti warriors don't use their power to do harm to others.

With Maetel and the E235 finally about to arrive, the other drivers call out to Setsura with the good news, and ask him to lead them, to set up for the Z Combine. Tokonami comes as well, and instructs the drivers on how to connect the cable, which requires donning space suits and temporarily leaving the atmosphere.

Abuto attacks Camalus and Bahram to get them out of his way, before continuing to pursue his original target. But Hanabi contacts Shin at that point to let him know that the cable was connected. Hanabi is also the one to activate the Ultra Evolution Breaker and allow the Z Combination to happen.

With the added power of the Zailiner, Shin continues his fight with Abuto (which involves Shin jamming the blade of Yamanote Ex-Station Calibur into the barrel of Devil Cannon as Abuto pulls the trigger, resulting in both weapons being blown off). Another clash also creates an updraft which lifts both units out into space. Right after this, Abuto makes no delay to fire a Devil Gran Cross at him. Calmly prepared to take it, Shin brings up the point that he's using the Shinkalion that Abuto built and loves. He tells Abuto that he wants them to run on the same rail again, and that the odds for them, and for Shinkalion are infinite. Shin then fires a Shin Gran Cross, which pushes Abuto's blast right back at him. Abuto is shocked to have actually lost the fight. But this is finally enough for him to realize how much he loves Shinkalion, and that he hurt his friend Shin, as well as his father. He tries to apologize as he descends into darkness, only to be caught by Shin. Shin embraces Abuto, and the two are covered in light.

Kannagi is the most upset by this loss, regretting relying on the Dark Shinkalion and not just resolving things personally. But just as he makes this declaration, Tokonami appears in the throne room where he and Astrea were watching, in Teoti form. After leaving Abuto with the words that he'll no longer have to be burdened by the Teoti, and a wish to take care of his mother, Tokonami presses a switch, which ignites the throne room, separating it from the satellite. Abuto is devastated to witness this as the throne room floats away into space.


In the episode


  • The second verse of New Challenger plays as an insert song while Shin is initiating Shin Gran Cross, then briefly turns instrumental after Abuto's defeat. The third chorus then resumes when Shin catches Abuto's arm.


All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

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Main Staff

  • Script- Kenichi Yamashita
  • Storyboard- Shunji Maki, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Shunji Maki
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Akiko Nakano, Kanako Ono


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