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Soar! Shinkalion Z 800 Sonic is the ninth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on June 4, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



It is Shinkalion Z 800 Tsubame, a new Shinkalion that flies in the sky, that suddenly defeated the Giant Monstrous Being that appeared in Kyushu. Its driver is Yamakasa Nakasu. He is a sixth grader who is one year older than Shin and others, and is said to be a driver with excellent intelligence and physical strength.

In order to find a Z Code, Shin’s team explore the area near Dazaifu with Yamakasa. However, a serious problem arose. For some reason, Yamakasa calls Shin's yokai story "unscientific", and it seems that they don’t get along...!?


Although Shin and the others are too far to make it to Kyushu, Yamakasa Nakasu and his flight-capable Shinkalion Z 800 Tsubame is able to take down the Giant Monstrous Being all on his own.

The drivers and Abiko take a ride on the N700A Series Shinkansen to meet the new driver. Shin is enjoying the view from his window, which Abuto explained was the best possible seating to get that view, but Abuto himself is too busy resting to watch with him. He's fixated on one of his dreams, where he saw Dazaifu Station. Meanwhile, Abiko explains a bit about the 800, which was modified by Abuto and Shima, as well as its driver, the 6th grader Yamakasa Nakasu, whom she personally hasn't met yet either.

The group gets off at Mojikō Station, where the Kyushu Railway History Museum is located. The Moji Branch is beneath the museum. Soon after arrival, a bird swoops down at Shin, which Taiju identifies as a goshawk. The goshawk, named Albert, lands on the hand of its trainer, who happens to be Yamakasa. Shin and the others are soon formally introduced to him, as well as meeting the branch's commander, Akatsuki Ogura. Yamakasa, both a strong and intelligent driver, reveals that he has an idea of where the Z Code might be, and suggests they all head over there. Shin is more interested in Albert at the moment, and asks Yamakasa if it's his. He explains that rather than Albert being something he owns, he's a companion. Taiju realizes that Yamakasa is a falconer. This surprises Shin, who thinks of that as something done in the mountains, rather than residential areas. Yamakasa explains that hawks can still be useful in such places for driving away pigeons and crows, but his intent is just to hone his spirit together with Albert. Shin comments excitedly that Albert looked like a kind of yokai called Ittan-momen. Shin tries to explain what this is to the confused Yamakasa, who argues that Shin's explanation is actually that of a positive afterimage, just an optical illusion. Shin is the one confused this time. Yamakasa asks about Shin's interest in yokai, and his response is to declare that he's not just into yokai, but all the 4,964 mysteries of the world. Yamakasa calls all of this nonsense, as it's unscientific. Not deterred, Shin excitedly explains how he already found a Bakedanuki that transformed into a giant daruma. He asks Abuto to vouch for him, but Abuto simply wants to focus on finding the Z Code.

On the way to the Z Code, Abuto is excited to talk about his knowledge of the Sonic. Hanabi and Taiju are amused by his train fervor, but Abuto is embarrassed and says that he's just confirming the specifications as an engineer.

Watching in dismay as Shin takes countless photos hoping to find something, Yamakasa turns to Abuto to discuss the train services in the area, aside from the Sonic. Abuto objects to Yamakasa's declaration that the Kyushu Shinkansen is the greatest of them. While Shin claims to follow what's going on, Abuto and Yamakasa's argument goes completely over the heads of Taiju and Hanabi.

Upon arriving at the Hakata Station, Abuto sees a Rail Star on the tracks of the Hakata-Minami Line, which was converted from a line used to reach the Hakata Rolling Stock Depot to a passenger line. Yamakasa's plan is to get Abuto to see his point. While Shin won't be bought over, Abuto decides he'll have to ride the train to find out.

At Yamakasa's fancy home, Shin notices a number of photos on the wall. Abiko explains that they're taken at an okyuto factory. Okyuto being a culinary special of Kyushu, and Yamakasa's family is a producer of it. Yamakasa reveals that his dream is to grow the family company to the best in the world. Taiju and Hanabi also notice that Yamakasa has a number of awards and trophies, for things such as calligraphy, English speech, athletics, and falconry. Yamakasa explains that he doesn't want to be an embarrassment if he's to be the company heir. Afterwards, Yamakasa serves the others some authentic okyuto. Shin is reluctant to eat it, learning that it's made with seaweed. Yamakasa tries to make him eat it anyway, but Shin attempts to push the plate away, the back-and-forth battle ultimately leading it to be thrown into the air. Hanabi is able to catch it, but both Shin and Yamakasa are embarrassed by their behavior.

Returning to the search for the Z Code, Yamakasa brings the others to the ruins of the Dazaifu Government Office. Then, he has Albert carry Smat into the air to search.

Meanwhile, Wadatsumi and Valtom meet at Mt. Hōman. Wadatsumi is further frustrated by his Shinkalion enemies, and wants to analyze them further.

Once Smat is returned, but still quite shaken from the experience, Abuto looks through the photos he collected. Annoyed by what was done to Smat, Shin attempts to yell at Yamakasa, but is interrupted by the alarm that a new Giant Monstrous Being is detected. Looking at the visual as well, Yamakasa believes that it looks vile, but plans to defeat it. Shin declares that he and Smat will be the ones to defeat it. They all head there, (aside from Abuto who stays to look for the Z Code) and Shin realizes that the Giant Monstrous Being this time is a Yatagarasu, a mythological crow. This annoys Yamakasa, as it's another unscientific answer.

All four Shinkalions transform inside the Capture Field and begin to fight. Hanabi is shocked when his bullets are absorbed, and turned into a weapon against them.

While the Shinkalions are trapped within a ring of fire, Abuto finally discovers the location of the Z Code. The entire area near the government office ruin is in fact a huge code. Scanning it, he unlocks the Zailiner 883 Sonic.

The drivers are in trouble, with the temperature rising and the Capture Field in danger of collapsing. But Yamakasa comes up with an idea, right at the time when Abuto returns with the new Z Code. Abiko uses the Ultra Evolution Breaker this time to send the 883 Sonic to Yamakasa. Once the two units combine, Yamakasa attacks with his analysis-based plan. He fires excessive energy into the Giant Monstrous Being's body, causing it to loose control and explode. Having witnessed this battle, Wadatsumi becomes even more angered.

After the battle, Yamakasa explains to Shin how he defeated the enemy using observation and analysis, declaring that he'll never accept unscientific things like yokai. Angrily, Shin yells that yokai do exist.


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  • At the beginning of the episode, Nagisa said the line "超進化速度 突入!" when the line was supposed to be said by Yamakasa.
  • When the blockade of Zailiner 883 Sonic was released, the Z Gear screen states the Zailiner's name as "K883 Sonic" instead of "883 Sonic".


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

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Main Staff

  • Script- Daisuke Ishibashi
  • Storyboard- Masakatsu Iijima, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Yūzō Sasaki
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Natsuki Watanabe


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