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Sortie, Shinkalion Z 500 TYPE EVA is the twenty-first episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on September 17, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



Valtom invades the Toei Kyoto Studio Park and turns its attraction, an Evangelion Unit-01 statue, into a Giant Monstrous Being. However, the monsterized Unit-01 statue goes berserk, even beyond Valtom's control, and disappears.

The next day, Shin and his friends board the Enshu Railway to look for the "Kisaragi Station" rumored on the Internet. When they get off the train, they meet a man in a mysterious atmosphere.


In order to revive Arabaki, Valtom decides to create a Giant Monstrous Being. He uses a statue of Eva Unit-01. But to his surprise, a strange power emerges from the statue. Realizing that he is unable to control such a strong power, Valtom retreats, and the Giant Monstrous Being vanishes soon after.

After Shin and the other drivers learn about a Giant Monstrous Being possibly appearing, they discuss the situation over text messages. The problem is that there's no sign of this Giant Monstrous Being. Shin, Hanabi and Taiju are actually on vacation, and traveling on the Enshu Railway to look for a "station in another world", as Shin describes it. The location in question, Kisaragi Station, is supposedly not on any map. Shin then mentions that their train is now entering a tunnel. When Nagara notices that Shin didn't read the last message sent to him, he wonders if this was due to the tunnel. But Shimakaze points out that there aren't any tunnels on the Enshu Railway.

Shin actually plans to get off the train at Saginomiya Station, which is said to be the model for the legendary Kisaragi Station. That seems like a good place to investigate. When the trio gets off the train, they're surprised to see that it's dusk outside. On a bench at the station is a mysterious man, who seems to be talking to Shin. But Taiju points out that he was actually addressing "Shinji". Not knowing that the man he's speaking to is Gendo Ikari, Shin asks him if they're actually at Saginomiya Station. He replies that he doesn't know, but does know how Shin and the others got there, and that no one will be coming to pick them up. Shin is concerned that Gendo is lost, though Hanabi and Taiju are simply weirded out by him. The situation only gets weirder when Shin notices another train arriving at the platform, which Smat informs him is one that runs on Kyoto's Arashiyama Main Line. Some how, they've ended up in the completely wrong prefecture. Seeing Gendo try to board this train, Shin becomes concerned, asking if he really wants to do it. But he's unconcerned, stating that the train arriving, as well as meeting Shin, was probably inevitable. Still, Shin decides to follow, Hanabi and Taiju chasing behind. Once they're all on the train, Hanabi asks why Shin would follow. He explains that he believes Gendo comes from another world.

After exiting the train, it's suddenly noon outside. Shin decides to keep following Gendo, who says that he has to check something. That turns out to be the Shinkansen timetable. Reading the timetable, which indicates a Tokyo Station, Gendo is pleased that he came to the world he'd intended to. This is further disturbing to Hanabi and Taiju. But Shin, of course, is overjoyed.

Meanwhile, a high energy signal appears in the Toei Kyoto Studio Park, indicating that the Giant Monstrous Being has finally been located. But at the same moment, another signal is detected on the Sanyo Shinkansen. Honjo is surprised to find the source of the signal to be the Shinkansen 500 TYPE EVA.

Shin contacts headquarters, informing that they're in Kyoto now, but will head to the Kyoto Branch so they can launch. As they're leaving, Gendo asks to bring him to where the Shinkalions are located.

As this is occurring, Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley are busy searching for a Zailiner at Nagoya Station. Asuka notices that Rei has been looking at something, and asks if she has found it. But when Asuka found that what Rei is looking at is actually just a sign of the Aonami Line, which has a similar name to Rei herself, she chides her for her stupidity.

After the capture field is launched, Honjo is asked for a codename. But Gendo provides it first, "Demon Eva". He then orders Shin to get in the Shinkalion. Honjo is incredibly impressed watching all of this.

Shin attempts to battle against the strange new enemy, but is blocked by what Gendo explains to be an A.T. Field. This prevents E5’s Ex-Station Calibur from having any effect. Taiju and the others worry about Shin, but Gendo says that he's only there to buy time, and he simply has to avoid being killed. What Shin was buying time for was the Shinkalion Z 500 TYPE EVA. Even though that train was supposedly retired, it arrives to help. Its driver, Shinji Ikari, introduces himself to Shin, who is just surprised that Shinji already knew who he was. Shinji also apologizes to Shin for the trouble his father caused, although Shin thinks he should be thanking Gendo for providing him with so much excitement.

Shinji plans to neutralize the A.T. Field, asking Shin to keep the enemy pinned. Shinji is easily able to do this, and takes out the Giant Monstrous Being in the process. At least, it seems that way, but it strikes back in a berserk rampage. Although Shin is grabbed by the Giant Monstrous Being and in danger, Rei and Asuka finally arrive, revealing that they have successfully found the Zailiner μSky TYPE EVA. Shinji do the Z Combination with it. Slicing away a blast from the enemy, he leaps in to free Shin. Shinji then summons the Spear of Junctionus and throws it toward the enemy. This seems to finally stop the enemy.

After the battle, Shin thanks Shinji for saving him. Shinji thanks Shin in return, commenting that he never through he'd be fighting here under his father's orders. Gendo and Shinji leave through the tunnel shortly after, Gendo complimenting Shin before he goes. Shin tries to chase them once again, as they're consumed in light, but he and his friends find themselves back on the train to Saginomiya Station. Although they're all confused by the situation, Shin is thrilled that he actually got to meet people from another world.


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  • When the 500 μSky TYPE EVA is about to throw the Spear of Junctionus, the μSky Shield on the Shinkalion's left shoulder briefly disappeared. Instead, a set of train bogie, which is not supposed to be part of the shield, is shown attached to the side of the shoulder where the shield is supposed to be connected to.


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

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Main Staff

  • Script- Toshiaki Sato
  • Storyboard- Wataru Nakagawa, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Wataru Nakagawa
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Shunsuke Igarashi, Kumiko Shishido


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