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Super Z Combine! Shinkalion Z E5 Doctor Yellow is the thirtieth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on December 10, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



Shinkalion Z and the Dark Shinkalion confront each other in the field of Tokyo Station Central Counterattack System. Shin and his friends desperately call out, but Abuto, who is in a strange state, manipulates the Dark Shinkalion and attacks without answering.

In the battle, Abuto is angry and helpless, and finally explodes with Tolerantia. The prayer of his father, Tokonami, is also in vain, and the threatening power of "Dark Shinkalion Devil Mode" awakens...!


As the Tokyo Station Central Counterattack System is deployed, and the battle is about to get serious, Tokonami worries that Abuto will be overtaken by the dark power. This is not a baseless fear, indicated by the way he lashes out at Shin, demanding he return Setsura and refusing to listen to explanation.

Because Shin and Shimakaze still aren't ready for the Super Z Combination, Ōishi proposes the idea of just giving Setsura to Abuto. Sogō declines, believing Abuto is too dangerous now.

Despite Abuto's continuous attacks, Shin and the others try to reach him. Shin expresses his relief that Abuto has been fighting to protect someone. He also asks if Abuto was able to meet his father, Smat adding that Shirayuki has been worried about him. This seems to set Abuto off even worse, as he thinks about the danger his parents still remain in, as well as Setsura and the rest of the Teoti race. At last, Abuto transforms the Dark Shinkalion into Devil Mode, which Kannagi seems pleased about.

Abuto's power is already more overwhelming than before, as he blasts Shin away with a single strike. Nagara and Yamakasa arrive right then, and are shocked by the state of the Dark Shinkalion. Both attempt to stop and reason with Abuto, but are defeated just as easily as Shin. Abuto then blasts all the Shinkalions at once with his Devil Tornado attack.

Meanwhile, Setsura is with Hosokawa on the top floor of the Railway Museum, and tells him about the time he rode the Shinkansen with Abuto. He attempts to ask Hosokawa about the fireworks, but is disappointed that Hosokawa can't figure out what he's talking about. Hosokawa becomes determined to be a better older brother figure, but is distracted by the sudden appearance of Akeno. Although quite flustered, he thanks her for encouraging him in the past. He attempts to ask her out after, but Akeno is paying no attention, instead handing a letter over to Setsura. Setsura reads the letter, and is excited to find that it came from Astrea. Afterwards, Akeno turns her attention back to Hosokawa, who is now far too embarrassed to continue. Then, he notices Setsura is gone.

Shin is desprate to find a way to reach Abuto. Shimakaze asks him to stop thinking about it so much, and just go in. He's confused by this, but Taiju and Hanabi understand, and attempt to make it clear.

Ginga and Maetel then arrive, finally allowing all the Shinkalions to be joined together. Everyone encourages Shin to go and get Abuto back. They all start to attack at once. As this is going on, Shin's compatibility rate begins to rise, as well as Shimakaze's. As he witnesses this, Shima proudly thinks back to what Shimakaze told him about the key to Super Z Combination. It all had to do with Shin's concentration when he talks about the occult. Shimakaze realized by seeing it that he has to support Shin so he can use all his concentration power on Abuto. Now, with the rates of the two closely matching, they finally perform the Super Z Combination between E5 and Doctor Yellow.

Sensing what was going on in the battle, Akeno disappears from the rooftop, leaving Hosokawa alone and extremely confused.

As Shin attacks Abuto, seemingly at equal power now, the two suddenly find themselves alone under a night sky at the Maruyama Substation. Shin pleads for Abuto to return right away, who ignores him at first. Then, Abuto starts to talk about people in the universe who are driven from their homelands, awaiting their own destruction. Children who yearn to see the sky from Earth. Then, Abuto declares that he's the only hope for them, and therefore will defeat the Shinkalion. Bidding Shin farewell, Abuto disappears from that space in a cloud of smoke.

In real time, Shin and Abuto continue to fight in their respective Shinkalions. Shin is furious that Abuto just tried to say farewell. He asserts that humans and aliens can coexist, the odds aren't zero, and that Abuto can't just decide for himself that they never can. Deciding to make Abuto understand, Shin attacks with a Super Z Gran Cross. Abuto realitates at the same time with a Devil Gran Cross.

As the smoke from the blasts clear, the Dark Shinkalion has vanished. However, Smat informs Shin that something appeared to the right of them. At the same time, Hosokawa arrives at the command room, shouting about the disappearance of Setsura and Akeno. He's shocked when he sees the same scene as Smat. Akeno, carrying Setsura, is floating above the roof of Tokyo Station, with Abuto levitating above her other hand. Akeno reveals to everyone that her real name is Astrea. Realizing that Akeno was a Teoti all along, Hosokawa is heartbroken.

Elsewhere, Hayato tells Seiryu all about his family's time in the UK, where he visited lots of railway sites, including the largest railway museum in the world. His family is living there now, after his father transfered there. Seiryu asks Hayato to drive the E5 again, to deal with the approaching crisis. Hayato replies that he already knows about it. However, he trusts that Shin and the others will be able to handle it themselves.

After the battle, the drivers (excluding Maetel who left early) gather together around the Shinkalions which are undergoing maintenance. Shin thanks everyone for helping him get to talk with Abuto. He says that he now understands why Abuto is driving the Dark Shinkalion. Shin explains that he new goal is to make Abuto understand that humans and Teoti can coexist.


In the episode


  • The following songs play as insert songs:
  • The segment where Hayato introducing British railways and the National Railway Museum is a reference to the 1987 TV Asahi program See the World by Train.


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

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Main Staff

  • Script- Toshiaki Sato
  • Storyboard- Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Kentaro Yamaguchi
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Akira Takeuchi, Kumiko Shishido, Beom Seok Hong, Kanako Ono, Tomokatsu Nagasaku


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