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Swing Through! The High Voltage Axe of Friendship!! is the sixth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on TV Tokyo on May 14, 2021.



Shin and his friends came to Nagano Station to look for a new Z Code. Unfortunately, Abuto gave up saying that it would be impossible to have Taiju as a driver. Shin still wants to talk to Taiju again, and asks Abuto and his friends to go visit him again.

Taking the advice from his grandfather Masakari, Taiju decided to take Shin to the Forest Railway History Museum in order to understand what he himself is particular about.


Shin, Abuto, Abiko, and Smat are in Nagano, searching for Z Codes. This is because Abuto believes that the Giant Monstrous Beings will appear within proximity of the Z Codes, and also had a dream about Nagano. Shin, meanwhile, is still concerned about Taiju. He hopes they can talk again, believing there's a larger reason why he refused the request to become a driver.

When Shin's group returns to the forest, Taiju is at work with his grandfather, Masakari. He reaffirms to Shin that he doesn't really want to be a driver. Shin argues that Taiju did really well, and was a great match for the E7. Although Taiju says that he never had any connection with the Shinkalion before, Shin states that he was the same (although he believes there must be some divine reasoning behind the change, leading to an argument with Abuto).

Masakari decides to stop working for the day suggesting to Taiju that they should show their guests the memorial hall. Shin is confused as to what this is, but Abuto explains that it's a Forest Railway History Museum. While Abuto is explaining to Shin, Masakari tells Taiju that the least he can do is better educate his guests on the work he's been doing. However, as Smat mentions, the museum likely isn’t the location of a Z Code. Taiju asks them exactly what they're looking for.

Having been informed, Taiju explains about a bizarre pattern he'd seen carved into a stone once. Abuto acknowledges that this is a definite hint, and heads there with Abiko, though she notices he really did hope to see the museum.

At the museum, Taiju and Masakari show Shin around, explaining all the exhibits and their history. Shin notes how happy Taiju looks and asks if they can take a selfie together, which they do. Shin begins to excitedly drag Taiju around the exhibits after. Afterwards, Shin is thirsty, so Taiju goes off to buy drinks. Shin intends to follow, but Masakari stops him, so they can talk.

Scanning the code Taiju mentioned with Smat, Abuto unlocks the Zailiner E353 Azusa. Just then, He overhears something and runs off, Abiko following after. The sound leads them to a cave, housing both a crystal formation and a Giant Mostrous Being in the process of destroying it. Abuto tells Abiko to go contact headquarters, planning to go collect the pieces of the crystal himself once it's destroyed. As Abiko tries to object, given the danger, Wadatsumi appears behind the two.

Masakari explains to Shin that it's been a long time since he saw Taiju looking so happy. He mentions in incident from when Taiju still lived in Tokyo, where he accidentally injured a friend by pushing him when he was trying to protect him from a falling basketball hoop. Unfortunately, the situation was misinterpreted, and rumors spread. Masakari believes this is the reason Taiju is trying to keep distant from Shin and the others.

Seeing Wadatsumi, Abuto begins to have flashbacks to his dreams, causing a headache. Still, he immediately begins to question Wadatsumi. Upon being asked whether he's human, Wadatsumi is insulted by the notion. He declares that he's one of the Teoti, and their mission is to transform the surface of the earth into what it should be. While he doesn't elaborate on this, Abuto assumes that it's related to the destruction of the crystal formations, and will end up doing harm to the earth. Therefore, he's prepared to stop them by using the Shinkalions. Wadatsumi is interested to finally know the name of his enemies.

As the cave collapses, Abuto and Abiko rush out. However, the Giant Monstrous Being also crawls outside. Of course, Shin is contacted shortly after, and a capture field is launched. Masakari is happy to give Shin a ride to his Shinkalion, knowing that he's helping people. As Shin departs, he tells Taiju that he'll be back again some time. Taiju wonders why, to which Shin replies he wants to talk more.

At headquarters, Ōishi explains that the Giant Monstrous Being is spreading some sort of spider web, which it's hanging from. Sogō wonders if it's just waiting for the Shinkalions to arrive. Abuto appears just then, stating that he's correct. That's because someone is giving it orders.

In the car, Masakari explains to Taiju what Shin had told him, after hearing his story. Shin believes he's moving on from the past, and was glad to be able to see Taiju talking about something he liked. That made it worth coming for him, and Shin also hoped they could become better friends in the future. As well, Shin left a Z Gear behind for Taiju, with the photo he'd taken of the two before.

Upon entering the capture field in the E5 and seeing the Giant Monstrous Being, Shin immediately decides that it's definitely an Ungaikyo. Sogo makes "Definitely Ungaikyo" the code name, although he has no idea what he's actually talking about. Shin explains that an Ungaikyo is a yokai that transforms from an old mirror. That mirror has the ability to detect the true identity of a monster, if it catches its reflection. Abuto interrupts Shin's long explanation, warning him he'll get hit by the enemy while he's talking. While Abuto also wants Shin to Z Combine, this becomes impossible when the Ungaikyo pins him to the ground. That's when Taiju arrives in the E7 Kagayaki.

After saving Shin, Taiju tries to apologize, but to Shin, that isn't necessary. They're already friends, after all. The two proceed to Z Combine, once their Zailiners arrive. The only remaining problem is that Ungaikyo looks too much like a bug for Taiju's taste. It turns out, he's terrified of bugs. That spray bottle he'd been using constantly was actually insect repellent.

While Taiju is cowering, the Ungaikyo blasts him away, and grabs onto Shin. Seeing his friend in danger is the motivation he needs to stand up to him and fight. He's able to toss it into the rail, temporarily stunning it, and then use his finishing move, the Azusa High Voltage Axe. This defeats the enemy, leaving Wadatsumi surprised by how far one Shinkalion would go for an ally.

After the battle, Shin thanks Taiju for saving him. Abuto asks if he's gotten over his fear of bugs now. This turns out to be wrong, as a bug flies onto his face, causing him to freak out and spray his repellent everywhere.


In the episode


English dub changes


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub.

Image Name Time Note
Abuto Usui 0:00
Kasumi Abiko 0:00
Shin Arata 0:00
Smat 0:04
Masakari Togakushi 2:53
Taiju Togakushi 2:59
Definitely Ungaikyo 8:44
Wadatsumi 9:14
Taiju's Friend 9:37 (flashback)
Tokonami Usui 10:24 (vision)
Gorgon All Along 10:26 (vision)
Misaki Ōishi 12:16 (voice)
Saijō Sogō 13:13


Main Staff

  • Script- Akira Tanizaki
  • Storyboard- Akira Tsuchiya, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Sumito Sasaki
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Shunsuke Igarashi


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