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Taiju and the Girl of the Galactic Railroad is the twenty-sixth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on November 5, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



Taiju and Ōishi head to Tōno to investigate the underground space found there. They find out that they both love reading, and are excited about the topic regarding Kenji Miyazawa's hometown in Iwate prefecture.

When Taiju is napping on the Shinkansen along the way, he has a dream that resembles a scene in Kenji Miyazawa's "Night on the Galactic Railroad." A mysterious girl with golden hair appears in the dream and attempts to say something to Taiju.


Taiju is on a train trip, accompanied by Ōishi. As they discuss their travel plans, Taiju thinks back to how Hanabi was able to improve on his own, and his desire to do the same.

When the discussion turns to "Night on the Galactic Railroad", Ōishi reveals herself to be a big fan of Kenji Miyazawa's writing. She's excited about traveling towards the setting of another of her favorite books, Tales of Tōno. Taiju decides to re-read Night on the Galactic Railroad, so Ōishi lends him her copy.

Meanwhile, Sougyoku has already arrived in Tōno, having gone by train from Shikoku. He thinks back to when he was given a code by Valtom, in order to summon a Giant Monstrous Being at the Keystone's location. Then, he's approached by a taxi driver, who offers Sougyoku a sightseeing deal.

Taiju, having fallen asleep, awakens on a different train, travelling through a gorgeous blue landscape. But when he reaches out the window, he's stopped by a mysterious girl. Before Taiju can learn her name, he wakes up for real back on the Shinkansen, where Ōishi reminds him they have to get off to change trains.

While on the Kamaishi line, Taiju notices the fields out the window are similar to what he saw in his dream. He explains to Ōishi that he was riding on the Galactic Railroad. Ōishi explains that the Galactic Railroad was said to be based off the Iwate Light Railway, the precursor of the Kamaishi Line. Regardless, Ōishi thinks it's great that Taiju was able to ride the Galactic Railway in a dream, and mentions that it's like Tales of Tōno, where dreams and reality come together. Taiju asks about the Tales of Tōno, which is all about yokai such as the kappa and zashiki-warashi.

The girl in Taiju's dream exists in reality, as she's waiting at the station, informing someone through a Z Gear of their arrival.

Sougyoku searches all around the area, but fails to locate the Keystone. The taxi driver suggests he stop to take a break at the rest station. Sougyoku agrees to head there, but is surprised when he arrives that this "station" has no train. However, he finds a statue of a strange animal, which startles him. The driver explains that the animal is a kappa, built there due to legends of kappas in Tōno, and is surprised that Sougyoku wouldn't know about them. He then mentions the legend of Kappa Creek, where a kappa is said to had lived in. He explains that it's a place where people could feel something like a mysterious power. Sougyoku takes this as a hint to the Keystone's location, and asks to be taken there.

Seeing no sign of Teoti, Taiju and Ōishi begin their own investigation for the Blackstone. Noticing the girl from his dream again walk into a building, Taiju follows after her. He finds himself at a dead end, but suddenly, the girl calls for him. Taiju ends up at Kappa Creek. Realizing that he should report to Ōishi, Taiju is stopped when Sougyoku arrives. Taiju mistakes him for a Teoti, but Sougyoku replies that he's a Kitoralsus. He attempts to use the code, which he expects is on his hand, but ends up just punching the ground and injuring his hand. He attempts his foot next, but still fails. Taiju points out the code was actually on his butt. Although annoyed at Valtom for putting it there, Sougyoku uses it anyway to summon a kappa-like Giant Monstrous Being.

While searching for Taiju, Ōishi sees the giant kappa in the distance. Taiju rushes back to her, asking her to contact Ōmiya immediately. She does, and a Capture Field is launched around the Giant Monstrous Being. Sogō tries to think of a codename, but Ōishi just tells him "a kappa is a kappa", which he makes Daiya register as the codename.

Taiju goes to face the Giant Monstrous Being in the E7, acknowledging that he'll have to fight it alone this time. Because the kappa is able to hide in the water, Taiju has a hard time attacking it. Shin, seeing the kappa, is quite disappointed that he can't go and fight it. He's further annoyed that Ōishi is the one to tell Taiju the weakness of kappas, which is to break the plate on their head. When he goes to attack again, Taiju finds that the kappa is trying to sumo wrestle. He decides to wrestle it back to defeat it. But when it seems he's about to strike the plate, the kappa knocks the E7 into the water. It then proceeds to use the plate as a boomerang-like weapon, throwing it at Taiju, who is having trouble moving underwater. But the struggling Taiju receives a message from the mysterious girl's voice, telling him to use electricity. Shocking the kappa, Taiju forces it to flee back to land. There, he uses the High Voltage Axe to finish it off. Irritated, Sougyoku returns to the taxi.

Later, Taiju thanks Ōishi for suggesting that he use electricity. But she surprises him by revealing that she never suggested that.

The mysterious girl, Maetel, is later contacted by none other than Izumi, whom she was giving updates to the whole time.


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Main Staff

  • Script- Kenichi Yamashita
  • Storyboard- Hiroki Itai, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Sadao Ōshima
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Eri Kojima, Beom Seok Hong, Takuya Wada


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