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Teoti Turmoil! Assault, Dark Shinkalion is the twenty-ninth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on December 3, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



Valtom is forced to rob the Teoti King of the "King's Power", and kidnaps Setsura who witnessed the scene and flees to the earth. Knowing that, Abuto rushes to Earth in the Dark Shinkalion to rescue Setsura.

Meanwhile, the news of an unnatural meteorite that fell on Mt. Hōman in Fukuoka Prefecture becomes a hot topic in Japan. Yamakasa, who goes to investigation the scene, is surprised to see Abuto there and follows him.


Valtom enters the king's chamber with a dagger. While the king guessed Valtom's intentions, he's shocked that he would actually go through with it.

Carrying the jewel which the kings wore, Valtom smashes it, causing a sudden surge of power in the surrounding area. His body mutated, with the king's power within him. Suddenly hearing a rolling can, Valtom turns around, finding a terrified Setsura standing in the corridor.

Meanwhile, Abuto rushes to the king's chamber, where Kannagi and Astrea are already waiting. The king himself is crystalized. Abuto learns from Astrea that Valtom was responsible. Kannagi feels that the blame should be put on him, and asks Abuto to bring them hope.

On earth, Shin and his friends listen to news reports about a crater from a presumed meteor which crashed into Mt. Hōman the previous night. Shin is sure this was caused by an alien landing. He's the only one who thinks this, as the Teoti being the more likely suspect, so Yamakasa goes to investigate the scene. There, he sees Abuto in the crowds. While Yamakasa intends to chase after him, he bumps into Akeno. She keeps him further distracted, showing him the photos she'd taken of Shinkalions at Ganryūjima and asking for an explanation.

Abuto, who was able to slip away, remembers being told by Astrea that a swarm of Deabols were headed to earth. Kannagi suspected that Valtom followed after them after stealing the king's power. It was also known that Valtom took Setsura with him. In present time, Abuto also reflects back to the time he took Setsura to earth. The thought of Setsura being hurt infuriates him.

Sougyoku, who was pondering the disappeared meteorite, comes across Setsura who is tied to a rock structure right in front of the Keystone in the Dazaifu subterriain chamber, and Valtom who is irritated by Setsura's screaming. But from overhearing, he realizes Valtom must have been the one who killed the king. Listening further, Sougyoku hears Valtom confess to the fact that he plans to revive Arabaki and destroy all the humans, then rule the earth. Setsura argues that he wants to live on earth too, but thinks it would be horrible to destroy the humans who make so much delicious food. Valtom concludes that Setsura has already been infected by the humans, and thus won't even make a useful tool for bargaining with Kannagi. He plans to destroy Setsura then and there, using the Deabols under his control. Abuto senses his danger, as he rushes to find Setsura with Dark Shinkalion, but he isn't close enough yet. Once he's finally in his sight, the Dark Shinkalion is blasted back in an explosion. Abuto finds nothing left of Setsura but the necklace he was wearing.

Akeno, who continues talking with Yamakasa in a restaurant, makes it no secret that she wasn't fooled by the drivers and continues to press him. Still, Yamakasa denies knowing anything about the robots. He then gets a call on his Z Gear and rushes out. There was an earthquake detected beneath Mt. Hōman, which Moji Branch informed him, and he was ordered to launch. Before doing so, Yamakasa returns to where he left Akeno, only to find her gone already.

Abuto lashes at Valtom, taking down any Deabol that stands in his way in a furious rampage. However, Valtom is able to escape, and the cavern starts to collapse. Abuto lays on the floor defeated, crying over Setsura.

Sougyoku, who had in fact taken Setsura away before the explosion, reluctantly bandages his wound. The two of them ride on the N700A, Sougyoku still a bit uncomfortable about having to ride the Shinkansen. Seeing how unhappy Setsura looks, Sougyoku hands him a lunch, mentioning that what he'd said about humans making delicious food resonated with him. This is because he also likes human food. Noticing Setsura's face turn blue as he eats concerns Sougyoku, but he was just eating too fast, and Setsura absolutely enjoyed the food. Setsura then asks where Sougyoku is taking him. His answer is that there's only one possible place.

As the Blackstone in Dazaifu is being investigated, Shin and the other drivers are left waiting. That's when Shimakaze hears something moving behind them. This turns out to be Setsura, who tries to flee but trips over his own cloak. Shin recognizes Setsura as a Teoti, due to the glowing marking on his face. He's excited to be recognized, and says that he was told someone who knows Abuto is here. Shin and Smat are shocked over the mention of Abuto, but Setsura proudly explains Abuto is their savior.

Abuto stirs when he hears his Z Gear beep. He notices that he received a message from Shin. Reading the message, with an enclosed picture, he learns that Setsura is with Shin. Rather than feeling relieved, Abuto's anger is just redirected at Shin. He's able to break loose from the rubble, desparate to take Setsura back.

Just as Shin and the others are introducing Setsura to Sogō, an alarm goes off. Yamakasa informs them that Dark Shinkalion is heading east, and fast. Setsura is glad at first, assuming that Abuto is coming to pick him up, but senses that something is wrong. Abuto seems just too angry.

Yamakasa follows Abuto from the sky in the 800, but can't keep up with his speed. Ōishi also confirms that he's moving too fast to be caught in a Capture Field. Sogō asks to be connected with the General Command Office. Izumi is the one to answer, as the new leader of the Ultra Evolution Institute.

Izumi explains that they'll reroute Dark Shinkalion to Tokyo Station using the Rail of Light, while deploy the Central Counterattack System there to capture it. He orders all drivers in the country to prepare for immediate deployment, which they comply to. A confrontation with Abuto begins.


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Main Staff

  • Script- Toshiaki Sato
  • Storyboard- Kentaro Yamaguchi, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Nobuyoshi Arai
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Shin'ichi Suzuki, Akiko Nakano, Tomokatsu Nagasaku, Tsubasa Obari


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