The Black Shinkansen (漆黒の新幹線, Shikkoku No Shinkansen) is a bullet train created by the Kitoralsus Agents. It first appears in Episode 01.


The Black Shinkansen is a free-gauged jet black bullet train with jagged details, signifying its originally malevolent intent, with golden horns on the cockpit, and an asymmetrical end car, that has a gold point at the very end. throughout the Shinkansen mode, it has its signature pink stripes, which glow in the dark. When it was operating under the Kitoralsus’ mission, it had black particles, known as Lux Vitae, emanating off of it.

It is the Shinkansen Mode of the Black Shinkalion.

After it joined Shinkansen Ultra Evolution Institute, the Black Particles are removed.

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