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The Dark Shinkansen (闇の新幹線) is a mysterious train that has been appearing in Abuto’s dreams since Episode 03. It first physically debuts in Episode 13.



The exterior design of the Dark Shinkansen is a jet black bullet train that consists of nine cars in total. On the very front of the train it has details depicting a menacing devil face with golden teeth, while the end car being asymmetrical, which has jagged detail and two thin stripes of taillights at the very end. Throughout the side, it has its signature magenta stripe that glow in the dark, which briefly discontinues at the rear half of the 2nd and 8th cars. On the top of the train there are no pantographs, but two turrets and some accessories such as Dark Blasters and Devil Cannon are embedded in the roof of the 2nd to 4th and 6th to 8th cars.


  • While the Dark Shinkansen is mostly a freelanced design, many of its design resembles that of several real-life Shinkansen trains, such as 700 series (cab doors and chassis), N700 series (tarps around the gangways) and E2 series (headlights above the windshield).
  • With no pantographs, the Dark Shinkansen is the closest thing to a Diesel Propulsion Shinkansen train. In fact, the Dark Shinkansen has a Horn typically used for Diesel Locomotives.