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The Galaxy Express E5 is the thirty-fourth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on January 21, 2022 on TV Tokyo.



After hearing that they can go to the headquarter of Teoti in space, Shin and his friends head to Sakurajima in Kagoshima prefecture. There, a test line of the Ultra Evolution Institute is located, which is said to be capable of launching a Shinkalion Z into space.

The launch timing is 46 hours later. However, only one Shinkalion Z can be carried into space at one time. In order to have dialog with Abuto, and to find a way to coexist with Teoti, the countdown to the launch begins...!


As Shin and his friends ride a boat through Kinko Bay, Setsura is excited to get to see the sea for the first time (excluding seeing it from above.) This boat trip is connected to their plans to go to space.

A day earlier, Hibiki confirmed the location of Yugospia, going by the hint that Shin found it similar to the Black Knight satellite. Rei informs Shin's group that they'll have to leave earth in exactly 46 hours to get the rendezvous timing right. They were instructed to head to Sakurajima.

All of the drivers, excluding Maetel gather at the meeting place, where Rei and Futaba are waiting for them. Futaba welcomes them to the Ultra Evolution Institute Sakurajima Test Line. When Rei introduces himself, stating that he's a technical support engineer, Yamakasa is more excited to finally meet him as the previous driver of the 800. Rei and Futaba continue to explain how they're using this area to conduct experiments to go beyond Ultra Evolution Speed, also known as Stage Two Ultra Evolution Speed. This can only be achieved with the Ultra Evolution Mass Driver constructed at Sakurajima, which is in fact a launcher. However, the Shinkalion itself won't be able to produce enough speed. Thus, they're using the help of someone else. That is, Valdor, which will be able to tow them. Valdor suddenly arrives, with Maetel as the driver. Rei also informs the drivers that due to their weight, only one Shinkalion can be towed at a time. Also, the maximum number of round trips to Yugospia which can be made is two. Thus, the Shinkalion will be brought over first, and the Zailiner second. Futaba asks them to decide on which Shinkalion to bring. Shin quickly asks to bring the E5, so that he can face Abuto. He gets no objections to this.

As time until the departure is short, everyone prepares for launch, including Setsura who arranges to bring station bentos for the Teoti to try. The family members of all the drivers also gather to see them off. When the subject of aliens actually existing comes up, Kibō mentions that he always believed in them, because Earth couldn't possibly be the only place with life on it. The odds are never zero. Shin remembers that Kibō told him the same thing, which was what kept him striving. Shin tells his father that he intends to do his best so that humans and Teoti can coexist. Kibo is proud that Shin's dream is actually coming true now.

The last person to arrive at the gathering is Shirayuki. Shin promises to her that he'll take care of Abuto, and she asks for him to come back safely.

When all is ready, the E5 is connected to Valdor as planned, and everyone launches off, the remaining drivers riding as passengers in the E5.

As Valdor approaches, Kannagi, Astrea and Abuto take notice. Abuto declares that he'll strike them down.

Maetel notices a rail of light once they reach Yugospia. Shimakaze realizes that the Teoti must have known they were coming, but this doesn't deter anyone at all. Maetel releases the E5, which rides in on the rail.

E5 arrives at a futuristic train station inside Yugospia. Shin and the others leave the E5, and soon after hear Kannagi's voice. He invites them to come, stating that the Dark Shinkalion awaits. Taking this invitation, Shin returns to the E5 to confront it.

After going through the portal, Shin transforms E5 into its Shinkalion Mode. He then finds himself in an arena-like area, with Dark Shinkalion Devil Mode soon arrives at the other side. When Shin sees Abuto, he tries to talk with him. Abuto, however, replies that his feelings haven't changed, and takes the offensive. Abuto declares that the ones who should be living on the earth is the Teoti. Although Shin argues that earthlings and Teoti can coexist, Abuto won't change his mind. Neither is willing to budge on their stance, and refuses to lose. Abuto makes it clear he intends to destroy the E5, but Shin tells him that's something Abuto would never say, because he likes the Shinkalion, and wanted to drive the E5. He states that he likes the Shinkalion too, and that's why he wants to follow the same path Abuto did, together with him. He's able to throw Abuto back with his attack. However, Valtom was watching on, and decides to take ending the battle into his own hands. He transfers Tolerantia to the Dark Shinkalion, to make it what he calls the Devil Shinkalion. Using this power, Abuto attacks with a Devil Gran Cross, effortlessly overpowering Shin. Tokonami is shocked as he watches this, and rushes off somewhere. Setsura, who was watching along with the other drivers, also starts to run somewhere. He intended to get closer to Abuto, and asks him why he would do that to Shin. Crying, he calls Abuto an idiot, as Abuto leaves the arena in the Dark Shinkalion.


In the episode


  • The Galaxy Express 999 -New Mix- plays as an insert song when Valdor and E5 are accelerating to Stage Two Ultra Evolution Speed.


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

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Main Staff

  • Script- Daisuke Ishibashi
  • Storyboard- Kentarō Fujita, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Kentarō Fujita
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Satoru Shiraishi, Yumiko Kinoshita, Etsushi Mori, Tetsuya Satō, Yukiko Busa, Tomokatsu Nagasaku, Kanako Ono


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