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The Legendary Driver! Hayato Hayasugi is the thirty-third episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on January 14, 2022 on TV Tokyo.



Shin and his friends are excited when the information provided by Setsura reveals that Teoti's hometown, Yugospia, is in space. Just then, Hayato Hayasugi, the legendary driver who once saved Japan with "Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa", returns from England.

Shin, Hanabi, and Taiju are invited by Hayato to go to visit a shrine with Setsura. However, Hayato's purpose seems to be a little different from a usual shrine-visiting trip...?


Rei is working as a mechanic at a SUEI facility in Kagoshima, where Nagato, Kintoki and other mechanics are busy refitting the locomotive of The Glowing Train. Chief Commander Izumi has temporarily taken command of the place, as Futaba is currently off to Tokyo to pick up a certain someone who is returning from the UK. Rei is excited, realizing who was being referred to. That person was Hayato, who meets with Futaba at Narita airport.

Meanwhile, Setsura is explaining to the drivers (mostly over video chat) what the Yugospia is. Shin recognizes the location as the Black Knight Satellite, an object which was said to have been orbiting the earth for many years, and is believed to be made by extraterrestrials. Once reminded of the more important concern, Abuto, Shin refrains from his gushing. Setsura asks him to bring back the "nice" Abuto again. Shin feels optimistic about this, knowing that everything Abuto did was due to receiving a message from his father in space.

As they're talking, Hayato and Futaba join Shin's group. Abiko brings them inside to formally introduce everyone. Shin is glad to finally meet the legendary driver who saved the world with the E5, but Hayato points out that he didn't do it all alone. Hayato also discusses how he's been living in the UK, the birthplace of railways, to pursue his dream of becoming a Shinkansen driver. Shin wonders if Hayato came back because he plans to fight with them, but he reveals that the real reason is that his childhood friend demanded he be back in Japan for New Year's Day. Other UEI staff also come to see Hayato then, including Daiya, Minori, Genbu, Hibiki and Midori, the latter of which offers to do another exam on Hayato.

Hayato goes to Harajuku station along with the Omiya drivers and Setsura for a New Year's visit. Hayato explains that it's the place to go when making your first visit of the New Year to a shrine. Because of how crowded the station would get, they would open a temporary platform. As he's in the process of telling Setsura, he realizes he has no idea who he's talking to. Smat explains that Setsura is a Teoti from outer space. Hayato is dumbfounded by the revelation.

Astrea goes to see Tokonami, revealing that she learned he had done research while on earth with the Kitoralsus, Kirin. Tokonami replies that this was long ago, but Astrea asks for more details anyway. Because Kirin once tried to use the Shinkalion to dominate humanity, she feels he might be of use to Kannagi.

Kirin himself is being escorted by guards in suits, and comments on how suffocating the human world is.

Continuing his "shrine" visit, Hayato stops to gush over the Number Two Nakazato Crossing, which is the only railway crossing on the Yamanote Line. He's devastated when he hears from Smat that there are plans to get rid of this crossing. Just then, a train is about to cross, and Setsura goes closer to check out the unfamiliar site. Shin stops him in time, so he isn't run over. He explains that he always imagined a world where humans lived with aliens and yokai, and how a railway crossing would be bizarre for them. Aliens would simply float over the barrier, or small yokai could crawl beneath it.

Afterwards, Hayato apologizes for dragging everyone around with him. Shin doesn't mind at all, and admits that he's realized he can never be the kind of driver Hayato was. As long as there are still many things he doesn't know about Abuto and the Teoti, all he can do is challenge those mysteries. Hayato says that's the right thing to do, however, and is amazed at how Shin keeps thinking about things he doesn't understand without giving up. He likens it to how the Shin-Etsu Main line was able to cross the Usui Pass, even though they said it was impossible. Shin actually gets the reference, knowing that Hayato was referring to the Abt System. Even Hayato is surprised that someone understands him for once. He also points out that it made him excited when Shin was talking about a world where humans live together with aliens and yokai, and that challenging the mysteries of the world sounds fun.

Kirin is listening to a fraud case in court when Astrea appears next to him. She says that she learned about him from Zagan, to get his attention. She invites him to talk outside, as she has put the guards who were watching Kirin to sleep. There, Astrea asks him about how he worked with Zagan in developing the Shinkalion. Kirin states that their design concept was incompatible, because Zagan's concept presumed humans. However, he points out how terrible humans are, using the person who was on trial as an example. Astrea mentions that some Kitoralsus chose to coexist with humans. Kirin still believes that history will eventually prove him correct, especially given how humans outnumber Kitoralsus. They could only be defeated with armed power. Astrea proposes the idea of returning power to Kirin. She adds that there's one obstacle standing in the way, and generates a QR code with her hand.

As soon as a Giant Monstrous Being is detected, Shin, Hanabi and Taiju launch in their Shinkalions. Hayato and Futaba are able to watch them for the first time from the command room. As the Giant Monstrous Being starts talking, Hayato is surprised to recognize the voice as Kirin. Getting a report from Izumi that Kirin had disappeared confirms this suspicion. Kirin begins to attack them, and is able to separate his form into two portions. Seeming to have the upper hand, Kirin remarks that Zagan's design was wrong from start to finish. Setsura explains to the others that Zagan is the name of Abuto's father. Kirin goes on to state that because Shinkalion Z was developed by both human and Teoti, it's impossible to fully comprehend without understanding both races. Shin argues against this, saying that while they still don't understand everything about the Teoti, as long as they keep trying their tracks will cross somewhere. If humans, Kitoralsus and Teoti all helped to create the Shinkalion Z, that that must be what connects everyone.

Shin and the others begin a counterattack. As he's defeated, Kirin remembers back to when he worked alongside Tokonami, who questioned him if control of the earth has to be taken by force. Kirin believed that power existed so that humans would accept other species like them. Tokonami replies that while he understands Kirin, he still wants to believe that there's some way for all three races to coexist. Yatsushiro, who was also working with them, stated that he's intrigued by both of their opinions. Kirin asked him if he has a side in this, as a representative of humanity. Yatsushiro replied that it's not for him to choose, but those who drive the Shinkalion, the next generation.

Having observed all of these events, Tokonami believes that Shin might actually be able to save Abuto.

Seeming unsatisfied with the results, Astrea leaves. As for Kirin, he's escorted back to prison by Genbu. Kirin states before leaving that he cares for neither humans nor Teoti. He leaves the fate of the earth in Shin's hands.

Hayato bids farewell to the others, he and Futaba planning to attend a reunion with their friends. Before leaving, Hayato tells Shin that he knows Abuto will be alright, because no one who drives the Shinkalion could be a bad person. Shin thinks about his plans to meet Abuto in space.


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  • This is the first episode to air in the year 2022 as well as the first episode to feature Fastest! as the ending theme.


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

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Main Staff

  • Script- Toshiaki Sato
  • Storyboard- Wataru Nakagawa, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Daigo Yamagishi
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Shigenori Taniguchi, Ippeita Watanabe, Motoki Hayakawa, tofu, Tatsuya Yada, Ryota Shimzu, Miyu Hattori, Kumiko Shishdo


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