The Marvelous Fast ALFA-X That Comes From the Future: Chapter 1 is the first chapter of Shinkalion Manga.


About half a year after the final battle with Black Shinkalion Ogre, a new monster appears in a mountain area in Hokkaido. Shinkalion H5 Hayabusa is launched to confront it, but the monster suddenly disappears. At the same time, inside the Konbu Tunnel of Hokkaido Shinkansen Line, Commander Izumi, Oonuma and some workers are investigating a mysterious glowing ALFA-X figure that just showed up inside.

The next day, Hayato Hayasugi and his family are going on a trip to Hokkaido by taking a Shinkansen E5. Hayato is happy to take a trip with his father, while Hokuto says that he actually has an important errand. Meanwhile, all the other drivers of Omiya Branch are convened into the conference room. Futaba announces that they are going to do simulation for a new type of Shinkalion.

The Hayasugi Family arrives at a ski resort, only to find many people running away.




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