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The Possibilities are Infinite! is the forty-first and final episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on March 18, 2022 on TV Tokyo.



After discovering that Arabaki's weakness is salt, Shin and his friends begin the final battle beneath Mt. Fuji. Human, Kitoralsus, and Teoti hold their hands together to protect this planet from the unprecedented enemy. When all the "rails" are connected, the special trump card "Double Z Combination" will be activated!

Shinkalion Z, all aboard for the last departure!


Each driver launches with their Shinkalion towards Mount Fuji. Their objective is to cut the roots of Arabaki and sever the main body from the part that's on the surface. They're to wait for commands on how to proceed after that.

Shimakaze makes the first attack, using salt-infused bullets. As the root he hit hardens, Nagara is able to cut it. However, it regenerates almost immediately. While Hibiki attempts to analyze why salt didn't work, the drivers are ordered to continue attacking. The results are no different. Hibiki realizes that the problem wasn't their strategy, but that Arabaki uses the energy stored in its other roots to regenerate the ones that are destroyed. Therefore, all the roots will have to be destroyed at the same time.

Arabaki fires a giant blast from outside the mountain. This is deflected by a fleet of Teoti warriors, who just arrived on earth. Kannagi and Astrea come to the drivers to announce that the Teoti have decided to help. Genbu also appears with a freight train loaded with salt.

With the aid of Bahram, Camalus, and the other warriors, as well as Genbu, the drivers are able to destroy a much larger quantity of roots at once. This time, they're finally able to prevent any from regenerating.

For the next step, Abuto has Smat engage Shinkaligetter. This reveals the final Z Code, which allows for the Double Z Combine. They'll use this power to lift Arabaki into space.

From Yugospia, Setsura watches on in excitement as the railways around Japan start to light up. Tokonami is there with him, setting something up. Tokonami explains to Setsura that in order to protect the earth, as well as his own family from Arabaki, he puts faith in the power of the railways and use them as veins to deliver energy from all across Japan to the Shinkalions.

Shin and Abuto are the ones to Double Z Combine, Shin using equipment from Hanabi, Taiju and Yamakasa's Shinkalions and Zailiners (who ride in the E5 with him), while Abuto uses those from Nagara, Ginga and Maetel (also riding with him in Dark Shinkalion). Shimakaze remains in Doctor Yellow to provide support.

Yugospia is positioned right above the crater of Mount Fuji so that Tokonami can fire anchors at Arabaki. With the Shinkalions lifting from below, they start to pull Arabaki into space. Arabaki starts to awake as its being moved, but Shimakaze attacks with missiles, keeping it still. When they finally make it through the atmosphere, Yugospia lets go. As the Shinkalions launch an all-out attack, Shin thinks to himself of how amazing it actually was that a creature like Arabaki existed under the earth, and that he encountered the Teoti from space. He's grateful to have become a driver, knowing that was the reason he encountered any of this. But even though he's amazed by Arabaki, he declares that the reason he has to defeat it is to prevent the earth full of mysteries, loved by everyone, from being destroyed. Both Shin and Abuto attack with a Double Z Gran Cross. Arabaki is finally destroyed, leaving only what resembles fireworks in its wake.

Some time later, Abuto rides on a train with his parents, and Tokonami is surprised to see a photo of the Black Shinkalion and Black Shinkalion Ogre together. Abuto says that their owners returned to earth per Kannagi's request. Genbu and Seiryu seemed happy to reunite with Byakko and Suzaku. However, Abuto admits that Sougyoku's whereabouts remain unknown, though he was the one who helped them contact Ōmiya Branch and called Suzaku back. As for Kannagi, he intends to cooperate with the Kitoralsus in order to find a new homeworld, and Setsura is coming with them. Tokonami mentions that the Ultra Evolution Institute is looking for ways to accommodate the Teoti who want to stay on Yugospia, as well as those who want to live on earth.

Hanabi and Taiju reunite with Shin and Smat at the Railway Museum. Hanabi brings along his guitar to show Shin how he's improved, and Taiju mentions that Hanabi is composing music for his father's fireworks shows now. As for Taiju, he's been busy getting his license as an amateur radio operator. Shin teases that he got it so he could chat with Maetel, but a flustered Taiju denies this. Most of the other drivers also arrive at the reunion shortly after. Ginga gives Shin a ticket to his upcoming show. Shimakaze and Nagara invite Taiju to visit their dojo.

Soon, Abiko and the other staff arrive, and Abiko hands Shin a letter, which came from Hayato. Hearing Hayato's name, Shimakaze asks Yamakasa if it's true he'd been seeing Rei a lot lately, which he proudly confirms. Hayato then opens the letter, which includes a picture of Hayato and his family at Stonehenge. Of course, Shin wishes he could be there too.

Because Abuto is the only one not at the reunion, Shin goes to find him. The others speculate while he's gone about what Shin plans to do now that the conflict is over, as he's never said. But Hanabi thinks he's going to be the same as ever, and Smat agrees, noting that Shin's dream already came true. Shin finds Abuto on the rooftop.


In the episode



  • When the Doctor Yellow is using its Tongue Rail Sword on one of the roots, it is seen in Normal Mode instead of its power-up mode, probably being reused footage.
  • When preparing to activate Travein and engaging the Double Z Combination, the green filter usually seen during closeups of Smat when merged with the E5 is removed. As such, Smat's face is shown in his normal colors.


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

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Main Staff

  • Script- Toshiaki Sato
  • Storyboard- Takahiro Ikezoe
  • Episode Director- Shunji Maki
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Eri Kojima, Akira Takeuchi, Beom Seok Hong, Kenji Ota, Kumiko Shishido

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