• Are you in need of help?

    PD:How many wikia have you created?

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    • Hi. I have already created a lot of wikis. I monitor them every day and leave them in an organized state. In terms of editing I priorize the more active wikis, as there are more users who need my help. However on any wiki you are welcome to add content at any time. So yes, you indeed can help out.

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    • Well then, I'm going to make character's infobox template.

      Should I also put the character's status? I mean alive or dead?

      The format of the name, I prefer to place the full names in Japanese order. Do you agree?

      By the way, create this same wikia but in Spanish Language

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    • Hi, on one of my wikis there is a great example for a character's infobox: Sections like "Age", "Occupation", "Hair", "Eyes", Voice Actors and first and last appearances also can be added here. You also can add the status of the character. As well I prefer to have four sub-sections for the names: "Dubbed" (which currently can be left with "TBA" as there is no dub), "Translated" (which contains the character's names in westernized order, e.g. "Hayato Hayasugi" rather than "Hayasugi Hayato"), "Katakana" (which contains the character's name in Japanese kanji) and "Romanized" (which contains the character's name romanized but in Japanese order). I have seen the Spanish wiki for Shinkalion.

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